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  1. I saw this post on Monday and checked my November cruise on Freedom. Got the deluxe drink package for $41 a day!! What a deal. Thanks for the heads up! Voom was the lowest I've ever seen it as well.
  2. $50 a night? I didn't a room less than $200 a night. If I could get a room for $50 a night I would gladly pay the long term parking fee at the airport.
  3. I was looking at this hotel for a pre-night stay prior to a week long trip, but no long term parking. You would think a hotel at an airport would have some long term parking?!? Kind of odd I think.
  4. Is this Graham Seymore? What ship is he on? He is absolutely the BEST CD ever!!!!
  5. I was lucky enough to book the Royal Suite on the Freedom of the Seas next year; kind of a once in a lifetime celebration & 40 year wedding anniversary (got a good price). The question I have is around the perks that come with the Royal Suite. I saw some ships indicate it comes with the drink package, internet, etc etc. I didn't see that listed for our sailing on the Freedom. Does anyone know if all the 'normal' add on perks like drink package and internet come with the Royal Suite on all ships? I appreciate any responses as I have not been able to find this on RC's web page. Thanks.
  6. If you would get stopped and they check it is illegal to transport liquor / wine across state lines, at least into Pa. As an example Maryland prices are much lower but if caught bring it back across the state line, there are huge fines. I looked at a couple on-line site but all indicate they cannot ship to Pa. Our Pa government at work...….I can't wait to retire in a few years and move to a more reasonable state.
  7. We will be going on the Anthem in September and it will be our first time sailing out of Cape Liberty. There is a wine we like that we can't buy in PA. but it is available in NJ so we were thinking of buying 2 bottles to take on board on our way to the ship Saturday. Does anyone know if there is a wine store (not sure what they're called in NJ, in PA it's a liquor store) near Cape Liberty (that we could easily find since we're not familiar with the area)? If there isn't perhaps we'll take a day trip to buy it ahead of time, but I don't think you're really supposed to bring it back across state lines, so that's why I was looking to buy it on the way to the ship. Thanks in advance for any and all responses!!
  8. Thanks for the response. I'm sure we'll be leaving early since this will be our first time actually driving to a port versus flying in a day or more before. I'm thinking we'll leave by 05:00am for the 2.5 or 3 hour trip and stop for breakfast along the way. Thanks again for all your help and responses!
  9. Thanks. Our cruise is Saturday September 7 to Thursday September 12 of 2019.
  10. Thank you all for the replies and suggestions.
  11. Great, thank you!! I feel a lot better now. Couldn't imagine it was as some reports indicated.
  12. I've read through some of this, but didn't go to far back because I figured things probably changed in the 3+ years of this thread. This will be my first time cruising out of Cape Liberty and am confused with all of the different things I've read, so hopefully it can be cleared up here (and hopefully in a good way). We are driving in from the Philadelphia Pa area, google maps says it's a 3 hour drive. Now's where the problem starts. I've read reports saying the roads are so bad getting into the port it took 3 hours once at the entrance to the port area. Can that be anywhere close to true? I've also read reports that roads are so hard to navigate it is almost impossible to find the right area to get to for the cruise ships. I've been to many different ports and there always seems to be good signage so I'm finding this hard to believe and especially with today navigation systems. Any help squelching my fears on this would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I'm assuming there is parking available (for a fee) at the port but have seen various information that says $20 per day to no parking available for miles. I have never seen a cruise port without parking available, but just want to confirm. I did see there are hotels 10 to 20 miles away that have a stay and park free for flying or cruising, with a $35 per person fee to get you to the port, but with the room charge and the roundtrip shuttle fee, $20 per day will be cheaper. Sorry for the long note, but just trying to get answers as it seems there are a lot of varying information out there and this forum has generally always given me good, reliable information in the past. Thanks in advance for your help and responses!!
  13. First time to Bermuda and looking for any help locating a restaurant overlooking the water with for a sunset dinner. I did a search of this forum but did not come up with anything. Also looked at Trip Adviser but didn't find anything there either. I have to believe there are some good restaurants in Bermuda with a sunset dining experience. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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