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  1. I attempted the cancelling process for medical reasons before Carnival cancelled everything. I had Carnival Insurance and went through all the hoops. I received an email that everything was in order from the insurance co and it will be processed. A day later after Carnival stopped everything, I received an email from insurance saying that since carnival cancelled everything and the fact Carnival will refund,the insurance said they are stepping away. I recontacted my PVP, who said they are working on it and claimed was in the Q. He could not state any further. Like others have said,, nothing to verify this from carnival or any additional information regarding any refund from carnival accept verbal from PVP. Very frustrated. It would be nice to have this money at this time. very poor customer service.
  2. update from previous post. Still nothing no emails and when I go online no history of any booking Poof. Very frustrated.
  3. cancelled 10 days ago, was told 7-10 business days but it might come in segments, haven't seen or heard anything.
  4. Had to cancel cruise due to preexisting condition and age with this virus. Was on hold with AON for 3.5 hrs. Then told to complete online form and have Doctor complete a one page report which I did and set info to them. I received an email that they reviewed and have assigned it to a agent. All completed 6 days ago, but as of today no movement. Cruise is coming up in 3 weeks. I know they are swamped just wanted to know if others have advise.
  5. I hope this hasn't been answered before. I am trying to reserve a time at the steak house on the Panorama for an upcoming cruise in April. When i go online I can only signup for the specialty kitchen classes. I know I am outside the 90 day final date by a few days and I have heard that now you have to pre pay. However my cruise manager shows no access to any type of reservation portal.. I can't believe all dates and times have filled. I have reserved dinner plans many times way outside the 90 day window. Any suggestions or answers.
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