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  1. I'm so excited! After tons of research and questions, I finally took the plunge and booked our rooms! We will be going on Symphony in May 2020...my sister in law, brother in law, niece, and mother in law are going...My mother in law got a jr suite and my daughter and niece are staying with her, and she is wanting to pay for them! WOW!! This is only our second cruise (first was on HAL ten years ago to Alaska). I just had to share my good news! 🙂
  2. We are a party of three....Which one do you usually do...refundable or non refundable? It's a 7 day cruise, so the deposit is $750 and the difference in price is around $600 between the two. I just didn't know what most people do. I want to do trip insurance too, so I wasn't sure if the non-refundable part would be covered?
  3. I know that travel agent names can't be mentioned, but how do I find a good travel agent for Royal Caribbean? I'm wanting to find the best deal possible with a reputable TA, but I have no idea how to find that. Is there anyway someone can help on here? Thanks!
  4. Thanks to everyone for the replies. Just nervous because of a not so great beginning of my cruise ten years ago. 🙂
  5. Just a little background...We have been on one Alaskan cruise...10 years ago on HAL Rotterdam. It was out of Seattle and very very rough the first 24 hours. Three of the four of us got really sick, and I got extremely sick.. So sick that we almost thought about leaving the cruise. I had ginger, bonine, wrist bands...brought the patch that a doctor gave me, and I waited to put it on because I didn't think I needed it. It did make my mouth dry and vision a little blurry, but it did help...along with the fact that the seas were calmer. I felt the ship move the whole time...back and forth and side to side. It just didn't make me so sick after the first day/day and a half. I know there is no way to predict the weather or what the seas will be like....but just in general, how is the movement on Symphony? Do you feel movement all the time (like I did on Rotterdam)? I have read that the Caribbean out of Miami and the bigger ships are much better in general for motion sickness issues. I'm just nervous because I'd like to give cruising another try, but I also don't want to be sick and miserable. It's a lot of money and vacation time for that to happen. I'd appreciate any thoughts.
  6. I'm enjoying reading this. Looking forward to more information...looking into the Symphony next spring. 🙂
  7. I enjoyed your review, and I'm so glad to hear your good experience with an early departing flight! I've been worrying about that because we really need to do as early a flight as possible...10:30ish...Glad it went well for you, even when you had some issues leaving!
  8. Thank you so much!! It's not really a problem for my daughter and me...just a problem for my hubby because of his job.
  9. Where are the best located rooms on Symphony? Money is a bit of an issue because my oldest daughter is getting married in April of next year, and this trip will be end of May/first of June, so money might be more of an issue than usual. 😉
  10. Thank you so much! We are excited! Sounds like a great area and deck.
  11. My husband, teenage daughter, and myself are looking at a Caribbean cruise on Symphony next May/June. It says that it gets back to Miami at 6 am on Saturday. What time can we expect to be off the ship if we request getting off as early as possible? Trying to plan, but we have some personal issues that cause us to have to be back home as early as possible that day. We will be flying. I'm just trying to see if we can do this or not. I'm hoping to get a 10:30-11:30 flight.
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