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  1. We've always selected our own cabin, except one time when we rolled the dice on a suite guarantee, only because for the price we paid, we knew we'd be happy with whatever we got. I think we ended up with a midship JS. Probably won't do that again because I can't stand not knowing in advance...LOL.
  2. We have stayed in both a GS and a CLS. We would not do the loft again. We liked the balcony, the view, the 2nd bathroom, and proximity to suite lounge but HATED the upstairs bedroom. The vanity area and closet are right outside of the bathroom door, which is a tight corner area. There isn’t much area around the bed so the upstairs has about about the space of an inside cabin. We’re glad we tried a loft, but even for the same money, we’d do a GS over a CLS any day.
  3. Hands down, would take the lower fare in the fall. You save $, flights are cheaper, and there are fewer kids onboard. We have cruised the 2nd week of Oct the past 8 years and recall almost no rainy days.
  4. This is a great question and I’ve been trying to sort out all of the memories to decide. It’s hard to separate “the ship” from the destinations and the friends we traveled with! Balancing ship amenities, food,& service, my TOP would be: Freedom, Oasis & Serenade. BOTTOM: Explorer & Majesty
  5. Sweet (suite) deal! Black Friday has become a good time to book. We've also snagged some good suite deals in January for cruises the following fall...i.e. booking January 2017 for October 2019 - especially for southern Caribbean itineraries. Two falls in a row we've gotten GSs for $1600-$1900pp.
  6. We didn't get one at 140. Has anyone successfully gotten one "after the fact"?
  7. Looking at a recent Cruise Compass from Adventure, it clearly states in the dining section of every day "Shorts not permitted in the dining room at dinner". You may not get "flak" but...you could get turned away depending on who is at the door. Why risk it?
  8. Aruba - Eagle and Palm beaches are great. For dinner, check out Papiamento! http://www.papiamentoaruba.com Great food in a romantic, poolside garden setting.
  9. Star class suites have genies. They're like personal concierges who make your reservations and ensure you're having a good cruise. We sailed in a Sky class suite with friends who had a star class w/genie (Alan on Oasis). He was fantastic!
  10. There is a set list of wines, beers and liquors. If you search Diamond menu, there's a menu floating around the boards.
  11. Not to hijack the thread but....we're your cabin crawl organizers. The Vikings water bottle was from Grace & Chris.:)
  12. Ken, We saw that on Oasis as well but not to the point where "someone should have said something to them". Plenty of people were dressed nicely for formal night. We went to Giovanni's on the first formal night, me in my cocktail dress, and Marc in his tux. Most other folks had on at least slacks and collared shirts and several were in formal attire like us, celebrating special occasions. The couple who got seated in the midst of all this in cargo shorts, t-shirts and sandals looked quite out of place. Dress code is a suggestion but if folks go too casual for dining anywhere but the buffet, they might feel out of place....or they might not, and that's their choice.
  13. ...and it took DH and me a cruise or two to maximize the fact that those coupons are on both of our cards so that's two of everything. We especially enjoy getting the two free photos.
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