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  1. All cruise company's appear to have problems selling gulf cruises at the moment and a lot of people are looking at cancelling if you look at other sites..
  2. Hour in the gym, book and a pint on the back bar on Aurora, Lunch walk a mile on the Promenade Deck, Two pints and a book at the back bar return to cabin and get ready for Dinner, 7.30 pre dinner drink in one of the bars, Dinner glass of wine, see a show, 10.30 nightcap in the Crows nest, bed. repeat six times arrive in New York. The wife will be doing classes in the gym, learning to paint ect
  3. Which pool there is no music in Serenity
  4. I have yet to be on a ship where you could not find a quiet area with no music, personally I like to hear music in the main deck area each to their own.
  5. It strikes me that this post was made just to cause alarm with very little justification !
  6. Just one thing to say if you don't like the product don't buy it, do not expect those who do like it to change just for you ! rant over
  7. Look at which itinerary you prefer the ships are both good.
  8. Any one starts talking politics to me at dinner will get very short shrift !
  9. Have never had a problem getting loungers around the Serenity pool on Britannia or seen any children in the pool, none of the other ships have an area equivalent to the Serenity pool on Britannia.
  10. I have been on all the ships with the exception of Arcadia and not noticed much difference.
  11. Britannia Adonia Ventura Azura That's it for now on Aurora tomorrow.
  12. There is nothing on the P&O site that supports any of this about it being brought in across the fleet quite the opposite the trial on Azura is coming to an end and there is no plans to continue it.
  13. Always go to the Great British sailaway and always enjoy it.
  14. We are on Aurora Sunday as well, hope it is not to bad well south of New York but may be a bit bumpy.
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