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  1. Currency in the area cruising is best given. Our waiters last week had the misfortune to realise when they were on shore that they did not have enough euros for lunch, so had to abandon the idea and return to the ship. They needed their Seamans Pass to exchange currency and it has to be requested as it is held by the ship when they board until their contract is finished and is only issued as required. Suppose they could jump ship if they had access to it all the time!
  2. When we started cruising with Thomson (1989), before tipping was included, the suggested rate "suggested" per person was £1.50 per day and envelopes were left in the cabin two nights before departure. We still tip this amount to the Cabin Steward(s), Dining Room/Wine Waiters (as we try to have the same waiters for the whole cruise), plus Bar Staff/Waiters around the ship and others we feel warrant it, eg. Tour Guides/Drivers. We also donate to the Crew Fund.
  3. Just found this comment re Celebration by accident as I was not particularly interested in the thread. Friends are going in four weeks and ourselves plus and another set of friends are joining in five weeks. Perhaps it might have been better to put this on a new thread as we were unaware of problems with the ship. Forewarned is forearmed. Just a suggestion as threads can go off subject and get lost.
  4. Hello Brummijam I cancelled last May just before the final balance was due. I did this by phoning them. At the time I was asked why and was offered a transfer/hold of the deposit. However, because of the circumstances and not knowing if the deposit would be used in the time specified (can't remember what it was as brain was not in holiday planning gear), I decided to just cancel and forego the deposit. As it transpired it was a false alarm and I rebooked several weeks later and got the same cabin at a slightly reduced price but without the drinks package, which was no loss, as I don't drink and dh is a beer drinker and no other specialty drinks are taken. A phone call should sort the problem or, if you booked in shop, a visit. Good luck.
  5. There was nothing sinister about the ship being docked in Aqaba for 3 days, that was the scheduled itinerary. When docked in Aqaba on 21st we took a trip to Petra, 22nd when it was changeover day for some passengers we had a lovely day in the sunshine wandering Aqaba, having a drink and a bite to eat, and 23rd we disembarked for our journey home. Yes there were electrical problems earlier on in the week but it did not interrupt the speed of the ship as we were doing over 20+ knots most of that week due to the area we were passing through. One night shortly after the show started the lights went on in the theatre. The comedian, Peter Piper, found himself with a situation which he had never had before and did most of his show with the lights on but this did not detract from his act as he used it to his advantage.
  6. Hello goody 1 Reason asked for your location was in case you were east coast. I can't understand why Tui are so incompetent with admin. Other cruise lines manage to book cabins, do shore excursions, without full payment, plus other extras. Don't understand why only selected stores have the facility to book excursions, or is it that they don't want the hassle of people who haven't booked with them. Hope you manage to get the trips you want and it will put your mind at rest. I can beat you with the 17 years. It's 30 for us and recently I have been wondering why we keep going with them. Have a good cruise. .
  7. Hello goody1. We go on 8 November and I phoned Shore Excusions enquiries on 7 September and, as per their instructions, immediately phoned our local ta. Told them I had phoned SE and they had directed me to ocal agent They knew what I was talking about, noted the excursions I wanted plus card details for payment and I had confirmation email with reference number within 10 minutes. I did not use ta for booking. Where in Scotland are you?
  8. The number for Shore Excursion Enquiries is 0203 451 2728 or cruiseexcursions@tui.co.uk as per tui contact for customers. When I phoned Enquiries on 7 September I was told to contact travel agents because they were having "issues" at the web site. TA knew immediately what I was talking about and said they had only just been advised to take bookings. Perhaps it depends on when your cruise is although I would think that anyone going in the next fews weeks (as we are) should be able to book in advance somewhere. It could also be that those who are going in the Winter programme (November - March) cannot book yet and Marella are hoping the problem will be rectified soon.
  9. Many people keep posting that they cannot book excursions on line. I have posted several times in the last few weeks that the only place excursions can be booked is by travel agents, because of a computer problem, irrespective of where or how you originally booked. Contact your travel agent. Have your booking reference number and know what excursions you want and they will do the rest. Our travel agent did it by telephone. Took all our information and payment and I received a confirmation email with an excursion reference number, which is slightly different to the number you would receive from Shorex. All done very quickly and one happy customer as I was getting a bit concerned as we are off in six weeks time.:D It's a shame that Marella cannot put something online or notify customers that they are having problems.
  10. Have you considerd phoning Shore Excursions Enquiries - 0203 451 2728 (which I did) or alternatively - cruiseexcursions@tui.co.uk ? We go in 6 weeks and I phoned and was told that there was a problem with the computer booking system at the moment and the trips could only be booked by contacting the travel agents who have all the information to be able to make the bookings, take your payment and provide the necessary confirmation paperwork. I phoned our local Tui agents and no problem, even although the booking had been by internet. All booked and one satisfied customer (for a change) within a few minutes and confirmation email received with all required details. I would asssume independent travel agents will also have the same access to book trips.
  11. Hello devonboy51 As you were in TA I would have thought a phone call would suffice No harm in trying. I know our booking didn't take long over the phone and confirmation email arrived within minutes. Would guess the fact that booking excursions has been passed to TAs to deal with would make me think that the computer system is not fit for purpose and is unlikely to be ready pre-sailing. Only booked Sorrento on Your Own, as we love wandering round there, and also Petra which is our main reason for booking. The rest we have done several times so will just do our own thing. Departure time is ticking down.:D
  12. Hello devonboy51 I was told by Shore Excursions to just phone them, which I did, and there was no problem, even though I haven't used them for years as always book on line. Unless you have a need to go to the TA, a phone call should suffice and save waiting to be served, although may have to wait for phone to be answered.
  13. I went to reception for a card only to discover we needed to input our own personal PIN to operate the safe (instructions beside safe). Check the safe before making a trip to reception.
  14. Hello jake26. Thank you for the information about booking trips. Phoned Shore Excursions and was told they had website issues and the only pepoe who could book the trips were local agents and to phone them. Duly phoned local shop. They knew the problem and took all our details and within a few minutes the trips were booked and confirmation has been received.:D Why oh why can't Marella put something on their site, especially as it's just over 8 weeks until the cruise.:mad: Thank you again.
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