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  1. Beautifully written and very detailed review with wonderful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing. Anne
  2. I don't think so. We tried to use it after a Transpacific arriving into Seattle in May and it seemed to be flights in America only. The airlines that could be utilised were American, Delta, United,Jet Blue, Southwest and U S Airways. Would be fantastic if it was available for all airlines.
  3. Thank you so much for that information, that is what I was really hoping to hear. Were you originally given a late boarding time? Glad you liked Belfast, did you manage to travel further,? lots of beautiful countryside here,and weather in May has been great. Our daughter lives in Edinburgh, so will definitely be there. It is an amazing city, we love to visit, any excuse and we are there :hearteyes::hearteyes:
  4. Quite understand the need to wait until high tide to sail. It's the fact that we have been advised that boarding will not commence until 4 pm.
  5. Thanks jkgourmet, I am going to wait until I have confirmation which port it will be and then will book at least one night before the cruise. We love the Royal Marine , and Dun Laoghaire is a lovely little town. We live in Northern Ireland so this is a first cruise for us with no flights . We will either take the Enterprise Train to Connolly station , cross the platform and use the Dart, or use the Aircoach to the Airport and then the Airlink bus. Post cruise we will just head for home,probably using the Celebrity Transfer to Dublin Airport and then the Aircoach. Sentosa
  6. Hello again TexSea, I hope you enjoyed your Belfast tour never the less. I am interested in your boarding times as we have been told that boarding will not commence until 4pm for the 10 15pm sail away, which means a lot of waiting about. Reflection is due to dock at 6am that morning. My TA has not been able to find out any reason for this late boarding as yet. I do know that there is a possibility that we may be leaving from the new cruise terminal at Dun Laoghaire if it is ready by then. Dun Laoghaire is about 15 Km south of Dublin .
  7. Hello Texsea, Thank you for posting this. We are doing a very similar cruise next May, but going to Glasgow instead of Belfast. We live about 20 miles from Belfast, hope you enjoyed your day there. I noticed that you sailed from Dublin at 10pm, we are also scheduled for a late sail away, in spite the previous cruise docking in Dublin at 6am. Was there any reason given for the late sail away? What time were you actually allowed to board? What about disembarking in Dublin? Thank you. Sentosa.
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