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  1. I finally got through to the George Inlet Lodge. Call and make a reservation. If they have an opening, they will pick you up on the dock.
  2. This is our second trip to Alaska. First time with kids, this time just us. We love Dungeness crab. The crab feast in Ketchikan is around $150/pp and comes with a boat tour or flightplane. We only wanted the crab feast. Called George Inlet Lodge. They have a bus that is picking us up at the docks. $55/pp for just the crab feast. Paid for it this month. Last month paid for another excursion that I found from other suggestions. In Victoria I made my own reservations for high tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel and a walking guide I downloaded from a website - $65/pp. The high tea from the cruise ship included a tour of the city. That drove the price of the high tea to $100/pp. Just do a little bit of research and spread the cost over a few months.
  3. Has anyone every gone up to George Inlet Lodge just for the feast. I know that they take reservations just for the feast. It is $55 + tax per person. Has anyone taken a taxi or rented a car to drive up? I could not find local bus that goes up there. Thanks.
  4. Arusha, thanks for the advise. I will call them. I had not seen anything about the crab feast for tour quests only.
  5. Has anyone rented a car or taken a taxi to the George Inlet Lodge for the Crab Feast. The drive is suppose to be about 10 miles and takes about 30 minutes. We just want the Dungeness Crab feast. No floatplane trip nor boat excursion.
  6. I am on the Star Princess and get into Skagway on Thursday, Aug 14th. According to the Chilkoot website, this is a train up and bus back. The train leaves at 7:30 but our ship gets in at 7:00. Will we have time to make the train? The Chilkoot FAQ on their website states that ships get in earlier then the times that they post. Is this true? If so, can you get off a little earlier? I don't want to miss the train.
  7. On the Star Princess in August. We want to take a trip out of Juneau to Tracy Arm Fjord for up close glacier viewing. Princess is NOT offering an excursion that departs directly from the ship. Last time, we saw another cruise ship do this and the smaller boats got right up close to everything. I've seen many of the videos and pictures posted here and really would like to do it. DW and I are short 5'3" and usually get stuck behind taller people.http://boards.cruisecritic.com/images/smilies/frown.gif
  8. I'm on the Star Princess in August. There is no excursion listed for a boat to pick up passengers and go to Tracy Arm Fjord. I am still trying to decide between Adventure Bound and Allen Marine. They both sound great and do the same thing. One is a jet boat and the other is not.
  9. Piglet33. I just downloaded the 2014 price list from Chilkoot and the $211 excursion does not include Lake Bennett. The dogcart ride is in place of the trip to Bennett. Also, the lunches are different. The Dogcart excursion lunch is BBQ chicken, baked potato, coleslaw, dinner roll, cake doughnuts, coffee, tea, water. The Bennett excursion lunch is Mulligan stew, homemade bread, coleslaw, apple pie. The Bennett excursion is listed at $229.00 Adult $114.50 Child (12 & Under). Everything I've read here on CC says that neither tour should to be missed. DW loves dogs so we are also doing the dogcarts this time.
  10. Fredbrot

    White Pass Train

    Glaciers, thank you very much for the website. It is a wonderful resource. I have saved a copy of the Milepost Guide and will print it out for my trip. Thank you again, it is much appreciated.http://boards.cruisecritic.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
  11. It all depends on what you want to do. 6th street in downtown San Pedro is very nice and there are some very fine shops and restaurants. Also, the battleship USS Iowa is a new addition to the port. It is not to be missed. There is also the Harbor Village shopping center. There is a Red Car terminal right near the car entrance to the cruise terminal. So, if you want to board a bit later in the afternoon (you will be on the ship at sea for 5 days), there are things to do and see.
  12. DW and I are on the Star this August to Alaska:D. Sept 2012 we were on the Caribe doing NE and really enjoyed Sammy Goldstein each evening. Is there a listing anywhere that indicates who the entertainers are on each Princess ship? Thanks
  13. When you are on vacation, do you leave the door to your hotel room wide open or closed? Do you leave your valuables laying out or do you put them in the room safe? Do you flash a wad of $100's around when you are out walking? Beachbum 53 hit the nail on the head. Just use common sense. Don't make yourself a target. I find the ships to be very safe. Every town has areas to stay away from and not to walk alone at night in. Check out the section on Ports of Call. Enjoy.
  14. Thanks for the information.:D
  15. HA HA HA HA. You have my wife and I laughing out loud. I am 63 years old and I have no desire to ruin someone's eyesight or vacation by parading around a balcony without clothes. I've gotten great tans from just laying around the pool deck.
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