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  1. @mking8288 Henry, what brand of collapsible water bottles are you using? I couldn’t tell from your photos. (I ask because Wirecutter says some brands don’t collapse enough to be significant space savers in their opinion.) TIA!
  2. Well, I'm glad someone has been assigned to you, and I hope they are great. Cynthia was my long-time CVP and she was fabulous. After reading this thread, I just called her extension and got a computer voice telling me the CVP at that extension is "no longer available." Heck of a way to find out (from CC) that she's gone; I can only hope for her sake this was her choice. I hope I hear from Celebrity with the name of a new CVP. They really should have sent out an email notice to Cynthia's clients with the news, even if they weren't ready to assign someone new, but saying that they will. Just bad communications by Celebrity. And just to make it clear, I’m really depressed by this news. Cynthia was so good at her job. I also hate not having the chance to say goodbye to someone I’ve worked with for years, and thank them. (At least I always told her along the way how terrific she was and how much I appreciated her assistance.)
  3. Barring an unusual operational issue in the Canal, the Jade, like NCL’s other Jewel-class ships, will use the original locks. (My photo above was taken on the NCL Jewel as we were entering the Gatun Locks.)
  4. If I were going to pay for a special stateroom for the Canal, it would be one with a forward-facing balcony (and I've done so). But there are folks who have loved their aft-facing balconies for a transit as well. @CruiserBruce is absolutely correct that, wherever your balcony is located, you don't want to spend the whole transit there. You want to experience the transit from all over the ship; high, low, forward, aft. Keep in mind that the Canal is just one day of your cruise. You would likely enjoy your special balcony for the rest of the trip.
  5. Overlord is fabulous, and books up early. Check them out on the France Ports of Call forum.
  6. We've been in those forward-facing penthouses on the Gem and Jewel several times. Yes, I believe there's a sign about not being out on the balcony when the ship is underway. But, in practice, there's no issue being out there when the ship is at sea; in fact, the folks on the Navigation Bridge can see you out there. Never been a problem. Just be careful to have the sea door open and hooked to the bulkhead behind it. And *never* open your stateroom door when the sea door is open and the ship is moving. It's a mistake you'll only make once. 😂 [And don't let your fingers anywhere near the frame of the sea door when you are opening or closing it.] One of the most relaxing days I've ever spent was sitting out on that balcony during the sea day after we'd transited the Panama Canal, watching a bunch of Brown Booby birds flying around and landing on the ship, knocking each other off, etc.
  7. Been there, done that. Depending on the other people at the table, it absolutely can be awful. Which is why we love NCL’s freestyle dining. It’s so popular that other cruise lines were forced to follow suit, adopting some form of “anytime dining” on ships that weren’t built to handle it.
  8. The following is a (generally reliable but not always up to date) third party web site, not the official port site, but it shows the Getaway in Kusadasi on Sept. 2, 2024. (You didn't say what ship you are on.) https://www.cruisetimetables.com/kusadasi-ephesus-turkey-cruise-ship-schedule.html The site shows no NCL ship there on August 31, 2024, the date the OP said the VIVA was supposed to be there.
  9. And for those who want to consult the official port web site (which, as discussed above, has the added benefit of showing whether a ship will be using the SeaWalk or tendering): https://www.stranda-hamnevesen.no/cruise-calls/
  10. I was going to suggest the same thing, especially if the OP wants a really large balcony.
  11. The article says the dog “showed interest in the cabin,” and then, inside, they found the stash.
  12. Henry, I’m looking forward to reading your reports; thanks for once again taking time out of your vacation to share them. And I have a friend who’ll be on board, so this will be a good way to keep tabs on her crossing too. Your visit to Normandy of course comes just prior to the 80th Anniversary of D-Day. Are you planning to tour the D-Day sites in this special year? (Very emotional visit in *any* year.) I hope you have good weather for the crossing and a safe and fabulous trip. Judith
  13. Do you mean the Pilgrim Monument?
  14. Thanks Charles. I was replying to someone who was talking about sailing out of NYC. Obviously, I did not catch their error about the OP’s departure port. 🙃
  15. I hope folks don’t remain in their stateroom for sail away from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Yes, the port side would offer great views of Manhattan, but none of New Jersey nor of the Statue of Liberty. And one really should be up on a high deck when the ship sails under the Verrazzano Bridge. Altogether, one of the most magnificent sail aways in the world. 😊
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