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  1. UPDATE: Refund hit my CC this morning 6/26, 1 week after the ‘process date’ HAL quoted 6/19. In its entirety. My kids got their airfare back at same time. I had paid cruise portion, they had bought air, all thru HAL. Will we cruise again, probably, but not until we know it’s under control. Best of luck to those still waiting. Everyone have a Blessed day!
  2. So, not having this refund experience before to my CC, what is an approximate timeline for the refund to make its way from HAL to CC? If HAL said it processed on 6/19, one would ‘think’ it would then go to cc. Obviously more to the transaction than that.
  3. My update from earlier this morning: chat finally opened and I got an agent who said it was processed June 16 and to now check with CC company. I did call them and they said it can take 1 week to a month to actually get to them. So I guess that’s good news or progress. Hurry up and wait! Everyone have a Blessed Day and stay safe.
  4. So, does anyone think HAL chat really help or are they simply putting you off? I know, trying to ask at 7 am cst finds no agents avail. 69 days for us, so maybe I was too optimistic. Crazy that sail date was 2 weeks ago.
  5. Waiting. Cancelled April, 14, our Alaska cruise/tour departing Anchorage May 28. So we just are on the cusp line, passing 60 days last Saturday. Remaining hopeful. Requested full refund so waiting on cruise/air monies now. Appears moving, but at a snail pace.
  6. Bvocruise, what was the date of your Alaska cruise tour? We were starting Anchorage May 28, to Denali, then 31st on cruise. We submitted for refund April 14. Nothing yet.
  7. Does refund just show upon CC or do you get a notice from HAL or c company?
  8. Does the refund just show up on your CC, without any notification from HAL or cc company?
  9. Well, retired from career in IT, this refund process really is NOT rocket science. You have 2 categories: full refund or FCC. The money bucket is there, you know what has been paid, either for cruise or including air fare. 60 days.. I don’t think so. now with that being said, I have never done a dispute with CC company. How does that work? If we have paid in full, how do they get money back, when we can’t?
  10. As of today, 5/14, we have received refunds on excursion and onboard charges. Almost 1 month to the day of our online cancelling. So now, waiting on cruise/airline refunds.. the big money!
  11. It is sounding very much like I am just in the pipeline.. somewhere! Since we cancelled April 14 , for our May 28 trip, I guess we are probably about on par time-wise with refunds. I can understand the massive number of refunds being handled. I just could not justify FCC since it was a multi-family trip.
  12. Fatcat, you may be lucky since you started in March before HAL started cancelling and allowing for full refunds. We cancelled April 14, the day they announced. No actual CC credits yet, just the 2 emails that excursion and onboard purchases had been ‘submitted’ for refunds. Just a waiting game. There have even been articles about filing for bankruptcy which I guess means they could write off their refunds (and reorganize). That definitely would be bad for future business.
  13. Did you get an email notice from HAL to know it was there? At least that’s a start.
  14. I’m sure I am beating a dead horse, but has anyone actually gotten a refund yet? I got ‘notice to refund’ on excursion and onboard purchases, but HAL said that just a notice to be refunded. No email notice on cruise/airline refund. Sad.
  15. Or whatever they call this now. So, on Holland specifically for us, the Noordam, what really will pass on this dinner night? I’ve seen some blogs versus what HAL website says. I can understand no jeans, no flip flops, shorts,etc. will nice casua pants work, without being slacks? Collared shirt, ie golf type or casual. Women in slacks or nice pants? We have a group of 8 and I’m trying to direct them best I can and not overpack. Thanks
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