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  1. Its an interesting question. We flew back from Vietnam to Boston after the airlines were required to screen US Citizens so that anyone who had been in China would have to go to certain airports for quarantine. We had flown through Hong Kong 3 weeks prior but changed our return to fly through Seoul. No one questioned us as to where we had been for the last 3 weeks either in Seoul or in Boston. We were surprised. We assumed that someone had an electronic record of our travels. Hope so.
  2. Thank you for the review Jean. Do you remember the name of the tour operator. Just curious as we were thinking about the same excursion next year. Thanks
  3. Yes, I would recommend it. We had a lovely day there. We may decide to try another one next year but I would not hesitate to book it again. Also, you could contact Gail a few days before to see the status of the beach that is directly in front of the property.
  4. We loved Sandcastle Beach and will probably go back again next year.
  5. I would love to know which of the beaches associated with these restaurants has the least drop off this year. Thanks!
  6. I will describe the beach at Beach Limerz from early the second week in December. The beach directly in front of the restaurant was not accessible. The sand had been washed away uncovering the rocks. According to the owners, this happens a couple of times a year and then it fills back in again. We walked maybe 200 hundred feet further north on a dirt road to access the beach which was beautiful. There were gentle waves until mid afternoon at which time they became larger but manageable. On entering and exiting the beach there was a slight soft sand drop off of about 6-8 inches. Getting in was definitely not a problem. Getting out, was basically like climbing up one step. It will possibly have less drop of than some other beaches but obviously there is no guarantee. The staff and the facility are excellent as described. Very peaceful.
  7. Highly recommend Ato for a day in the Blue Lagoon and other places around Fakarava. He's amazing.
  8. Yes, they do. Since we are wine drinkers, that is what we always do. Upgrade, sign up for wine tasting etc. They get credit.
  9. aquidneck1


    Sign up for the US State Department STEP program for the countries that you will be visiting for the warning part. Suggestions is a very broad question. You need to give more information.
  10. Thanks so much for this information. We will be flying from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh so hopefully we will have less of an issue with that but thanks for the heads up. We might have that issue when we disembark on Ho Chi Minh City as that is the only place that we have a tour following a transfer.
  11. Thanks. Hope you had a great time on Oceania. We were on the Riviera in early December. Glad too hear that no one checked weight. We are in compliance for checked bags. I just have a backpack and purse for carry-on.
  12. We start our trip in Bangkok and fly from there to Siem Reap. Bangkok Airlines is the one with the least weight allowance. Hopefully, they will not weigh the hand luggage. My purse would also add weight and they say that all items will be weighed. If they are weighing, I will just take out my raincoat and stuff the pockets. 😉 Just don't like worrying about it. I spent a week in Africa without my luggage. Thank goodness I had packed a decent amount in my carry on. The only thing that I did not have extra's of were pants. Mine could walk on their own after a week.
  13. Thank you for your response. I am just trying to figure out the weight limits for carry on. I will have a purse and a small backpack. One airline -Bangkok Airways says 5kg and the others are 7kg. That makes a difference when you are travelling with a couple of electronic devices and other things that you do not want to check with the airline.
  14. Hoyaheel, I hope that all is well with you. I am just wondering if you could answer one question. What airlines were used for the plane rides during the tour. Avalon will not give me that information so I am seeking it elsewhere. Thanks for any help.
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