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  1. In Florida it’s 65 and over or if under a doctors care , that has hospital privileges if the doc says you are in high risk , you can get it at hospital. today my neighbors totaling 8 all 65 and older got vaccinated . They spent less than an hour online and all got appointments..it’s getting better , cruising will be back, not sure when but it will happen !
  2. He is not part of the study any longer . He said all along he didn’t think he got the real vaccine, it was just a hunch but confirmed when he got notified .. but is relived he got the real one now .
  3. I believe it was poster 1980dory who said they were part of Pfizer study, had the placebo and now they were at the bottom of list. This is very different from what you posted and also from my brother who was part of the Pfizer study, had the placebo and was notified he was given the placebo. They got him his first dose yesterday.
  4. While it’s does suck that March is canceled , people are getting vaccinated , it’s getting better every day . Several people I know got their first shot , I got one yesterday.. the road back is now clearly visible .
  5. I’m not worried at all, I fully expect and would also say CCL would be neglecting their duty if they did not seriously look to take advantage of any protections from the courts if they exist. I no longer own any stock and the worst that could personally happen to me is I possibly lose status should they seek to terminate those benefits. Im only platinum so I could easily just buy them for 79 bucks or what ever it is today. I truly hope it survives and they do whatever they need to to stay operating, I could see possibly a benefit if they use this as a change catalyst and come out
  6. In own a couple of cruise stocks ( bought at the bottom months ago) along with some US airline stock too. I would hope and expect that all public companies take whatever advantage they can get by filling protections when it is necessary. it’s not a terrible move if it keeps it floating with a upside to thriving and growing . They were making money pre virus , they will make money post virus.. stuff will change but money will be continued to be made. Regardless of most protections or a filing a company takes.
  7. I’m hopeful it will be a requirement . If we want to get back cruising or any travel and leisure pre virus , people over a certain age need to feel safe and I believe most , not all but most will feel that way with vaccine and effective treatment. Italy this past late summer as they loosened up some very tight guidelines , Some beach towns required Italians who want to stay in thier resorts provide a serology test to prove they had the antibodies .. Several major hotels I Usually stay with are under new ownership and two eliminated perks/loyalty as the new owners try to make a go f
  8. Read about it , seems several countries are studio it (EU) , to start it would be like an additional visa then become part of the passport it self .. interesting
  9. Britain ‘Uk has already approved Pfizer’s vaccine , and we wait till a meeting next weeK . Masks can help but no where near the answer, in fact it just turned into a political straw man, while states with serious lock downs have the virus spreading . vaccine and effective treatment will get cruising going. the fda should meet now and along with the cdc get this vaccine in people arms , all else is BS
  10. And to that end , where humans are not willing to let millions die , a vaccine is here , treatments are here in a little over 7 months . The world had witnessed many different attempts many countries attacking it in different ways from lockdowns like Italy where you can’t go 135 past your house to nothing at all...but at the end of the day it will be a vaccine and effective treatment.
  11. You must have the law firm of Dewey , cheatum, and Howe!😀 most firms here in Fl when it’s contingent all those fees are only invoiced on winning .. and it’s the first items that get paid .
  12. Or perhaps the opportunity to enact profile / targeted market change . one that addresses some things they wanted to do or planned over years , now can change overnight.? perhaps an increase in both fares and on board experience? Something is going to change , perhaps it will drive a re invention of its self
  13. Several different of bankruptcies even a pre packaged bankruptcy where a co arranges terms with creditors goes into and out of bankruptcy in days . Relieving pre arranged debt with major collateral backed debt and wiping out others all together. Not say this will happen but there are many moves a money making enterprise has in their tool bag.
  14. two vaccines in late stage trials shaping up to produce incredible effective rates , two more following in late stage trials , coupled with two major drugs for therapy in late stage trials ( antibody cocktails). This looks to be a a real game changer. Optimism for me! My belief is the average cruiser dictates when its over and most will look at cruising when there is a reasonable prevention with mitigation and effective treatment. As far as when , who knows but there is light . Bankruptcy is often used as a fiscal mechanism meant to for a company to continue to stay in
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