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  1. Thanks all ,understand now .🤦‍♀️
  2. We are looking at ovation of the seas 2022 around New Zealand,and on the itinerary it says1 hour in the sounds ,wondering how far in the big ships can get and is 1 hour correct ,thankyou
  3. I will definitely be washing, myself ,as 50 AUD is just too much.
  4. Does the Ovation have a self help laundry?If not does anyone have a list of he cost please ?
  5. Hello 👋just wondered if anyone has prepurchased the Blanket in Alaska or a beach towel .are they worth the money 🤔thanks
  6. Interesting ,by that they aren’t going to charge 🤔
  7. My thoughts exactly Kaseyoz ,what the heck is a deep frie candy bar 😂and Thankyou f,or the menu twangster.
  8. Hoping someone on the ovation can tell me what I can expect to pay for some fish and chips please ,
  9. Definitely the weather ,Brisbane is coping a lot of rain too .
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