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  1. Once again, thank you so much cheznandy for your wonderful posts. Extremely helpful and informative. We are just about packed and ready to board today. Cheers. :D
  2. Cheznandy, thanks so much for the info you have posted - really helpful, as well as very interesting. We are in the throes of packing to board on Thursday. Yayyyyyy! Sandy and Tony (sandielle and tateyama)
  3. Agree with you - they are missing opportunities! I have been suggesting for years (on the feedback survey) that Princess should cruise from Brisbane to Tassie and return in summer and yay...finally..... they are having one in Jan 2020 on Sea Princess. I think many have asked for this - so obvious because they would miss cyclone season.
  4. Same here JohnGc. We enjoy every cruise and little niggles don't bother us at all. Just thankful to be able to cruise. Thanks for all the info Chez - it's only week until we board, so good to have some knowledge beforehand. :D
  5. Thanks Uncle Les. It's nice to see what the obstructed cabins are like. I wouldn't call ours obstructed, really. Only a filled in metal railing!
  6. Thanks for your informative posts. We are joining the Majestic when she arrives in Brisbane and staying on for the Fiji cruise so it is good to know what's what. We also have an obstructed deluxe balcony on Emerald Deck right forward. From photos we've seen the only obstruction is a non-glass railing and the balcony is extended because of the slope at the bow. We had Andrew Kadillac on one of our cruises - I thought the Patter bio said he was Canadian. Anyway, looking forward to a new ship. :hearteyes:
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