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  1. Few questions for you: Did it "feel" more exclusive? Did the beach and chair areas seem calmer with fewer people compared to the other "public" areas? Did you feel the food was on par with a speciality type restaurant? Anything else you specifically recall besides the food being a treat for the area?
  2. My family has been on 5 Freedom Class, 3 Oasis Class, 2 Voyager Class and a Quantum class. After all of those cruises, as much as we love Royal, we would like to try something else with our 15 and 18 year olds. I know this is a Royal forum, but I would be interested to hear from other Royal cruises, if they have recommendations for other cruise ships/lines given our family profile based on your experiences. Carnival and Disney are out. It would be helpful to hear specifically from Royal cruises (which is why I'm posting here).
  3. We were on the Anthem a few weeks ago out of NJ. I really liked the crowd from the Northeast. I was OK with the colder weather at the front and back end. I did NOT like the ports. We went to Nassau and PC. Didn't matter to my family because we planned on staying on the ship and enjoying it, but from a "destination" perspective, the ports are not to our liking. But again, for us, fine since we really like spending time on the ship.
  4. wonder if this includes those who have the cabanas or if this number is for day passes.
  5. Thanks for everyone’s replies so far. I decided to buy passes and cancel closer to my cruise in April if the reviews are negative. Conceptually fewer crowds and nicer food with a nice environment sound pretty awesome.
  6. I know...I know... it's not open yet. But has anyone heard any new rumors about what the full day pass will offer or provide above and beyond what's on the RCL site? Any rumors on how many passes they'll make available in a day?
  7. In 14 RCL cruises I've only had the package twice and I can say that each time I found it to be an amazing value. You really have to "go after it" in my opinion in terms of taking advantage of every photo opportunity at each port, at each activity, in any location you see a photographer. That's where the value really comes in.
  8. This is typical of the entire hotel industry (as an example). Just what it is. Money rules.
  9. Just following up on this post NYE cruise. Most people were from NY, NJ and PA. Great people.
  10. Just following up post cruise. Day 2 overall was pretty nice. high 60s to low 70s. Very comfortable out on the back Windjammer deck. Day 7 (out of eight) - not so good....
  11. Noreen, check this out for the New Year's Eve Activities.
  12. There was a place to put shoes near all the slide areas. You could easily put your glasses there. Doubt anyone would take them. You could put them in a small pouch to protect them.
  13. Noreen, on the Anthem there were more than enough options of very chill experiences. The most chill was being in the main theater where they showed the NY ball drop on a big screen. Very calm. The area near the champaign bar was very chill and had the ship orchestra paying.
  14. Just back from Anthem NYE cruise. TONS of NYE options. Multiple options for every different type of taste is music and atmosphere. No special rules. We LOVE taking the NYE cruises. It has been a tradition in our family for 5 years now. I don't find NYE more crowded than any other busy time (e.g. xmas, Spring Break, etc...).
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