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  1. Waiting for Italy may statement, hoping for 3days Venice, 2 Florence, 5 days in the amalfi coast then 2 in Roma.. if not will tough it out in Hawaii .. land vacation ..hopefully cruise in late fall
  2. Was that before the WHO tweet on 1/14 ‘Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China🇨🇳.“
  3. Variety is a good thing , if your interested in Europe why not. It’s really a whole world out there and it’s a shame to only see it thru the carnival lens! can’t wait for Europe / Italy to open up for land tourists ..
  4. The market is deciding , buy July all regulations/ thoughts will evolve into something different . Vaccine is going in peoples arms and things continue to look brighter
  5. Yes also many credit cards now offer it free,its buried and not often advertised perk. you sign up charge the card and they credit the full amount , I did my first on pre check and another I received global entry ( which also give you precheck).. the only issue I found was I had to go to a airport location for processing and needed to make an appoint which was 2 months out .. that was years ago
  6. It’s an exciting time , things continue to evolve. I Truly believe we will see difference in approach in different lines. Cruising has always been market driven and I’m waiting for the approach, procedures to make a decision who and when I sail. perhaps a line I chose not to sail in the past might now seem appealing . I have my eye on a couple lines . I hopeful we will Have a clearer picture in 2 to 3 months .
  7. Within our little circle of traveling friends , the last couple got their second jab. Friday april 9th. One reported some body aches that lasted 12 hrs , all gone by sat evening. Non of our group reported anything serious , most had Pfizer. WE are all waiting for their 14 day and we have 6 couples scheduled for a check in at a local beach resort . first time for all of US since this virus hit us . light at the end of tunnel continues to get brighter.
  8. I agree if it’s for the long haul , but for 3or so months perhaps not.. if by trying lobby gov agency to look at it differently. CCl behavior has been not to spend a lot of time and money trying to conform , they have been waiting for a clear picture on where the vaccination leads them they are now trying to prod the cdc..
  9. I agree costs and profitability are king here. That’s what has been driving the Corp behavior and responses .
  10. Yes that’s is her and our hope. Wife and I had it with no issues. she had her choice moderna, J&j or Pfizer.. she picked Pfizer due to her friends her around her having it as they are doctors
  11. In Florida starting today 18+ year olds are eligible to get vaccinated. my daughter 24 signed in last night and got her fist shot this morning, next shot scheduled 21 day later. vaccines , developed in a year and in people arms .. this is exciting news and to me it means this virus and all it’s death for the older , sicker and overweight folk will come to a end .
  12. Always carry many days extra, and if international I carry the scripts printout from pharmacy .. had to replenish once during an extended stay.. the printouts were very helpful
  13. The vaccination cards that both my wife and received have the bar code/ uni code , date , time and lot number of the Pfizer vaccine , two entries. I assume those were traceable back . Not clue if all locations in Florida do that .
  14. , if your main concern is protection against fraud , your better option is credit card , they generally offer better protection against fraud.
  15. I plan on trying virgin once things are sorted out . I haven’t been on their site in a long time , original poster might be looking at the vegetarian forward eateries. I thought they where offering many options from Michelin inspired meals to causal.. something for all? Carnival food is pleasing to me , especially the steak house , something for all.. should be interesting if they get off the ground ,not going to be cheap but something different ..
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