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  1. Thanks so much! Just what I wanted!
  2. Does anyone know what movies are currently playing on MUTS and "ondemand" in the cabin? Any new movies added in February? Thanks!
  3. To each his own. I guess I'm spoiled by not having a tender on my balcony. Our view:
  4. We were in an obstructed balcony on the Royal Princess last Spring and I'm still having nightmares about it. It was the ugliest and worst view imaginable. The only time I went on the balcony was when we were at a tender port and the tender had been lowered for use. I would have preferred an inside or ocean view cabin over the terrible, terrible obstructed balcony. Take the upgrade to the mini suite. You'll be able to enjoy the balcony so much more.
  5. We were on a Canada/New England cruise in 2016 when the Cubs won the Series. I assumed the games would be shown on MUTS. No such luck. We did get all games on the tiny cabin TV. We even nervously called the Passenger Services desk a couple of times when coverage was delayed by 5 or 10 minutes. The cabin TV was so small we couldn't read the balls & strikes from where we were sitting on the bed! I will say they showed the Chicago Victory Parade on the TV as well. We ran across it quite by accident one morning and were ecstatic. Ah, the good times......
  6. Sailing in 2 weeks! Can anyone tell me what the current movies on MUTS or the TV are?
  7. We'll be on the Crown Princess in a couple of weeks and I'm intrigued by the Thermal Suite. I saw a video that shows all the steam rooms, stone beds, showers etc. It was briefly mentioned that there was a Jacuzzi within the Lotus Spa. I'm actually more interested in the jacuzzi. I have knee issues and thought it might be helpful after a long day of excursions. Two questions: Do you have to pay to use just the jacuzzi? And how much is the Thermal Suite per day or for a 12 day cruise? Thanks!!
  8. I'm not sure about balcony cabins, but the mini suites on Emerald Deck 8 have fully covered balconies. They are category ME. We have booked them numerous times and never been disappointed. I don't like looking down on people and I don't like being looked down on. Also they are perfect in the rain! We had an aft facing balcony once and I admit I didn't care for it. I have minor walking issues and it was just way too far from the elevators. The view was spectacular, but after a day or so of the same view, I was over it.
  9. Thanks so much for your suggestions, JB. I will need a calculator to figure this out. I was also thinking of possibly doing a London round trip tour on Sunday maybe and then just going straight to Southampton on Monday. We are meeting friends in Southampton that Monday night so I don't want to stay in London an extra night. Salisbury sounds interesting too. Hope I can make it work. Thanks again.
  10. We'll be in London for 4 nights pre-cruise and then will go to Southampton for the night before the cruise. The cruise begins on a Tuesday and we would like to do a London to Southampton excursion that includes Stonehenge on Monday. According to londontoolkit.com they aren't running the tour the day we want it. Does anyone have any other suggestions of companies to do this through? Our hotel is near Victoria Station if that makes a difference.
  11. Thanks for everyone's replies! I figured there would probably be info in the cabin but as the leader of our gang of 18, I wanted an answer to give people. We're having a sailaway party in our cabin, so maybe I'll have everyone bring their dining information. I'm sure the Medallion will be very exciting once we get used to it.
  12. I tried to find the answer but was unsuccessful. We are traveling with a large group of family and friends. 18 in all. Our bookings are all linked together and we have Traditional Dining. How do we find out what Dining Room and Table(s) we are at? It's usually on the Cruise Card, but I've heard they are not giving back-up Cruise Cards on the Regal anymore. Does anyone know?
  13. I have a basic question: What comes with the medallion? Do you get a lanyard or wrist band or clip, or do you have to purchase those things? I'd be fine carrying it loose in my pocket, but we will have the grandkids with us. I don't think I'd trust their pockets!
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