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  1. That's really sad. Did you ask ahead of time?
  2. Thank you! Glad to hear that the staff will bring cake! I had not thought of contacting ship services ahead of time. She is on a separate booking number. I guess they can look that up?
  3. Hello, My husband and I will be on the 14-day Maasdam Alaska sailing in June with my daughter and son-in-law. This is not our first cruise, but we haven't sailed for awhile (seven years). Here's my question: My daughter will turn 28 while on board. I looked on the Holland America site, but they don't appear to have any sort of birthday celebration package for sale. Is it possible for me to order something like a cake or a flower arrangement while on board? Will they recognize/sing to her in the dining room if we let the manager know ahead of time? Any recommendations to recognize her day are welcome. FWIW, her birthday will fall on one of the at-sea days. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
  4. Hi OP, I saw on another thread that you can change your flight with no penalty since you booked with EZAir. That eliminates my earlier concern that you'd lose your original ticket because of huge change fees. I suspect that the price of parking in Orlando will be offset by a cheaper ticket.
  5. One more suggestion if you're still tense about it. Why don't you check to see if your airline has an early morning nonstop flight out of Orlando and see what the change fee would be. I doubt there would be an upcharge for the flight (Orlando tends to be cheaper than Jacksonville for flights), but they would charge you a bunch to change the ticket (up to 100% of the price). It may be worth just buying new tickets if they aren't too pricey. I have looked at this flight (I'm going to Alaska next summer too!) and seem to recall two nonstops that leave around 630 or 7am. It wouldn't get you in to Seattle much earlier, but maybe an hour, and it would be nonstop, so essentially, it would half your concerns regarding connections. Also, you would be sure to have your luggage with you when you arrived and, as inexperienced travelers, you wouldn't have to worry about getting around the HUGE DFW airport for a connection. You'd have to leave Jacksonville at 2-3 am to drive down, but you could sleep on the plane. The real annoyance would be driving back up after the cruise!
  6. My family is on this cruise next June. I booked three of the zodiac tours-Tracy Arm, Hubbard, and Inian Islands. They are expensive, but we'll cut costs elsewhere. I agree that no Glacier Bay is disappointing, but we were constrained to the first two weeks in June (by pesky jobs) and I like the concept of this particular cruise. Less glitzy.
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