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  1. When we buy a deeply discounted dining package we always tip in cash. Usually $10 to $20 per couple depending on service. When we have purchased on board at full price with gratuity added, we do not leave an additional tip.
  2. I am pretty sure the $618.75 was for taxes and port fees. I imagine you will receive a credit for the missed port fees, but I expect they are not what you're hoping for. Actual port fees that will be refunded are actually quite low...probably in the neighborhood of $10pp.
  3. BOGO gone, First Night Done Right gone. Chops +1 and 3-night dining seem to be the only limited night packages offered today and they are more expensive on a per night basis than the discontinued ones. The package offerings will certainly change in the future but it's safe to predict they will be more expensive!
  4. More than acceptable. Dress, even on formal nights, is very mixed and your husband will be more dressed than most!
  5. After cancelling three Oasis class cruises we finally went on one early this year. They are not for me either. We will stick with the mid-size ships, Voyager or Freedom class. It was crowded and had a higher ratio of kids on board. On rainy days Central Park and Boardwalk were useless. Plus who wants to plan their vacation to the detail of reserving entertainment in advance. We also really missed the covered Promenade deck with great ocean views. Unless we were sitting on our balcony we did not have much of a sense of being at sea. I can't imagine staying in an inside room on this class of ship!
  6. Some of the perks we enjoy most...1. continental breakfast in the Diamond lounge each morning, 2. The lounge for a quiet place during the day and the complimentary drinks and snacks at night, 3. Free 24 hours of Internet, 4. Three complimentary drinks on your sea pass each day for use throughout the ship during evening cocktail hours, 5. One free photo. 6. the balcony discount. 7. Access to the Diamond concierge for help with any problem during the cruise. Since turning Diamond it is hard for us to cruise other lines and we really enjoy Princess as much as Royal. Congratulations!
  7. Purchasing a package in advance will almost always be cheaper. As noted previously, any sale price you may find on board will have the 18% gratuity added. I think the UDP is too much food but the 3-night dining package is nice, and well priced.
  8. Yes, the auto gratuities are still charged even if you have the UDP. Keep in mind that they cover your stateroom attendant and all other dining services.
  9. When we arrive in our departure city, always a day or two before boarding.
  10. We no longer like getting dressed up for dinner on a ship. Our first few cruises I brought a tux, then shifted to a suit and tie, then shifted to a sports coat and open shirt. Now I don't even bother with a sports coat. We sometimes still go to the MDR on formal night but now I dress in nice pants and an open shirt. Personally I feel dining in a specialty restaurant is more suitable for dressy attire where the service and food are of higher quality. Getting dressed for the MDR experience (lackluster service and banquet style food) just seems kind of silly to me now. I am glad to see the trend toward more casual attire on board.
  11. Not all ships have reservations for shows. Which ship?
  12. A lot more opportunities to spend money on board. Drink prices and specialty restaurants are a lot higher.
  13. Coffee is fresh brewed...not the syrup concentrate like on Princess. We find the regular coffee in Windjammer, Cafe Promenade and MDR very acceptable. I know on Princess we have to buy the coffee card just to get the fresh brewed coffee...but not on Royal.
  14. Very few kids on the fall transatlantic cruises. That is one of the reasons we like them so much. If kids are more important that the ports consider doing B2B cruises to get your 14 day vacation.
  15. We do B2B on 7-night cruises and enjoy turnaround day...so, we would be OK doing the same on shorter cruises too!
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