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  1. Hello ,I have booked the first two cruises ,so the Ovation must be going on to a foreign port ,surely ,or they wouldn’t take our booking 🤞hopefully Sydney ,.thankyou all for your comments .Rccl representative,says March before they release the next port after Honolulu.
  2. It is around the corner from the elevator
  3. 😱omg ,don’t say that !!The rep said he is 98 % sure it is still coming down to Australia but he wouldn’t put it in writing ,
  4. No ,the problem ,is with us ,we are Australian and chose this itinerary to sail home for our wedding anniversary,would defeat our purpose if we end up in Asia 😂And I just find it odd they are expecting people to book these two cruises without knowing for sure where we will end up 🤔we will probably be happy whatever happens as it is something we have always wanted to do ,that is a long extended cruise
  5. We have to decide by the 19 th december ,the rep for RCCL ,has given us extra time ,and will hold our cabin request before we have to pay the deposit,,I will let you know what happens
  6. Apparently i can book the first 2 cruises ,but if they change itinerary from sydney to say “Singapore or Hong Kong “ anywhere else that is a “far away and foreign port “,I would then have to buy that cruise ,or be fined ,this was told to me by the Australian rep for Royal Caribbean.
  7. This is my problem in reverse ,We want to do Seattle Vancouver,then Vancouver Honolulu,then Honolulu Sydney .in 2020,but Rccl,won’t confirm if ovation in definitely continuing on to Sydney ,so I said oh well I will fly back to Australia if it doesn’t continue on to Sydney as per 2018 and 2019 .But. I was informed ,I can’t leave the ship in Honolulu, .but I think I will risk it and book early and hope they do go on to Sydney 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  8. We apparently can’t leave the ship in Honolulu due to the “Jones act”,where you can’t embark and disembark from 2 USA ports 🤷‍♀️,and we wanted to sail home to Australia ,but if it goes to Singapore it wouldn’t be the end of the world I suppose.yes I think I will book the first 2 cruises ,and see what happens,thankyou for you opinion
  9. I am frustrated ,we can book ,Seattle to Vancouver ,in Alaska,and Vancouver to Honolulu,but RCL,won’t release Honolulu to Sydney ,until March ,my worry is that it won’t come down to Sydney but go elsewhere 🤔,I would like to book early to get the same cabins ,🤷‍♀️I know I should just wait ,but I worry it will increase in price and the cabins won’t be available ,thoughts fellow cruisers ,thanks 🤦‍♀️
  10. Looking at booking inside cabin on ovation Of The seas ,we have looked at 9233,near the stairs ,wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of cabin ,there is a 10233,and 11233,as well,there is 2 cabins at the start of the corridor,9233 ,9633,, years looks like there wouldn’t be any actual foot traffic past our door ,any advice would be appreciated,thanks
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