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  1. Thanks. I think your response is going to be a consistent theme. In my head I can see a blizzard with people on the deck looking unhappy while they wait to get in.
  2. I'm taking the Anthem in December. Signed up for iFly on Day 1. Is that a bad idea? From the pictures I've seen, people are waiting outside to get in. Would that mean waiting outside in the snow or cold weather? Can't image that RCL would have people do that. Trying to decide if I move my iFly time to a little later in the week.
  3. RCL is always running 30% off sales on the refreshment drink package and I always jump on those before each of my cruises. When onboard on the first day of a cruise I see plenty of people buying on the cruise instead of before. Has anyone heard official stats on how many people prepurchase vs buy on board for drink packages? If you don’t know and are just speculating, please don’t reply. Only looking to hear from those who have heard actual or anecdotal data from RCL. Thanks.
  4. I'm cruising on the Anthem during New Year's for 8 nights. I was considering the $199 Unlimited Dining Package (offered on my ship) until I read the fine print that says you can't make your reservations until you board the ship. That's a major downer to the package. Many speciality restaurants have prime seating times (for my family between 6 and 7) already booked before setting foot on the ship. Also, seems very stressful to go on the ship, rush to dining, and hope I'll get times I like. I can see where this package would be a good idea during non-holiday sailings OR for people who are very flexible on times. But, to not be able to book ahead of time, before the cruise sails during a busy holiday week is a non-starter. I can see why Royal offers this. They can fill lots of holes in the schedule once people are on board. Interested to hear if there's something I'm not considering or factoring in.
  5. I'm considering the the Unlimited Dining Package. In the past when I've attended a single specialty dining, I was always under the impression I needed to tip (like 15 to 20 percent). I was wondering how this worked with the unlimited package. Royal told me there is no need to tip with this package and that everything is included. Is that the case? Do those of you who have had this package not leave gratuity? I do understand that if there's excellent service one could certainly tip, but is it expected? Thanks.
  6. Does the Anthem have a smoothie bar that can be used with a Refreshment package, similar to what the Oasis class has? Thanks
  7. Cruise December 28th. At a minimum would fly out as early as possible on the 27th. I like your plan. May still come in the night of 26th just to play it (really) safe.
  8. I normally fly out of Chicago to Florida. This year in late December we are flying from Chicago to NJ. The worrier in me is concerned that a one overnight stay is risky given that time of year for potentially bad weather in both of those locations. Am I overthinking it and too concerned where I shouldn't be?
  9. Switching any of you into a different room in your situation would be totally OK and something guest services can help you with. On one trip we swapped rooms with our kids. No issue ever.
  10. For the MDR, if you come for dinner between 5:30 and 5:45 you should be fine as a walk in. During the busier periods I've seen long lines.
  11. Have been on multiple NYE sailings on Royal. You really need to figure out what type of experience you want. There are events in different venues typically. The amount of people you want to be around is a big factor. Some people like the balloon drops in the large public space areas and others, like me, could care less. The main dining room is always festive with party hats, etc and lobster (on the ships we've been on).
  12. I haven't been on Disney, but I did a tremendous amount of research. I just couldn't justify the premium for Disney. Everything I heard about it seemed great when my kids were younger, but just way too much. I really think that unless you are in love Disney, RCL is the right way to go. Our first ship with our young children were on the Enchantment and they had a great time. We thought being on a "smaller" ship wouldn't be as fun, but it worked out great.
  13. We checked in at the same time as someone else with a scooter and everything from going through security, checking in and waiting in the waiting area to board all seemed to go pretty smooth. Others can provide more detail, I'm sure.
  14. Thanks for posting. Will be on this sailing this December.
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