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  1. It is interesting to see that both Venturas and Arcadias 30+ day cruises in January are fully booked.
  2. This seems to be a regular problem in St Vincent and has now happened to us on 3 occasions there.
  3. Only use the main theatre a couple of times on most cruises, and then only if it is a show we have not seen before, far prefer to find a seat in one of the smaller venues.
  4. Now that's what they need the Drifters !
  5. You have your opinion I have mine
  6. CPS is by far the easiest to use if slightly more expensive than some.
  7. You will meet an awful lot of people who are avoiding the extended family Christmas like you.
  8. Not had a problem, but then I tend to prefer British cheese.
  9. And who rote all these unnecessary rules in the first place, a lot of people would find the continued adherence to outdated customs to be somewhat offensive.
  10. According to the press to-day Vomiting Virus is prevalent throughout the country at the moment, so it is not surprising it is turning up onboard ships.
  11. I expect that they all come from Yorkshire as well.
  12. Modern gels are now antiviral the same as are used in hospitals
  13. We will agree to differ then.
  14. CPS is by far the most convenient and hassle free of the main parking options at Southampton and there is not a lot of difference in the cost.
  15. Coffee is like beer some like one brand and others will like another.
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