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  1. OP: also in that area -- a couple of years ago we stayed at the Hampton Inn Waterloo. More "upscale" than Hampton Inns in the U.S. Was an easy walk to the Waterloo tube and rail stations, as well as the London Eye. We also walked to Westminster Abbey from there. Rates for a couple of randomly picked dates this September seem to be around $240 (some room categories more, some less). London is not cheap!
  2. OP: The "club balcony suites" used to be called "mini suites." Keep in mind that they are NOT suites for purposes of suite perks and amenities. They really are deluxe balcony cabins. There is a good deal of info about them in various threads (e.g., interior size, etc.). The bathroom, as noted in the comment above, has a tub/shower combo, not a stand alone shower. The tub is very narrow (probably suitable for kids), and the wall of the tub is extremely high. For short people and folks with knee or other mobility issues, climbing in and out of the tub to shower can be a hassle, especial
  3. Two full transits — January 2017 and January 2020 — no rain.
  4. Regarding the various fees that ships pay to transit the Canal, there are new fees going into effect in April, as explained in this interesting post by one of CC’s resident and helpful Canal experts, @BillB48
  5. We've done two full transits of the Canal, and no matter what type of cabin you book, please be sure to experience the transit (especially the locks) from all over the ship -- forward, aft, midships, high, low. You'll have plenty of time. I second the recommendation to read "The Path Between the Seas" -- you will appreciate the marvel of the Canal even more. I also want to recommend the Ports of Call/Panama Canal forum here on CC; it has a wealth of info, with experts on the Canal ready to answer your questions. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/54-panama-canal/
  6. This has been going on so long I've gotten tired of coming on to post, but it is still happening for me. And since it's across all my devices -- Windows 10 laptop, iPad, and iPhone -- and browsers (Chrome and Safari) -- it's hard to see it as anything other than a CC issue.
  7. Canada is not “doing this,” an American statute is doing this. Canada is acting to protect its citizens from a deadly virus.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean (or what your TA means) by 3 times for a 7-day cruise, or by "one time use." Please see the T&Cs linked in the comments above for the current rules. The shore excursion credit can be used multiple times on the same day in the same port (by the first guest on the reservation), as long as the excursions don't overlap in time. So if you are in Bermuda for three days, you are not limited to three shore excursions. The T&Cs also clearly state that the credit can't be used for equipment rental at GSC and Harvest Caye, so if that was your plan at H
  9. Head over to NCL's web site for the Star (link below) and click on "staterooms," select "suite," and you'll see all the suites (yes, they start with S...). And as noted above, "club balcony suites" are NOT suites, and you'll see they are listed separately on this web page. Enjoy your cruise! https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/star/staterooms
  10. NCL's T&Cs now: "The first guest may redeem the promotion of $50 Shore Excursion Credit on more than one shore excursion per port." https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
  11. I don't know what the terms were when you booked, but the T&C right now make clear that the credit is for the first person on the reservation, not per cabin. https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Again, I don't know what the terms were when you booked, but right now, the T&C allow for multiple excursions per port; again, booked by the first person on the reservation, and not overlapping in time.
  12. Very interesting, thanks for sharing that with us.
  13. Really? The OP asked where the larger balconies are located. Comments 2 and 3 answered that question. If you have another answer, I'm sure the OP would appreciate your supplying it.
  14. Correct, but for the OP, here's a bit more info re the aft-facing balconies: the aft-facing staterooms on Deck 10 have the largest balconies (deeper). (Same is true for the aft-facing Penthouse Suites on that deck.) Deck 10 also has the advantage of having staterooms above and below you. The regular balcony cabins along the port and starboard sides are indeed pretty much the same. The prices vary because of their location, not size. Here's a closeup showing aft-facing cabins on the Jade. The woman in the center of the photo is standing on the balcony of 10668.
  15. I am not a fan of mushroom soup (or, frankly, of soup in general), but Le Bistro's mushroom soup was amazing. It was definitely a "must" for me on any NCL cruise. Sadly, though, it was a shadow of its former self when we were on the Gem in January 2020 (our last cruise before the pandemic), and I thought Le Bistro overall was no longer the special dining experience it once was. Who knows what things will even be like when NCL sails again.
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