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  1. They definitely need to check arrival times. But I also wonder whether they started the testing late or had some other issue. For a long time while we were snaking through the first set of lines, we never saw anyone leaving Pier 90 after being tested, which was surprising, since it was well after 10:30am by then. Then suddenly, lots of folks were leaving with their red wristbands. Whatever the reason, it was not well handled yesterday.
  2. I’m on the Breakaway right now and the fish are definitely here.
  3. We boarded the Breakaway for Bermuda this morning. We had a ten o’clock arrival time, and that’s when we arrived, but no one ever looked at our documents to check our arrival time. All they wanted to see was our Bermuda Travel Authorization. At Pier 90 we snaked through a maze of back and forth lines for nearly an hour until we were sent to another set of lines to wait be tested. That wait was maybe another 20 minutes, plus about 25 minutes till we got our test results. Except for when we were waiting for the results, we were on our feet the entire time. Lots of folks on board talking about how tiring the whole morning was. I don’t know if this experience was typical of the prior Bermuda cruises.
  4. That text is exactly what I was referring to. The rapid antigen test costs $89. If you cancel it more than 72 hours in advance, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. But if you cancel it with less than 72 hours notice (but not day of), you'll be charged 50% of $89, which is $44.50. I was merely pointing out the math. Certainly up to each person to judge what is too expensive for a Plan B backup test that might be needed to save one's cruise should Plan A fail. From all the comments I've read on here, I don't think it's that easy to find rapid tests with guaranteed turnaround times, especially at the last minute. I wish all of us good luck in this process!
  5. Within 72 hours (but not day of) the fee is 50% of the testing charge, which makes it $45 to cancel the rapid antigen test (so don’t cancel it earlier and you save $5 😊).
  6. I would say that for many if not most of us here in this forum, a full or partial transit of the Panama Canal is at the top of our "Panama" list, especially if it is likely to be one's only visit to that country. The Canal is an extraordinary feat of human engineering, and fascinating to go through. So unless you have no interest in the Canal, a ship's tour that would let you experience at least some of a transit would be my choice. (I have no idea what the MSC tour includes.)
  7. Here you go. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2803697-rapid-antigen-test-in-ft-lauderdale/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2800304-where-can-a-get-the-fast-result-covid-rapt-antigen-test-in-fort-lauderdale/?tab=comments#comment-61786070
  8. I am not disagreeing with your point that the PCR test is more sensitive, but the problem for some folks is the turnaround time for a PCR test. Yes, one ought to be able to get the results in three days, but from the comments I have been reading in various boards here, not everyone has easy access to these tests, nor can afford to pay for a PCR test with guaranteed-time results. I suspect most folks who have to travel to a port would prefer to have their test results before leaving home. A PCR test requirement, given the turnaround time, might make that difficult.
  9. If you haven’t already done so, I would also ask in the Florida Departures Forum.
  10. A non-U.S. citizen could be staying at a U.S. hotel and presumably take advantage of this. As noted in my comment above, I've asked the mods to remove "U.S." from my thread title and first post. (The U.S. messaging was not Celebrity's.)
  11. You are right. The page pertains to guests sailing from U.S. ports. I may have misinterpreted it. My apologies if so. (And I've asked the mods to delete "U.S." from the title and from my first post.)
  12. NCL is doing that in partnership with Eurofins (at no charge to guests). I will get to see how that works in reality this Sunday, when we are scheduled to sail on the Breakaway out of NY.
  13. Right?! If Celebrity were going to "partner" with a concierge testing service, and drive business to them, you'd think they would insist on a rapid antigen test with results guaranteed in a fixed number of hours (maybe 12, so the tester can do other appts and get back to the lab) that would ensure the results are delivered before sailing day. (I just threw that number out there. The point is there should be a guaranteed time for test results. It doesn't take 48 hours to turnaround a rapid antigen test.)
  14. Apologies if this has already been mentioned (I haven't seen it and a search did not return any results), but I just noticed on Celebrity's web site that they are now offering a "concierge testing option" for fully vaccinated U.S. guests at $85pp. The full text is below; note that it says "Your results will be ready in about 48 hours." Since Celebrity's current pre-cruise testing requirement is no earlier than two days before sailing, and the word "about" is awfully imprecise, there would seem to be a bit of risk involved here in getting the results timely. Odd that there's no guaranteed time for the results. (Note that the web site to which you are taken when you "click here" to make an appointment says that "Online test results will be available in the HIPAA-compliant, secure BioReference Patient Portal within 1-3 days after your specimen is dropped off at the laboratory.") "Bioreference - Scarlet Concierge Service In partnership with Bio-reference a concierge testing option is also available for our fully vaccinated guests. Bio-reference will send a qualified medical technician to your home, office, hotel, or any place you choose, to perform the test. The cost is $85 per person. Your results will be ready in about 48 hours. Click here to make an appointment." https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/us-travel-requirements
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