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  1. Success at last. Over 3 weeks I've been trying to get an answer to a phone and eventually after 1 hr 10 minutes I was a happy bunny, the phone was answered. I deliberately let the phone ring over the hour and 10 minutes later I was speaking to a lovely girl from South Wales. I was originally told that, as far as they knew, 17 April was still going ahead but sure that would change and to sit tight until they contacted me. However, I pointed out the FCO advice to over 70s and Tui's post about refunds or amendments. 35 minutes later the 17 April cruise was cancelled and instead of a refund our payment was moved to a new booking for 21 June 2021. The deposit for 20 June cruise was also transferred to the new booking leaving a minimal balance to be paid at the end of March 2021. At least they're playing music now with the occasional apology that all their operators are busy. A worthwhile 1 hour 45 minutes and happy all is sorted.. Good luck to all who still have to get their cruises sorted out.
  2. Doubt it. Before the final balance was due I called and asked for an extension on paying the balance for 20 June. Expecting to be given the 14 days which I have had previously, usually we were out of the country when it was due, I was given until the 16 April. Coincidence that a few days later they were only going to deal with cruises until 16 April. ??? A few days after being given the extension we decided to cancel and lose our deposit. To date I have been unable to get anyone to answer by phone or email and on 24 March they announced they were closing all their retail stores and call centre teams. I persevered anyway but eventually gave up trying at the beginning of the week and will let them contact me. So, as well as my earlier post about 17 April, I also have 20 June booked but will not be paying the balance.
  3. We're waiting to see if they contact us tomorrow telling us to Check In and print our Boarding Cards being as it will be 14 days until departure. If they do there will then be the long wait and running up of phone bills to get through to them which, in my case for almost 3 weeks now, has been impossible. Sadly the staff are only doing what those above are telling them and it will be very difficult not to vent my frustation on whoever answers. However, having the experience of being in Customer Services in the utilities industry I will try remember my training on focus days and not succumb. hooked.
  4. Expecting an email on Friday asking me to Check In and print out Boarding Cards. Waiting with hope, as I have been every day over the last couple of weeks for someone to answer the phone.
  5. You're lucky, at least you have an email. We're due to fly to Tenerife on 17 April and sail on Explorer via Las Palmas, Gibraltar, Spain, Italy and France before arriving in Corfu on 5 April for the start of the summer season's cruising. We haven't heard a peep from them and can't get an answer on any numbers I have or they are willing to give out. Also due to go on 20 June on Discovery and want to cancel and happily lose deposit, but again no number will answer. Been trying since 14 March without any success. In the over 70s bracket. Don't want another holiday. Just want a refund for the first cruise and cancel the second. Don't think the admin would take as long as rearranging the booking Rant over Keep safe and well everyone.
  6. Hi Jim the Scot Oh dear. Sorry to hear about your son's colleague. Where is your son? My daughter is Ninewells. Like you, I am also concerned for the family rather than ourselves. Keep well and obey Her Highness in Holyrood.
  7. Hi Vitalsign The balance of our 20 June cruise has been extended until 16 April but I will wait until after the original payment date of 28 March and then cancel. Losing the deposit is better than hanging on wondering when cruises will return. As long as other countries are still in lockdown and refusing ships there is no way we are cruising soon. After 31 years of cruising with nearly all being with Thomson/Tui/Marella and goodness how many actual cruises we might find that cruising is no longer for us or we may try another company before dropping anchor and staying at home.
  8. Hi Pensioncruiser Our alleged sailing date is 17 April. ha ha. I will, hopefully, hear from them next weekend and I will definitely not be accepting anything other thsn a refund. I know I said in an earlier post - we are due to sail on 20 June and the deposit is to be paid on 28 March. However, I was given an extension to 16 April. Once I hear about the 17 April cruise and know a refund is on the way I will definitely cancel the June cruise and lose the deposit.
  9. Hi jono75 My daughter said similar about being like a war zone. Since the start shw has not had a face mask as they don't fit her and she has to attend to the patients fully covered from head to toe! So much for plenty protection for the emergency services. I have no intention of moving any bookings to alternative dates. I will wait until next week when, hopefully, I will hear that a refund is forthcming. It must be chaos trying to refund/change bookings etc in their admin department and I feel sorry for them because they are the same as us worrying about the situation.
  10. As said previously we are due to fly to Tenerife for crossing to Corfu on 17 April. Still no refund and they are still selling the cruise! We have paid £3507.66. For the same cruise including selecting cabin, seats and additional baggage £2790. Bargain? My daughter is a front line nurse attached to A&E and has just returned to work last night after 2 weeks leave. I have just received the phone call with all the warning she could possibly give me. What are Marella playing at?
  11. Yes, I know that because we are waiting for £3,500 for our April cruise to be refunded. Regarding the June cruise for which they have given an extension to pay final balance is fine but we prefer to lose the £400 deposit as opposed to giving them just under another £5,000 to sit for 3 months in their coffers. It's almost a foregone conclusion that nothing will be moving before the end of June at the earliest.
  12. That's my question as well. We are due to fly to Tenerife on 17 April on Explorer for repo to Corfu. Four weeks and counting. Temperature getting a bit high and not from coronavirus! Phoned yesterday to discuss extension for June cruise balance which is due in 10 days. This was granted until 16 April. No chance to have deposit refunded and no voucher could be offered for a future cruise. We have decided to bite the bullet and lose the deposit but will wait until nearer extension end. Refuse to fork out just under £5,000 not knowing what is happening. At the end of discussion over June booking I mentioned April cruise and was told they were dealing with cruises up to 16 April. We are due to go next day. No information as to what was happening to those waiting patiently for them to contact us. Want our £3,500 back before handing over any more to them. Sadly call centre obviously can't process refunds like TAs as friends got their full refund for the same cruise last week. 31 years of cruising with the company and totally disillusioned with their handling of the situation.
  13. Hi again rkingphoto Hope they can refund everybody who wants one, that's the niggle I have. Looked at your photo after I had replied and suddenly thoiught - you could go Munro bagging if you can't get to Monaco. At least our esteemed leader?? says that we are not going to isolate for 4 months so you would have plenty of time to do some.
  14. Hi rkingphoto Like you, we are holding off for all the reasons you state. We could also use the 70s statement which has been taken down from their site but will wait for them to get in touch As I said, it must be absolute chaos for them and we can wait. Just noticed your bit about Monaco. That would upset me more than having to cancel a cruise. No insurance cover for it?
  15. Hi Pensioncruiser and VW Golf Will play the waiting game for the moment and try for an extension for two weeks. We are waiting it out at the moment for their contact re cruise on 17 April. It looks like they're doing the refunds in 2 week batches and have said that after 28 March the April cruises will be dealt with. It must be absolute chaos because they will be pushing the bookings out for them to deal with then the online ones will come direct from Marella. It will also be complicated because they will be furiously trying to sell future cruises as opposed to refunding. Won't hassle them yet. Will just watch the garden coming into bloom and chase the cats from the baby birds. We usually miss it because we are away at this time of year. Keep well.
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