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  1. Florida continue to leader in low deaths per 1000.. the migration from the ny area had / projected us overwhelmed , take out the Non residents and its ratio is lower still!. I mention this as it could be a pre cursor and a benchmark when they start cruise and if they continue .. based on numbers .. there are some that want this to go on till November, I would love for it to be safe and get back to life as soon as possible. people will cruise in droves when they believe they can survive this if they get it . effective treatment, vaccine and where states do bad with rates per 1000..... mandate that leadership be removed .. just like poor performing hospitals .
  2. I assume the reduced capacity , could only be a short term solution . Passengers who are adventurous to sail during this time hopefully will see a great benefit . It would be awesome to have all the Full benefits benefits of a cruise with a 50% reduced passenger list. Perhaps stoping the self serve , reducing the people in shows .. still would be a great value , especially for the savvy people who got large OBC. If this goes on longer than what is currently scheduled , something would have to change . carnival of today will be gone. Higher fare would have to be in place , I’m not sure their is enough headroom to reduce expense to get the rev per pax that they need . the sailing of August , should they go with reduced will be both interesting and very telling about the future.
  3. Hard to book anything else once u do .. one thing though stay away from the laundry area
  4. I live in Florida and the day it went up they dumped 50 k additional test. Our positive rate of infection is below 2.2 % are deaths Ratio are way down ..
  5. Florida uptick also coincides with an additional 50k tests .. giant dump of tests.. it’s general rate of positive tests is 1.66 % We will see in another two weeks as some areas in Florida are a week into a phased approach . I
  6. I will not cruise with masks and distancing rules in place . I think if you take children under 17 out of the population on ccl cruises many if not the majority of people on cruises are at the at risk age which I believe is 65 and up.While there will be some bargin hunters and die hards in the ramp up , without a vaccine most won’t be cruising. Here is hoping for effective treatment and ultimately a vaccine by years end.
  7. Sad news , but for folks that want to cruise in the future it’s a very Necessary move.. while this reduction is aimed out perhaps support staff , sales .. whatever.. this is happening throughout the supply chain in every industry , cruising is not the exception although like any travel /entertainment they are hit extra hard. I believe this virus/pandemic will have lasting effects . The successful lines , hotels, air carriers will innovate and change with it , the ones who don’t will go by the wayside . I don’t think the way to get x amount of dollars per pax In the past will cut it in the future ..will take a different approach from the sale of the cruise thru debark.. it could be ultimately a exciting time for something new and different ..
  8. Florida covid stats are being released every day at 1130 .. if you lol look at the site new cases are at 500 per day state wide.. looking at this data might give you more insight if your cruise is going than peoples guess or political statement ..
  9. I put every purchase possible on a credit card. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1.00 or 10,000.00 .. I love the points/ perk .. if I purchased something from a provider, they stated they couldn’t deliver but would need 90days to refund ..I would not hesitate to contact the card company. I also understand when I use my card .. that all refunds will go back to the card knowing that I would then have a credit with card issuer. The 90 days are not dues to a technical issues from the merchant banks , processor or provider ( CCL) . Card reversals is one click, And for large merchants it would be done in bulk. The 90 days “to process “ is from ccl.. they are not in a rush to refund that much in one click.. if it was me , I rather have a credit on a visa .. rather than a cruise company
  10. Can you imagine, god forbid, being in a room With 4 people and being quarantined?
  11. I believe these restrictions will be with us until a vaccine is developed . Perhaps they will be well defined and narrowed as we gain data. I do hope not just for cruising but for all everyday life ,they better define underlying health... like what about people who have high blood pressure that well controlled with meds .. is that like type 2? .. in the US a crazy amount of folks are on blood pressure meds and type is on the rise. Data will tell Us over time .. The facts are now it affects the elderly especially with underlying health issues differently -it has a higher morbidly rate for that group. It has overwhelmed heath delivery in many countries that are the height of the curve. Some of those countries are now thinking anyone over 65 self quarantine .. governments of all kinds will be taking control to mitigate the risks with a majority of the population getting sick at the same time.. praying for the science that get this vaccine or treatment quicker ..
  12. From la times : “If you are an elderly person with an underlying condition, if you get infected, the risk of getting into trouble is considerable. So it’s our responsibility to protect the vulnerable,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on NBC’s Meet the Press. “When I say protect, I mean right now. Not wait until things get worse. Say no large crowds, no long trips. And above all, don’t get on a cruise ship.” “This will be a recommendation,” Fauci added. “If you’re a person with an underlying condition and you are particularly an elderly person with an underlying condition, you need to think twice about getting on a plane, on a long trip. And not only think twice, just don’t get on a cruise ship.”
  13. When I want to know about cruises , ships , restaurants within the cruise industry I come here.. Also if it in the news and about cruise .. I can come here for reference .. for health advise , not so much... 😀 here is hoping they get a handle on it quickly , and it’s back to normal quickly.. but with the advisory out .. I wouldn’t be surprised if carnival is making alternate plans ..most likely put in play after yesterday meeting .
  14. Thanks ,,,, completely understand the lines re doing their best .. I read someone where on here about the meeting , did not know if it occurred before the Cali ship data ..
  15. Good morning , does anyone know if the task force /lead by VP Pence met with the cruise industry leaders yet? wondering since the ship off Cali now has some positives aboard and the ordering of expanded testing of pax , will the gov alone with the lines take further action .. ?
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