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  1. We always save singles and five's between vacations too! I am sure we will tip generously as we always have. We have not been impacted financially by Covid-19 and gratuities are not a large expense in our vacation budgets anyway. Just not sure when I am going to feel comfortable getting on a cruise ship again. I don't see that being any time soon and probably not until there is a vaccine or treatment available.
  2. Suggest you look for other vacation options for the foreseeable future. Cruising will not be the same for a long time, if ever...
  3. Until there is a vaccine or some treatment for Covid-19 cruising is over.
  4. Saddest day indeed! Enjoyed your recap at the cruise at the end of the video. Nice...
  5. About half of the forward and mid-ship elevators are glass. When you call for an elevator the first one to come may not be a glass one so you would just half to wait for another. I believe they are open to the promenade area from deck 4-10.
  6. On embarkation day just drop off your bags with the porters before you park the car. When disembarking a porter will be a big help in collecting your luggage and getting you through customs. Not sure if they would escort you all the way to your car in the parking lot but you could certainly ask. I would tip them generously if they do.
  7. ??? What's that got to do with the OP's question???
  8. As for you room question, the Promenade Rooms offer the biggest bang for the buck. About 165 sqft, larger than standard interior or oceanview, but smaller than balcony rooms. Layout is good.
  9. We aren't buffet fans and miss the great burgers and dogs at the pool side grilles on Celebrity and Princess.
  10. I wish they would ditch the discretionary gratuity model and replace it with a mandatory "resort fee". That would take care of the cheapo's looking to stiff the hard working staff and/or those that can't really afford to cruise anyway.
  11. Specialty restaurant servers do not receive any of the auto-gratuities. We always purchase specialty dining pre-cruise at discounted rates and without the 18% gratuity added so we do leave a cash tip, typically $20 for the two of us. If we were to purchase on board with the 18% gratuity automatically added, we would not tip additional.
  12. No more late night buffets on Royal...chocolate or other. Last one I remember was maybe 10 years ago. I haven't sailed Holland America, but I believe they used to have a late night chocolate buffet. All the mainstream cruise lines eliminated the late night food extravaganzas about the same time.
  13. One advantage to purchase pre-cruise is the 18% gratuity is NOT charged. On board the gratuity will be added.
  14. Best prices will be during off peak times on an older ship. If your May timing is fixed, your best bet at lower prices will be an older ship...definitely not Oasis class.
  15. I would consider your bar bill on previous cruises. If they are significantly less than the cost of the package, I would continue to pay as you go and avoid the package. We bought the package when they were new thinking we would just drink more. Wrong...we did not come close to breaking even!
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