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  1. Haven’t seen any posts about Bingo….I assume with all the precautions it is not happening?
  2. Hello, sailing next week… just got some OBC and was thinking about doing some specialty dining. I hav3 a few questions - The 3 night , and the chops +1 are no longer offered. Do you think they will offer on boarding day? I am thinking about Chops, Jamie’s, and or Teppanaki - good choices? ( we have one person in the party who is not very adventurous with food - but these seem like something for everyone) Once I purchase either a package or individual restaurant, is everything included (minus gratuity of course) thank you
  3. Thank you very much! I hope you have a great week!
  4. Hello, I will be on Symphony next week and was wondering if anyone has any links to show schedules since the restart. I would like to prep plan before boarding. Thanks in advance
  5. I tried to search the boards for an answe but could not locate it. So here goes - How far in advance should I see any details about my sailing. We are 210 days out so I know it is a while. I can see the sailing, but when I select the sailing, it says something about “Were working on the fun...check back later”. How far in advance does it typically show up? I know I can go to RC.com and cruise plan that way as well. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the great info..much appreciated.
  7. Hello - can RC gift cards be redeemed in the cruise planner for things like deluxe beverage packages?
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