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  1. My concern is many will go on their booked cruises,even if they may fear they might be sick.Due to the loss of money inv. The travel ins. won t pay unless cruise is cancelled by company,,,from another post I read. Then,,if they booked own air,,big loss or possiblity of paying to switch to another flight in yr. I m facing similar,,,not sick,,but fear the big loss. If I didnt already have cruise and flight booked, I would NOT book one at this time. Sure others in same boat. WIll most likely go anyway,,and just hope for the best.Not in that area affected,but every nite on TV they tell of other countries being affected. Still can avoid final payment, take air credit,,,have 2 wks.to decide on first.Till June for second. What are others doing??
  2. Thanks for the link and info. Will have to really decide soon. As far as using air,,,,that s one of the things my DH is really fearful of. Told we can wear a mask,,but not happy about that. Plus, air from Copenhagen and return from Sweden. Not sure how we get to departure point. Then my DH is not physically able to walk that much,due to recent surgery. Planned to stay on ship and only take easy shore exc. I m hoping nothing really earth shaking happen before final payment. Then have till June to decide for sure.Try to remember its only money,,but HEY,,its a LOT. Sure others are dealing with this,,on this cruise,,and others. Its so helpful to read all the info on this site.
  3. You wouldn t get me on the Diamond Princess if you paid ME. Will almost have to strip it down to bare bones to really get rid of that virus. Funny mistake on radio here,,,announcer said Diamond Prison,,then said sorry.But sure those poor passengers felt like that. In our paper,,someone wrote in saying,,like a floating petri dish.Wow,,bad press indeed. Knew that would happen as soon as they reported it...passenger might be in room,,but who is cleaning it,bringing food,etc.The crew could not be made to stay in room.So just spread , I have to make final payment in 2 wks. for Baltic cruise in June. Pretty sure ,,but DH not,wants to wait and see if it spread.Got own air,,and would take a loss there.Not sure how that works,,,wonder if I can get a credit?On Luftansa,,,anyone know.
  4. Re. that....I use Lysol spray,,don t inhale any more than when using around house. Let pillows dry completely before. Do that at home between washing...also put my pillows in dryer for 15 min.to kill bugs and refresh. Yes, can also use the hand wipes that kill bacteria.Just so you re not touching the stuff directly. Started this to prevent norovirus that was going around a ship I was on many yrs.ago.Admit I don t always do it at home ,rest,etc. Just wash hands a LOT.We both did that at work for many yrs.and sort of second nature to us.Also, I do it when I first get in cabin,,,then not as much after. I can see why they had such a spread on ship,,,doubt using hospital rules.
  5. Try buying Lysol wipes,,,sell in small pks.Or buy and put in plastic bag. They you can carry them in pocket,,use on everying talked about. Just put on table,and can use to pick up things thru out meal. After awhile it becomes second nature. Have been doing this for years, and get flu shots,etc. No sickness in LONG time.Also, carry saline nasal spray. Tends to flush out germs and keep nasal passages clean.Masks only good if changed frequently,,,tend to get moist .I ve done this on cruises, in rest,markets,you name it. Get odd looks,but too bad. Gets to be second nature. Wipe vents on plane too,,along with all the rest.Can put on seats in bathroom,too. Oh, take pillows out of case and spray down. Doubt they are replaced,,,or sanitized between .My DH laughs I ll kill myself with the chemicals. But force him to do most too.PS, I m a retrired RN and DH is ret.MD...but have not proof in journals this works,per se. Just does for us,,,and now 77 an 75 ,still in good shape and still cruising every 6 mos.
  6. What a mess. Did you book own air,,and did they reimburse you.?Or was air inc.with your cruise? How about hotels? Can someone clear this up,,,read the trip ins.link posted,but still unclear. If State Dept issue warning for country, will your ins. compensate,,,or is this "government situation"? Ask this because we had plans for Egypt and travel warning issued,but our ins. would NOT pay ,,since river cruise STILL going and they said THEY determined "warning"(or similar language). We ended up going anyway,,had great time and no danger.But only 12 people on boat.This was 10 yrs. ago, maybe same now? I also heard on NPR that they only open door to give them food,etc. But still food made in central kitchen,,so possible contamination there anyway. How about linens,cleaning room...can t imagine being confined like that. Doubt I d EVER go on another cruise after that...One lady said,,,every time they find a new case,they add 14 days to quarantine.But ,if that true,,,will go on forever.
  7. Thank you,,Bob. Appreciate the link. No, did not buy cancel for any reason, ususally buy it when I make final payment.Know I must buy that type when I reserve trip.Nice,but expensive. And HAPPILY,,have never had to use ins. YET. Just glad not going to that area,,,would definitley not make final payment,,and get deposit back. Would have to cancel my own air,since always get my own. What a mess for many people.
