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  1. Just booked this cruise after my other Mardi Gras cruise was cancelled. Hey MEUB1112, is Lakeport on Clearlake? We lived in Sacramento for 35 years and took many trips to that area. All those wildfires are terrible over there. We’re looking forward to this cruise and the Mardi Gras.
  2. I’m thinking the old OBC will go away and you will only get the new OBC of $100 per person. I could be wrong, but that would be a first.😄. Rich
  3. We’re looking at January 30th 2021 to rebook on the Mardi Gras. We have a cruise out of Miami earlier that month, so this way we’ll only have to make one trip to Florida. Hope some of you can join us. Rich
  4. It was great talking with you. Best of luck on your next attempt to get that family cruise booked. I will be booking a cruise on the Mardi Gras when they offer the 8 day itinerary that we signed up for. Probably won’t be until spring of 2021, but I can wait. Rich
  5. I have no experience with Carnival using FCC, but on NCL, it can only be used for future bookings. Contact Carnival directly and ask if you can apply it to your booked cruise and explain the circumstances.
  6. There’s going to be an awful lot of disappointed people. Can you imagine all those people trying to rebook on that first cruise from Port Canaveral. Poor travel agents.
  7. An article from Market Watch. Carnival made the announcement this morning. I checked Carnival site and there are no sailing from Port Canaveral in October on the Mardi Gras.
  8. I read that the delivery of the Mardi Gras would be delayed until late 2020, causing the cancellation of the first 8 sailings, which includes our sail date. Carnival will be offering full refunds and 25% future cruise credit. Has anyone else heard about this development?
  9. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. For those traveling, safe travels and safe return home. Between the weather and the crowded highways and airports, your patience will surely be tested. Luckily, my family all live close by, so traveling is not an issue. Be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Rich
  10. Welcome to the rollcall. I’m just catching up on the posts from this cruise and the other two I have booked for 2020. Consider yourself members of the rollcall. Still a little too far out for any activities from the cruise line. It would be nice to have a formal grand opening of the new terminal a few days before the Mardi Gras arrives at Port Canaveral. I would attend that. Other than that, I haven’t heard of anything planned formally.
  11. Finally back home after my 19 day transatlantic from Copenhagen to New Orleans. I think I’ll stick to shorter cruises from now on. After we did the European ports, we had 7 consecutive sea days. We were supposed to stop in Punta Delgada, Azores, but high winds kept us from entering the harbor, so the captain decided to sail straight to Bermuda. Experienced my first hurricane at sea. Over 100 knot winds and large swells. Named Hurricane Pablo, it made history as the farthest east forming hurricane ever recorded, just northeast of the Azores. Now I can concentrate on my 2020 cruises. Less than a year away from our fabulous cruise on the beautiful Carnival Mardi Gras. But for now, we’ll have to deal with old man winter. Keep warm everyone. Rich
  12. That will give me enough time to decide where I want to eat. I’m currently enroute to Fort Lauderdale to catch my flight to Copenhagen. We sail Sunday back to New Orleans on a 19-day transatlantic cruise. Have a great Halloween.
  13. If you are referring to a Meet and Greet as the group, there isn’t one set up yet. If you are referring to a rollcall, you are already in the group.
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