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  1. I saw a video of Chef Curtis Stone making Chocolate Caramel Kisses. Yumm! Does anyone know where you can get those during your cruise? International Cafe? Specialty Restaurant? Want to be sure to try them.
  2. Does anyone know, on the Premium Beverage Package, if you can order your beer with a "chilled" glass?
  3. Can anyone that has stayed in a hotel in San Pedro for a cruise out of Port of Los Angeles/San Pedro tell me the hotel you stayed at and rate your experience. There is a group of us going and I want to suggest some hotels that would work for us! We might do the Park and Sail so please include any input you have on that as well. Thanks so much!
  4. There is a group of us going on the Royal Princess for the first time. Can you share what you find special about the Royal Princess or something not everyone knows about (Special hidden places, etc) Thanks!
  5. I wasn't able to find a past thread on this for Princess Cruises. Can you share your experience when choosing a Guarantee Balcony with Princess Cruises. I have never done this before but the price is significantly lower. Would like to know the full spectrum of what we could end up with, i.e., Obstructed, Mini Suite, etc. and how it worked out for you. Good or Bad. Thanks so much!
  6. Does anyone know if the Sip and Sale promo is available on 5 day cruises?
  7. Does anyone know if the Sip and Sale promos are available on the 5 day cruises?
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