  8. Just wonder how insurance will cover any of the expenses,,,may have to read policy very closely. We need to make final payment for Baltic cruise in March,,not to same area obviously. But sort of concerned if this virus spreads.Hate to be in the position these cruisers are facing.Will play it by ear and try to get GOOD ins.policy ahead of time,I guess. My DH is leaning toward cancelling,,,not me. He says he could NOT manage being couped in cabin for 2 wks. Or ,of course ,getting the disease. Prefer to wait and see. Imagine many are in this predicament,on many cruiselines. THe offer of 25% above seems poor,considering expenses. Know the contracts try to lesson what cruiseline needs to pay back,,,you take you chances and hope for the best.
  9. Think those people that changed to later flight will be much happier and not have to stress. Just another point to make,,,when we go overseas we always book 1 day prior to cruise and 1 day after,,if different ports. That way we can rest and relax,,perhaps see a new city for longer time,etc. Hate to sit and wait in airports,,,like to make up for lost sleep on way over.Then not have to rush or worry about getting to airport on time,,or having the dreaded wait. We are now retired and have the luxury of taking extra days.Know it costs extra for hotel,meals, taxi ,etc.but we re worth it.haha
  10. I talked to a passenger and he gave me great TA name,,,based in Texas. Find lowest price,,,then they give %5 back to you by check before cruise. Also, if over 10 days ,,they also give OBC,,,amt.depends on cruise price. Try looking for luxury TAs ,,,and just asking. They do all the stuff,,even help in booking shore exc..seems the have an IN to get them when waitlisted ,too. Feel better doing all the research,,then they handle rest.
  11. Our arrival was also for 7am,,,not sure if that flight will be late enough,,since we were one of the first off and got to car at 9 15. Since you would be going farther and need to be at airport 2 hrs.before,,,seems it may be a bit of a rush. I prefer later just so I don t have to worry about ,,,,Will i make it??I would book the later one and be safe and worry free.As many have said,,,why worry about small amt ,,,after paying much more for the cruise.
  12. Just an additional comment,,,you are also able to eat lunch in 1 of the specialty rest. almost every day. All ex. Pacific Rim for some reason. So even if you only get 3 res. you are able to enjoy them many times thru cruise. A hint,,if you want a table for 2 in Sette Mara,,,get there before 7,as those fill fast and area small,,,,only the right hand side of LaVeranda.
  13. I was simply saying that as SOON as delay was known,,,let passengers know.. Like when stated time known to be delayed..Say,,,if set at 8am,,,a simple announcement of KNOWN delay be broadcast. As far as shore escursions,,when ship KNEW about change of scedule,,they let us know and then we were able to choose new exc. on new island. Bad weather was handled well,,,captain let us know and how they were dealing with it for our safety. Re.Caribbean cruises per se,,,have been on 3 prior and take them just as a get away without needing to fly,,,since we live in FL and drive down.All islands starting to look similar,,but still enjoy the break and cruise .We like to cruise every 6 mos.and this is just a convenient one close by. In general,,,Regent still my favorite cruiseline,,,,after Oceania got rid of all tubs,,,had to rely on other lines.Booked another Seabourn also. I always am very thankful of how very lucky we are to be able to cruise in first place. Many of my friends are not,,,for many reasons. Also,,re the new lighting on stairs in theater,,,that did help a little. Still prefer a slope down to stage,,,as still hard for those with canes and walkers.Which we had MANY on this one.
  14. Just got off the Explorer this am and was reminded that 8 am is just an APPROX time for departure.. We had first departure times marked,,but waited until after 8 and still no news on intercom. Went down to see massive line near door at 8 15 and still no news. Finally at 8 20 they said ,,,a delay and another 10 mins.or so. Waited till after 8 30 before ,,,or later,,before first group allowed off.Took 20more min to do this,,then terminal was changed and had to take shuttle to find car in first terminal area. Little help or info was given as to where to pick this up,,,so dragged luggage a good distance to find it. Needless to say it was well after 9 15 before we were able to leave terminal. Feel more info should have been given earlier,,,many unhappy people in line and few saying that this was first and last time with this ship. Know delays happen,,but Regent should have been prepared to let cruisers know EARLY of this to prevent anger and confusion. I have been on 20 or more cruises,,with many cruiselines,,and this was one of the worst departures due to above. Sure many must have missed their flights,,,now they know why 12 noon is earliest to book flight home.
  15. Try calling hotel yourself and asking if you can get room early in am. Or if they have special rate for that,,,since you re staying a few days. Get it often when I use this approach.It is worth every extra penny when traveling so far,,do it all the time.Get it confirmed by email,or writing.
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