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  1. I seem to recall reading post with some great tips right after boarding ship. where to get lanyards, where to have ship cards laminated, etc. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks!
  2. I am looking at the in room beer packages. 4 Coronas for $21 sounds cheaper than any bar or restaurant at home. I enjoy Blue Moon but it is not offered in a package. does anyone know the actual beer prices at the bars?
  3. I added the Value Pkg. planaeverl days ago but have not done the "shopping cart check-out" yet. with 4 sea days thought it might come in handy. my question is this: why is it listed under DH name and not mine? I have made all arrangements, reservations, form-filling, CC info etc. not a problem but he will not be using it I am sure. do not want to have to locate him on ship if there is a problem with pass words, security questions etc.
  4. will I be able to get a glass of water without being charged? I know you can purchase bottled water for your cabin. $4.50 a six pack. so that would be $18 a case. price gouging...surely not...
  5. have read where some have resealed( with glue?) mouthwash bottles. don't know if it works. we will be sailing for 8 days. do not think 2 of us would drink enough alcohol to equal the amount of a beverage package. $ 816 and thats with the pre-sail discount.
  6. do I need to purchase a WiFi package while cruising and visiting the islands of Aruba, Curacao, and Grand Turk? should I be able to at least take pictures with my phone or should I take a camera?
  7. gakawgirl

    Grand Turk

    we will be on Carnival Sunshine in Nov. to Aruba(renting UTV for day), Curacao and GT. have not seen any excursions for zipling. how and where do I book? TIA
  8. it is nice to have the beverage package but $57 a day per person on an 8 day cruise is gouging to me.
  9. gakawgirl


    does anyone know how to contact Karib golf cart rental? the website I found is "under construction". will be in Grand Turk in Nov. and golf cart sounds like the way to go. are there any other agencies? my husband is not a very good swimmer but he does like to snorkel. where would a shallow, calmer beach be? thanks.
  10. just started looking for what to do/see in Curacao. what does a day pass to Hilton or other resorts include? is Pirate Bay a restaurant bar on the beach? aren't the beaches public? do we need to rent chairs or can we lay on towels as we do at home?
  11. Jay's Aruba car rental site states you cannot go to Natural Pools. if we can still get reservations for ABC we will take our chances on them waiting for us to disembark. I have read differing views on how dangerous the pools are. DH is very experienced driver from ATV, motorcycle, RV commercial tractor trailer to anything in between. guess it would nice for him to sit back, relax and leave the driving to someone else for a change.
  12. which Jeep rental companies allow you to go to the Natural Pool? anyone know if Royal or Jay's does?
  13. thanks for the info, I feel better about booking now. it will not be a private tour but I guess if they wait for me they wait for everybody.
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