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  1. Thank you all for the great answers. We are looking forward to a fantastic trip next year, Happy Cruising!!!! prince34
  2. Hi, We are going on an Alaska cruise next year and it comes with the all you can premium drink package. When it come to the alcohol how does this work? Can we order shots, beer, mixed drinks? Thanks prince34
  3. prince34

    Northern Lights

    Hello, My wife and I want to plan a cruise to Alaska either in 2020 or 2021. We want to see the Northern Lights while we are there. Does anyone know what time of the year and which cities are best for viewing the lights? Thanks prince34
  4. BINGO!!! Just what we are looking for. Bought 3 bottles of White Hennessy or $120.00 on a Carnival cruise last year, hoping to get the same deal on this cruise. Thanks for the insight vidsmart prince34
  5. Thank you all for your input. Looking forward to eating lobster on our cruise in couple of weeks. prince34
  6. Hi, On the cruise ship Allure will they be serving Lobster Tails in the main dining room also crab legs in the buffet? Thanks prince34
  7. Thank you all for your feedback on our question. Getting the alcohol off the ship sounds like the better option. Keep on cruising!!!!! prince34
  8. Hello, My wife and I will be sailing on the Allure to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel, leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale in a few weeks. I'd like to know if the Allure will be offering any great deals on purchasing alcohol during our cruise Thanks prince34
  9. Hello all, I remember reading about a drink package an hour or two offered during the 70's disco party near the Rising Tide Bar on the Allure. Is this still happening and does any know what the price is? prince34
  10. Hello all, I remember reading about a drink package offered during the 70's party near the Rising Tide Bar. Is this still happening and does any know what the price is? prince34
  11. Thanks folks for you replies, we were on a cruise in Mexico earlier and made a purchase this year and weren't sure if we could do the same on this cruise in the Caribbean. Looks like happy days are ahead!!!! thanks again for the great advice prince34
  12. Holly smack! you've been over 40 cruises? Just curious which cruise line do you like the best? Oh and thanks for the advice about taking pics.
  13. Hi, We are cruising next year to the Western Caribbean and would like to know does the ship have sales on alcohol for duty free prices? Thanks prince34
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