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  1. @Love my butler I’m with NJH — while I certainly don’t read every thread in this forum, I can’t recall the last time I saw someone on here from NCL. Do you recall that person’s screen name?
  2. First, a posting tip. It's not necessary (and in fact inadvisable, given the space it takes up, especially for those reading on mobile devices) to quote a post, especially a long one, that has nothing to do with your comment/questions. In terms of your questions: of course there are folks who take trains from Penn Station home after a cruise. 🙂 As to whether it's "possible" to make a train at that time from Penn Station when your ship will be docking in Red Hook, it would be helpful for you to post the scheduled time of your ship's arrival in Brooklyn, the day of the week, and whether you will be able to handle your own luggage (e.g, for an early walk-off the ship, possibly taking the ferry into Manhattan, etc.).
  3. I was just coming on here to start a new thread when I saw yours. On my end, the problem is manifesting itself not via emails but rather with phony ads popping up on my iPhone and iPad screens when I am on Cruise Critic. (Mostly they seem to be phony Wal-Mart ads.) This is the same problem we had a few years ago; back then it was phony ads telling you that you'd won an Amazon contest. This started happening yesterday (Monday) and is still going on today, and it is ONLY happening when I am on Cruise Critic, not on any other sites. Clearing cookies (which is a PITA, because it then wipes out my log ins for other sites) works, but only temporarily. I have done some research on this malware pop up issue and it seems possible that the problem is caused by the hacking of the legitimate ads on the web site in question (in this case, Cruise Critic). In any event, it really needs to be dealt with. I am flagging @CC Help Jenn so that she sees the issue. Jenn, can you please look into this from your end? Thanks! Folks: if you have this problem, do not click on those phony ads of course.
  4. I knew exactly what she was referring to, hence my advice to express her concerns directly to NCL.
  5. My wife and I will be traveling by train (Thalys) from Amsterdam to Paris next spring after a river cruise. In getting ready to book our train tickets (which I know we can't do until four months out, and also that we should do as early as possible for the best fares), I've of course read the relevant parts of The Man in Seat 61's invaluable web site, and done some mock bookings on the Thalys site itself as well as on the site that The Man in Seat 61 recommends for those of us not in Europe, b-europe.com, because, he says, Thalys sometimes has problems with non-European credit cards. I do have a few questions that I hope folks can answer here. We intend to buy seats in what Thalys calls Comfort Class (the train cars are configured 2 x 1 across). It appears from the mock bookings and everything I've read that while we will have reserved seats, we cannot pick our specific seats, is that correct? (And if it is, how crazy is that in this day and age!) Assuming then that we can't pick our specific seats, is there a way to ensure that we are sitting next to each other, rather than across a table from each other? I see that you can express certain "seating preferences" on both booking sites, but is it really only a preference (as it says), not something we can count on? (I have a concern here because one of us is quite tall, and it would seem better, in terms of leg room, not to be across from each other at a table, but please let me know if you have thoughts about that.) In terms of the "seating preferences" that one can choose (for two people) on the booking sites, the Thalys site has one called "Club 2" and another called "Duo vis-a-vis." I assume "Duo vis-a-vis" is two people sitting across from each other, but is there a table? And what is Club 2? (A Google search yields conflicting answers about which of these has a table, and what exactly Club 2 is.) The b-europe.com site has these preferences: "seats next to each other," "seats facing each other," and "seats around a table." Those seem a bit clearer, except is there a table for "seats facing each other"? (Two people can't sit "around" a table, hence my confusion.) In any event what, if anything, can we do to be sure we aren't sitting across from each other at a table? Any thoughts about using b-europe.com rather than Thalys for this booking? If you are non-European, have you had any trouble using your credit card on the Thalys site? And if you have any other advice or tips to offer, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. There’s no evidence that NCL monitors these boards, let alone acts on anything posted here. It would be good to make your thoughts known to NCL by contacting them directly.
  7. Becky's was so highly recommended here on CC that it was our choice for lobster rolls when we stopped in Portland in September on our NE/Canada cruise. A terrible disappointment -- the lobster in our rolls was tasteless. Maybe a bad day, maybe not the best catch, I have no idea. But they were tasteless.
  8. And, for dessert, Black & Whites at Zaro's, on the main concourse. The best ever. Take some home to Boston. 😋
  9. Since you will be leaving out of the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, your daughter would like to spend some time in Manhattan, and you will only have part of your arrival day (Saturday) to do that, is there a major reason why you aren't staying in Manhattan for that one night? I realize you may well have a less expensive hotel room in Newark, but you'll also be wasting limited time going into Manhattan, back out that same day, and back in the next morning. If you stayed in Manhattan, you would have more time there, including some of Sunday morning. Also, on Saturday night, you haven't mentioned going to the theatre, but it's much easier if you don't have to go back to NJ afterwards. Just a thought.
  10. Answered in numbered tip 1 in the first post of my "how to" thread:
  11. These questions have been asked and answered so many times, that a while back I posted a "how to" thread with tips and instructions about using the shorex promo, to which others have helpfully added. It's here (not to mention that there's a search engine in Cruise Critic as well):
  12. Thanks for that info. I’ve seen the packages described before, but obviously wasn’t paying attention to VPN. I do enjoy cruising with NCL, but some of their pricing is just over the top greedy.
  13. Do you mean that on NCL, if you have the unlimited Wi-Fi plan (not the mere social media plan), you can’t use a VPN? You have to have the topmost tier Premium plan?
  14. I don't think anyone can help you unless you provide more information. (See, for example, the questions I asked you in the first paragraph of my post above.) As far as I can tell, at least, it does not appear that anyone else is having this problem, whatever it is.
  15. Do you mean that when you are reading your Roll Call, you see a comment that is actually on your Roll Call but not posted to your Roll Call, or that, when you are on your Roll Call, you are suddenly taken to an entirely different thread? FWIW, I did not experience any of those issues at any time over the weekend (nor have I ever), on Roll Calls or elsewhere, and no one else has reported it here on this thread nor in another thread in this Help forum. Folks here would like to help you, but we need to understand the problem. You mentioned in your first post that "lots of people are getting irritated," in which case I would expect to see some discussion of the problem. I was just looking at the Roll Call for your upcoming cruise on the Koningsdam, and don't see anyone mentioning such a problem (let alone "getting irritated" about one). Whatever the problem was, are you still experiencing it?
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