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  1. TO THE OP......... I am on the same cruise, and St. Thomas is still on the itinerary. St. Kitts was changed to San Juan, at least according to the information I have. I understand your frustration with the port change, but it can, and does, happen frequently for many different reasons. Since we have been to St. Kitts many times, I may not be as upset with the change as you are, but you are still going to St. Thomas, at least that's what my info says.
  2. We were able to have drinks in the Viking Crown Lounge, even though it was open to the public also. We were not limited to three drinks, but since we probably only had two, it was just my experience, and the policy could be that it was 3 drinks per person. Apparently they used to have some snacks up there also, but the Board of Health shut that down as they didn't have sneeze guards on the tables, because they really weren't set up for serving any food. As Pinnacles we could have breakfast each morning in Chops. Even though no diamond or concierge lounge, we enjoyed the Empress and her crew immensely.
  3. Yes, you can upgrade. We were just today able to upgrade from a Virtual Balcony to an ocean view balcony for no additional money. I then asked the price to upgrade to the JS and was given a price of $200 and when asked about the double points was told we would get them. A no brainer for us
  4. I don't remember any reserved seats except for the suite sun deck on Allure. Freedom class has reserved seats for suite guests but I don't remember any on Oasis class, but I could be wrong (it's happened before, LOL)
  5. My DH and I will be sailing with you also. We were also fans of Trainman an enjoyed all his reviews. We were sorry to hear of his passing and hope he is at peace. Our roll call wasn't very active, but I'm hoping the Meet and Mingle will be fun. Can anyone tell me when it will be held. I can't find the e mail I got with the date and time. I think it was Sunday, but need time and place. We just got off a trip to Cuba on Majesty and loved it but looking forward to going back on Symphony. We were on for pre inaugural in November.......ship is beautiful and crew were great. Looking forward to Hooked and Coastal Kitchen! See you onboard. Rita OOPS, just saw my DH was signed on. I am Bill's gal
  6. Received one today for Majesty 1-28-19, 5 days. $1100 pp to go to Owners Suite, $650 pp to go to GS, and $400 pp to go to JS. We are in outside room near Centrum. I don't think I will pay $400 pp to go to a JS for 5 days. Is the amount shown the minimum bid they will accept? I would pay $200 total to go to the JS.
  7. As long as one of the original names remains on the reservation (and in this case looks like your wife will still be going) you can have your sister in law take your place without having the reservation repriced.
  8. Ask your section head waiter and he/she will oblige. Just got off Serenade, asked head waiter about cold soups and we had them every night.
  9. Good to know. We will be boarding on 10/28 and are meeting friends who are currently onboard for a Bermuda cruise. Mario is our very favorite concierge and we had the pleasure of his company on the Brilliance's British Isles cruise the past summer. He is also an accomplished musician and singer as we discovered at a Top Tier party on a previous cruise.
  10. Not trying to hijack, but hi Lora. Are you on the repo?
  11. You might want to google them and see if any have a website or any videos which might give you some idea of what they have to offer. I have often found that the "unknown" performers provide the best entertainment.
  12. Any idea who will take over on Serenade and will be the CD on her repositioning cruise from Boston, October 28th? Is Carly B still with the company and, if so, any chance she will be the one?
  13. The Pub on Radiance class ships we have sailed on have always shown World Series games, NBA finals and some regular season games, and the national network feeds of NFL games during the entire regular season and into the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Many of the games are also shown on the large screen by the pool. th
  14. Jewel has both a Concierge lounge and a Diamond lounge on Deck 13. Each has its own concierge and as a Diamond Plus you can access either.
  15. Says someone who probably hasn't sailed through one. :D
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