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  1. Yes, thanks, I appreciate that. And you all drink warm beer, too. 😉
  2. Jenn, is there any estimate on the time of the fix for the tool? Because it’s been months now, and having live links that direct people to the tool is totally confusing a lot of people. I know there’s a notice up that the tool isn’t working, but a lot of people aren’t seeing it. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Jenn! (Will there be a party on my upcoming 10th anniversary? 🤣)
  4. There have been sporadic reports of the reply getting stuck in the “saving” mode, though eventually posting. I would try clearing your CC cookies and then seeing if that helps. Please let us know.
  5. Thanks for your kind words. And giving back by sharing info, etc., is how I feel about CC as well. And you've certainly succeeded! We are still wrestling with "what do we do on our second visit to Corinto" -- your volcano hike sounds interesting but unfortunately a few of our knees would no longer agree. 🤣 (We're going to have a similar issue in Puerto Quetzal, having already visited Antigua, the one "must do" there imho. Lots of research to do!) Thanks again for your review!
  6. Indeed, as your experience shows, it has nothing to do with Global Entry. It’s just the slightly faster way for the ship to have your photo to link to your sea pass card before you board.
  7. Have you tried getting a small group together on your Roll Call to book a private tour so that you could leave when it fits your ship's schedule? Also, some of the operators I would think would want to schedule around your ship's arrival time in any event, and fill a mini-van by themselves (that is, without you or anyone else trying to organize a group). Have you written specifically to tour operators to ask them about this? We had very good luck last summer with GeoIceland in scheduling tours around our ship's timetable. Good luck!
  8. RCI has been using passenger-uploaded security photos for years, at least on the Quantum-class ships (and I presume all the newer big ships). If you haven't uploaded your own, or for some reason it's not acceptable, the check-in person will take your photo at the pier, just as they do now under the "old" system. It's the photo that will be in the ship's system and linked to your sea pass card, to recognize you when you get on and off the ship, etc.
  9. Thanks for the very detailed and enjoyable review of your ports, and for your beautiful photos. I know it's time-consuming to do this, so I really appreciate it. When we were in Corinto two years ago aboard the NCL Jewel, I took an NCL tour to visit the Cathedral of León. It was quite interesting to see a pure white Cathedral, and the fascinating roof was very Gaudi-esque. (You must take off your shoes to walk on the roof.) In case you or anyone else reading is interested in knowing more about this, my discussion of that tour (with photos) starts at post number 42 in my review of our Canal cruise, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2370716-my-review-of-the-jewels-16-night-wb-panama-canal-cruise-jan-20-feb-5-2017/ Again, thanks for your excellent review!
  10. To add my own experience: between 2010 and 2017, we sailed in SFs on the Gem and Jade, and an SE on the Jewel. We were never given access to the Haven Sundeck. I wonder if this was a one-off given to you by your butler [or perhaps others on that sailing as well], since no one else so far has mentioned being allowed this access. (I don't in any way dispute that you had this experience of course.) Perhaps others will chime in.
  11. Thanks so much for your comments and those great photos, much appreciated! Have a wonderful cruise!
  12. Thanks for all the photos (and the "chair review" 🙂 ). When you have the time and inclination, I'd certainly appreciate your thoughts on the storage (closet space, drawers, etc.), and I'm sure others would as well. Thanks and enjoy your cruise!
  13. Besides the info given to you above, there's a helpful How-To forum, here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/859-need-help-using-the-forums-check-here/
  14. Many thanks to all the folks who have been posting photos and videos, and to Jim for this thread. We are booked on the Summit in September, and are looking forward to the "new" decor. (Our only other M-class experience was on the Infinity in 2013, and she really needed a refresh back then! 🤣 ) As I said in an earlier comment, I do like the new color palette, it's very elegant and (as someone else said) serene. I have a concern, though, about loss of functionality and surface/storage space (e.g., fewer drawers in the veranda cabins, swapping out a sofa for a sort of big chair, no coffee table), and am looking forward to what folks have to say after actual sailings.
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