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  1. What I've found about voice mails v. emails is that when you are trying to reach someone (like a PCC) who is often on the phone, they may not have a chance to listen to a voice mail for quite some time because they are on the phone. But they are often multi-tasking and seeing their emails while they are taking phone calls. 🙂
  2. I’ve never sailed on the POA, but I’ve never read of anyone on any ship complaining about hearing cleaning and chairs scraping from a pool area two decks above (with a deck of cabins in between).
  3. Good point about the transfer. OP, once again, there is a huge wealth of information in the Britain Port of Call forum (linked in my comment above) about getting to London from Southampton, as this is another topic of frequent discussion. One possibility is to arrange for a private car service with a small group of folks from your Roll Call, which should make the price manageable. We did that a few years ago, and arranged to visit Salisbury and Stonehenge on the way to London. You'll see even cheaper options in the Port of Call forum for doing the same thing.
  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! It sounds like you are planning a wonderful trip. Besides your cruise, London of course is one of the world's greatest cities, and Copenhagen is quite enjoyable as well. The questions you have asked -- about hotels in those cities, local transportation, and budgeting for the off-ship activities -- really aren't NCL-specific, and so I would encourage you to visit the appropriate Ports of Call forums for information, research, and question-asking, where you will also have "locals" and travelers to those areas reading your posts and able to help.
  5. Not only are you assuming too much intelligence on the part of some of those who refuse to get vaccinated ("they know the risk"), but the harm they are doing by not getting vaccinated unfortunately is not confined to them -- it makes herd immunity harder to achieve, and can open the door to more variants, some of which may evade the current vaccines.
  6. From that article: “District Judge Steven Merryday asked the state what its plan would be to ensure public safety if he granted the injunction. To which, the attorneys for Florida pointed to the state's aggressive vaccination program . . ..” But, but, but . . . DeSantis says the cruise lines can’t require guests to be vaccinated!
  7. I had the same reaction. The direction of too many new builds is to remove guests from the water, whether it's by things like this (recessing the balconies away from the water), or removing forward-facing open deck spaces, or the like. A main reason for cruising, at least for me, is to have some connection to the water.
  8. A thread was started on the NCL board on May 5 by a CC Member who reported they'd received an invitation from NCL to "register for a test cruise in early August."
  9. And as you probably know, it's also just been filmed (live capture), with distribution by Apple. When the filming was announced in February, with no end to the shutdown in sight, the plan was for the filmed version to be released in September. I wonder if that will still happen, given that the show will now be re-opening that month.
  10. 1. Are you able to get on a waitlist now for Select dining (Celebrity's name for "anytime" dining)? If so, do it. Also, it's a long way to April 2022, so if you book, keep touching base with Celebrity or your TA re anything opening up. Select dining is very popular. 2. All of Deck 6 is over public spaces on Deck 5, some of which may generate noise. I personally prefer to have cabins above and below me and wouldn't book on Deck 6 if I had other options, but YMMV. I would also check into the locations where smoking is allowed, as, in the past, smoking has been allowed on
  11. Not only is Nicaragua not in South America, but as I learned several years ago when doing the research for our first transit of the Panama Canal, there's no sub-forum here on CC for Nicaragua at all, probably because it's so little visited by cruise ships. The best info I could find here on CC about Corinto, Nicaragua was in the Panama Canal Port of Call forum. Also, our Canal cruise included a port call to Puntarenas, Costa Rica. I couldn't find any Port of Call forum for Costa Rica, until by accident I saw that Costa Rica is included in the Caribbean sub-forum. The problem,
  12. I agree it’s unlikely to go. One way to keep up to date on the travel restrictions is by periodically checking the respective country’s relevant websites: https://www.gov.uk/uk-border-control https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
  13. Hi Tom, I haven't sailed on Edge so can't answer the "what do you think" part of your question from personal experience, but I can tell you that the infinite veranda (single or otherwise) debuted on the Edge-class ships and is not on the S-class or M-class ships. Also, if you do some reading or searching here on the Celebrity board, you'll find many discussions of the infinite veranda, as it's quite controversial. Some folks like it, some hate it (the stateroom seems to them more like an apartment in which you can open a window overlooking the sea, lacking that "true"
  14. It's not one specialty restaurant per day, it's the number of meals you have purchased. (E.g., a 6 night package is 6 meals.) But as noted in a comment above, the specialty restaurants are mostly NOT open for lunch (except Sushi on 5). Sometimes the Lawn Club Grill may have a lunch, but I don't think they offer the full dinner menu when they do. The Silhouette is a beautiful ship; we've sailed on her twice, with a third cruise booked on her for 2022. But I have to say that I think the specialty dining restaurants on Celebrity have really declined in food quality and service (es
  15. I had the same thought -- if "tens of thousands" of Mariners had been surveyed, as Antorcha said, I would have expected some discussion on here about such a survey, and I don't recall such a discussion either.
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