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  1. That's Jim Kennedy (no relation to JFK)... we've been lucky to be on several cruises where he was a speaker. He's fantastic. So much so that on the Silhouette westbound TA in 2014, during absolutely gorgeous sea days during the crossing, the theatre was filled in the middle of the day with people who wanted to hear him.
  2. A few things in addition to what has been mentioned above. You will also be able to make dining reservations on line 130 days before your cruise (non-suites are 120). And not long before you sail, you will either be contacted by, or can contact, the pre-cruise concierge to make certain in-cabin requests (e.g., types of pillows). Some folks report it being hit or miss whether those requests make it to the ship or not; don't worry if they don't, your cabin attendant or butler will sort it all out quickly. Besides breakfast, you can also have lunch in the "suite dining room." On the Jewel-class ships, since there is no dedicated dining room for suites, these meals are usually served in Moderno or Cagney's (not their menu, just the space). If you want a sit-down breakfast and would like to avoid the crowds in the buffet, this is a very nice way to start the day. In terms of responsibilities as between the butler and the concierge, if you have an in-room request, that's for the butler. Outside your suite (e.g., getting help with dining reservations), that's the concierge. We are not high maintenance folks, but if you have a problem with something, or a special request, the butler and concierge can usually help. The concierge will give you his/her phone number; also, he/she typically will "hang out" during part of breakfast or lunch in the "suite dining room." Also, in ports, if you want to get off the ship quickly (e.g., you have a private shore excursion scheduled), the concierge will escort you down and past any line at the gangway. Also, in case you are not aware, the butler and concierge are not part of the DSC pool. So it's a good idea to tip them; the amount is up to you of course, and, imho, should increase if you use them a good deal. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. That is really too bad. Too many businesses, including some cruise lines, are really penny-wise/pound-foolish, and also doesn't understand the importance (including financially) of generating customer good-will, and how easy it is to destroy it. It was really nice of you to volunteer.
  4. What's really amazing to me about this 20% off sale is that it's an actual sale. We've been watching the price of our already-booked stateroom, as we always do, and it's come down a couple of times since we booked (we took advantage of that), most recently this weekend, right before the sale. So it's not a situation (at least in our case) where a cruise line raised prices before a new sale or promo. And, so far, no one has reported that their already-booked cabin price increased right before this sale. And, the sale is having its intended effect -- we've booked another cruise! 😃
  5. I just read your post. Yikes, how cheap can they be. I am not expecting anything on the Jade. (Even on Celebrity, which had wonderful guest lecturers on the four TAs we've done with them, a great deal comes down to the Cruise Director and when he/she schedules them and whether he/she promotes them. Some of those CDs are better than others.) 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Welcome to Cruise Critic! Besides posting in the correct forum, as 1025cruise noted above, your thread title should be as specific as possible to your question, so that people with relevant information are more likely to click on it and help you. Cruise Critic is a great resource. May I suggest that, before posting again, you spend some time browsing through the various forums so that you will see what is where. (Start from the Categories home page, where all the forums are listed.) I think you'll find that helpful. BTW, the MSC forum, where you should post your question, is here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/49-msc-cruises/ Enjoy your cruise!
  7. There are several recent threads discussing the price increase in Moderno, as well as the other specialty venues. Here’s one on Moderno specifically.
  8. Not that I’m aware of. When using my iPhone or iPad, I access CC through Safari. It’s how I’m posting right now. I find it pretty easy.
  9. Including not to have a lobster roll at McDonalds 😄
  10. Thank you to everyone who has responded above. It seems that to the extent folks have reported on having recent guest lecturers, they have been on NCL's largest ships. We are probably going to take a TA on the Jade... It will be interesting to see the Jewel-class experience in terms of lecturers (if any).
  11. The OP should definitely NOT leave this question until she's on board; if she wants to have some of that day to explore Manhattan, and especially if she doesn't want to be sitting around an airport all day, she needs to get an answer before she leaves. I've never heard of anyone being able to leave their luggage on a ship on disembarkation day and then come back on board to retrieve it. I have never done an airport transfer with a cruise line, but from my experience cruising, I have to believe the process will be as described in comment 2 above. OP: call NCL and get an answer to your questions, but I will bet you have to disembark in the morning and get on the NCL transfer to the airport. Also, know that some cruise lines have a shore excursion/city tour offered for people who have late flights; you keep your luggage on the bus, and then are dropped off at the airport. I have no idea whether that will be an option for you. I also suggest that you head over to the East Coast Departures forum and post a question about seeing NY on your own before your flight, storing your luggage at one of the luggage storage places recommended by the local experts on that board, and making your own way to LGA. They frequently field such questions in that forum and can give you good advice. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/317-east-coast-departures/ I hope this is helpful. Good luck, and enjoy your cruise!
  12. Thanks Keith. I was thinking that might be the case. It will be interesting to see if anyone has had a difference experience. (It's not a deal-breaker for us, but it is something that enhances a TA.)
  13. We've taken, and enjoyed, many NCL cruises, but none has been a transatlantic. We have, though, taken 6 TAs on other cruise lines, some of which, notably Celebrity and HAL, have guest lecturers speaking on sea days. These folks typically have had interesting careers (e.g., a former Director of the Kennedy Space Center), and their lectures therefore are usually quite interesting as well. For those of you who have taken TAs on NCL -- does NCL have anything similar? Thanks!
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