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  1. Yes, all those people who just want to default on their rent or mortgages, or who just prefer to laze around and collect unemployment. 😳
  2. I agree with you about the non-cruise ship episodes. It is amazing to see so many unique vessels, built to do things you would never have thought of. Just fascinating. Although I love cruising, I came to be bored with Mighty Cruise Ships, because the episodes were so repetitive. Yes, there are physical differences among ships, and it’s always fun to see a ship you’ve been on, but the episodes mostly focused on the same things (look — they’re loading ten thousand eggs and fifty crates of oranges!). And they almost always tried to create some made up drama, or hint at some disaster about to happen but of course never did. YMMV of course.
  3. It's pretty clear from other threads that the refund process is faster (more or less automatic) when the guest cancels a cruise prior to final payment, than when NCL itself cancels the cruise (in which case they are dealing with the variables of who wants FCC, who wants a genuine refund), etc. I'm not defending them, just pointing out the difference. In early May, we cancelled an October TA, and received the refund of our deposit back to our credit card in three weeks. But that's not what the OP is asking about.
  4. I agree. We cancelled our late Oct. TA out of Italy several weeks ago (and have already received the refund of our deposit from NCL). United had previously cancelled our non-stop flight to Rome and rebooked us on a much longer connecting itinerary (requiring under DOT rules that they refund our money, though I had to argue with them over that). I seriously doubt this TA will sail; even if it does, there won’t be a vaccine by then and I can’t imagine doing that kind of international travel in October (the flights or the cruise).
  5. We booked with them this past January based on recommendations like yours, and I’m sorry to say that the experience was disappointing. The catamaran was overcrowded; there was virtually no room to move. Also, while 20- and 30- somethings took up some of the more comfortable seating, no effort was made to allow older guests to be able to sit other than directly down on the deck, which made it very difficult for some folks to get up. The in-water experience was better in terms of organization, but I was surprised that we did not see more fish; the reef is in decline. In speaking afterwards with some folks who have been snorkeling in Bonaire for years, they said that the snorkeling there just isn’t what it used to be. Woodwind did serve an excellent lunch on the way back to the dock. Maybe we just had bad luck that day with the boat because Ulf was not on board, who knows.
  6. Unfortunately, from reading these boards, I think there are a lot of folks who don't realize that. They seem ready to jump on a ship right now if they could, and seem to be living in an alternate universe in which cruising will resume as soon as August. (That date was earlier until the cruise lines officially cancelled those months.)
  7. I can’t answer your bigger question, but it’s not a better deal for folks who have OBC if NCL is no longer allowing folks with the shorex credit perk to book in advance and pay on board, since NCL (unlike some other lines) doesn’t allow OBC to be used for pre-cruise purchases. I agree with you that if someone wants to pay for shorex in advance, and has the shorex credit perk, it’s nice to have the credit applied immediately to the purchase.
  8. And the reason for this, as I understand it, is because the TA doesn’t “purchase” the OBC (put their money out there for it) until you sail.
  9. I replied to the same question you posed over in the "Four Days and Full Refund" thread. Good luck!!
  10. I have a PCC and simply emailed him. You definitely want to do this in writing and have a paper trail. When you refer to the "NCL agent" you booked with no longer being there, do you mean a PCC? If that person is gone, has no one else been assigned to you? What happens when you call or email that person, are you not automatically given another person's name? Try to get through to another PCC. Even if you wind up having to call someone, you'll want to get that person's email address and email your cancellation instructions, and have them email you back an invoice showing the cruise has been cancelled. Good luck, and don't wait!
  11. Agreed -- those are certainly not 7-day RT cruises! I used those ports as examples because we've in fact taken a 10-day RT cruise from NY that called at Tortola, as well as a 12-day NE/Canada cruise from Cape Liberty (NY Harbor of course) on which the farthest port was Quebec City. (Obviously, we had port calls in the Canadian Maritimes as well.) Gosh, I really miss those trips.
  12. Or Quebec City. Or Tortola. Or any other port that is not in the United States. 😊
  13. But they are not "distant foreign ports," which is a term specifically used in the PVSA and is not the same as a mere "foreign port." Foreign flagged carriers may not transport passengers from one U.S. port to a different U.S. port unless there is a stop at a "distant foreign port" along the way. As noted in comments above, with respect to North America, ports in Canada (among other countries) are specifically excluded from the definition of a "distant foreign port," and that is why the OP's planned itinerary violates the PVSA. A stop in a mere "foreign port" (such as Vancouver) is fine for a cruise that begins and ends in the same U.S. port.
  14. Update: the full refund for our deposit on the October cruise we cancelled on May 5 showed up in my credit card account today (May 23), with a posting date of May 20. 🙂
  15. In this regard, they don’t seem to be any different than any other large cruise line. Visit the HAL and NCL boards, for example, and you will see zillions of comments about delayed refunds, cruises still open for booking in the near future that are never going to sail, etc. It’s getting almost impossible to tell one cruise line forum from another right now, the complaints are all so similar.
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