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  1. bobcatcruiser1331

    Anchorage Transfers/Airport

    Thanks for the ideas! The Alaska Cruise Transfer seems nice. We may go with that unless we find something better that strikes our fancy.
  2. bobcatcruiser1331

    Anchorage Transfers/Airport

    Hi, We have booked our northbound Alaska cruise for July and will be ending in Seward. We really are not interested in Anchorage and would prefer to just fly directly home. The flights from Anchorage for us leave between 8:00pm and midnight and are overnight. I realize that the transfer to Anchorage from Seward is a long bus ride or a shorter train ride, which would still leave us in the airport for 8-12 hours if we took the transfer directly to the airport. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do between getting off the ship in the morning and a flight leaving Anchorage in the late evening? Even though we aren't interested in Anchorage, we would be open to walking around town or other options just to pass the time so that we wouldn't have to be stuck in the airport for so long. Thanks for any suggestions in advance!
  3. bobcatcruiser1331

    Active Excursions in Norway

    Thanks for your input. If we do end up booking this cruise, we will definitely be looking into some of the Norway tourism pages for independent excursions unless something just jumps out at us from the ships list.
  4. bobcatcruiser1331

    Active Excursions in Norway

    Hi, We are looking into booking a Norwegian Fjords cruise but are skeptical of the ship sponsored excursions on the cruise line website. We are very active travelers (for example, we enjoy rock/mountain climbing, hiking, biking, etc.) and would love to really experience the nature of Norway in those ways. There are only a handful of excursions listed on the cruise line websites, many of which seem to just be touring/sightseeing. Are there more that become available when you book or when the date gets closer? Are there more active excursions for the ports in Norway? Any other tips for a first timer to Norway? Thanks for any input.
  5. bobcatcruiser1331

    Alaska: Interior Room or Oceanview

    Thanks for all the info everyone, very good feedback.
  6. Hi, We are planning on booking the Radiance southbound itinerary to Alaska for next summer. In searching for a room, there are a few things that I'd like some insight on. First, because it is the southbound route, it seems that you'd get better views on the port side. Is this the case or does it even matter? Second, if we are unable to get an ocean view room on that side of the ship (it looks like most of them are gone already) we will have to book an interior. Do you really miss a lot of the Alaskan cruising experience having an interior room? I've been on several cruises before and usually seek out interior rooms because of the price but thought that it may be better to have some kind of view to the outside in Alaska (and being a teacher, I can't justify dropping a months paycheck to have a balcony or higher). Thanks for any tips.
  7. bobcatcruiser1331

    Time to change the current menu

    We had different menus on the Oasis last week. Our waiter described them as "new" but it seemed like a combination of new and old items. For example, the vidalia onion tart was back one night and creme brûlée was back every night (not the banana one). I'm not sure if they were just trying it out or if it is something that will be happening everywhere.
  8. bobcatcruiser1331

    Coco Cay too crowded with two ships?

    I am also curious about this... We are booked on the March 8th sailing on Serenade of the Seas and are scheduled to call in CoCoCay with Majesty. Any ideas on the crowd level with Serenade and Majesty? We are reconsidering our booking because of this as well as Key West being crowded with 4 ships and Nassau with 5. Thanks for any more input :)
  9. bobcatcruiser1331

    Anyone been in Key West with 4 ships in port?

    We are booked on the March 8th sailing on Serenade of the Seas from New Orleans to Key West, Nassau, and CoCoCay. We are having second thoughts though after seeing the port schedules...4 ships in Key West on that day (us, Carnival Breeze, HAL Ryndam, and Carnival Fascination). We are concerned with how crowded that port will be. We have been in Key West twice with two ships and it was okay, but will it be overwhelming with 4 ships? Thanks for any input!
  10. bobcatcruiser1331

    Amy Fickert...Oasis of the Seas..best CD ever

    Agreed. We've had him on the Oasis and Explorer and he is by far our favorite.
  11. bobcatcruiser1331

    Cruising from New York mid-March

    Hi, I scanned this forum a couple pages and didn't really see anything like I was looking for so I figured I'd just ask. We are trying to narrow down some cruises for the middle of March and one is from New York to the Bahamas and Florida. Has anyone done this and if so, how was the weather for you? We are from Texas so by mid March we are already in the 70s or 80s but I know that is not the case for this area. Thank you for your help and if there is another forum or post about this, just point me to it! :)
  12. Has anyone ever been on Enchantment when it was completely full (other than one Owners Suite)? We have never been on a Vision class, much less one that has been stretched and is completely full. Has anyone ever experienced this, and if so was it a nightmare? Also, if there are any tips for the Enchantment in general those are also welcome. We will be on the 8-day Bermuda and Northeast sailing. Thanks!
  13. bobcatcruiser1331

    Torn between two ships

    From what I understand, there isn't much of a difference between Freedom and Independence, even with the upgrades. They are both still relatively new ships and I'm sure are in excellent condition. If it were me, I'd opt for the Independence 8-day route. Have fun and enjoy whatever you choose! :)
  14. bobcatcruiser1331

    mariner post-drydock

    Thanks for these pictures! We've been wanting to sail her but now that she is moving to China we are looking into sailing on her from Galveston next March before she leaves!
  15. We will also be sailing in 9 days! Looking forward to your pictures and review! :)