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  1. We have gravitated to Anytime dining. We like the flexibility, especially on our last cruise on Koningsdam where our priority was getting to as many music sets of Lincoln Center Stage. We're happier just having each other's company at a 2-top instead of a large table of 8, which will take 2+ hrs for dinner and give difficulty hearing several cross-conversations. Maybe we are more introverted, or just done with the big dining feel. A 2-top was always available for us on K'dam, usually we requested a reservation in advance, but if we decided to dine in or go to Lido, no problem. The only time we had off-service was when we were seated upstairs amongst the fixed time diners... the wait staff was confused, and I don't blame them. Never had trouble getting our open bottle of wine. Never had a problem getting dietary needs met - the room number flags those needs. We tended to eat later most of the time and it was much quieter - K'dam's dining room is IMHO noisier than the other ships. Many times we had the same servers and wine stewards but we did get to sit in various places in the dining room and experience the different environments, but that was over 21 nights. On Amsterdam on a long cruise, 47 nights, we had a very poor experience with Anytime dining - no 2-tops left, all had been reserved for the whole cruise by those who boarded in Vancouver whereas we got on in Los Angeles for the full 47 nights. It really does vary by ship. I think the newer ships are better for Anytime dining, and the shorter itineraries. Hope you find what works for you. And if you are not happy, you can make a switch during your cruise but usually only once from fixed to Open/Anytime, or vice versa. m--
  2. "When you cancel your pre-booked excursions, the refund will go back onto your shipboard account as refundable OBC and when you rebook the excursion, it will use the refundable OBC in your account first before dipping into your nonrefundable OBC." by Ken the Cruiser Ken, I thought the new booking of an excursion would draw first from the NON-refundable OBC, then the refundable OBC. No? m--
  3. There is a website that is not a TA but you can enter a given cruise and a cabin category and you will get bids from a variety of TA. I've used to to check prices but I caution you that not all the TAs are equal,so I would never recommend booking the cheapest rate, you may get what you paid for... but as a research tool it's been useful to me. Cruise compete.
  4. Be aware that the tub floor height is not the same floor height as the bathroom floor, the tub floor height is higher. So when you are climbing out of the tub you the foot that goes to the bathroom floor goes lower than the foot that stays in the tub. Many people find this very precarious. I hold the grab rail, sit on the edge of the tub, then swivel around on my butt. If I can find a decent photo I'll add it. m--
  5. For MDR food I think the fish dishes are all very good to excellent. Especially the Dover Sole, and anything marked "fresh". The veal chop is also a better than average and reliable meal. The beef is ok, sometimes hit or miss though, and I can only enjoy beef every few nights. I"d rather have the lamb - the lamb chops are a reliable go-to meal for me when they have them. I used to order the risotto on the side but now I think they want $10 extra as it is a 2nd Main, and that's not worth it; might be able to get a small portion as a starter size for no extra fee. If they still have the Four Mushroom soup, that was outstanding, at least for me, DH wouldn't have liked it. In fact I really enjoy most of their soups! The crepes in the buffet are very good choice, pure calories with more calories for toppings! I really liked the meatball subs from the NY deli; that and a salad made good lunches for me.
  6. We were on K in Nov, 21 nights... had the same issues in the MDR first Gala night.... had a reservation and got there a few minutes ahead of time to find a line reaching almost to the mix-your-own-wine bar. Worked our way to the podium in about 15-20 minutes and were seated a few minutes later, so no pager but well behind our reservation time. It's like they've never done this before and they don't seem to have a process for learning. The K has a very noisy MDR, mostly I think because of the huge serving stations that have so many wait staff working at each one, so fewer serving station total. The waters we asked about it said they struggle with the new large serving stations, and if you are unfortunate enough to be seated near one you can be mesmerized by the "dance" they do to not knock into each other with trays of food. We found that if we dined late, after 8pm, it was a bit quieter. I liked K because of the Lincoln Center Stage and the World Stage production shows against the LED paneled surround, but I guess the production shows are going away. No pillow chocolates could be the last straw? No cruises booked now, no plans, keeping our options open. m--
  7. That is tragic. Let's all hope it was a one-time oversight. m--
  8. I found only some of the walls in our balcony stateroom were good for magnets. The magnets I had were not very strong, just strip magnets to hold papers or maps up, and they worked OK on some walls, not others. m--
  9. I am a 16 yr member of a rural volunteer fire department (my retirement career), and EMT and firefighter, plus safety trainer... I have the following Observations and comments to share, for what they may be worth to the discussion; I am not a maritime engineer or captain and I greatly appreciate the comments of those who have added to the conversation. In the Explorer's Lounge video we see that most of the people are seated in chairs on the carpeted surface, while the furniture that is sliding is on the smooth wood planking surface. Because the Muster Station signal is heard at the end of some of these clips we can assume that no warning had been given to avoid certain areas of the ship. Starting a few years ago, on Holland America Line ships they are using a multi-stage emergency warning system: first signal is for staff and crew to investigate an incident, passengers have no action; second signal, passengers are to move to their cabins while crew begin a response to the incident.... I really like this part because it will clear the hallways for easier access of the crew to the incident; then third signal is the Muster Station signal when the passengers (who should already be in their cabin) are to don warn, covering clothing, their life jackets, take their essential medications and IDs with them and proceed to their stations. Having inside muster stations is great, as on Viking Sky, keeping passengers better sheltered, more comfortable and more able to hear instructions. Many times when a ship is rolling the crew will corral the chairs and other lightweight and free furniture, overturning chairs and entwining the legs to keep the grouping more stable and from injuring people.. and often the crew will put them on the carpet or in the pool. I think some of the still photos being posted elsewhere show corralled furniture, some in the pool to keep them from causing injury. No, I would not choose to be in the lounge with tall windows but many people want to see the exciting views of the rolling sea. Yes, I would be concerned about furniture hitting me, hitting the windows, but not everybody feels the same risk levels. As for the ceiling tiles falling, my guess is that flexing of the ship caused the tiles to drop through their support grid openings. I read that a crew member reported to a journalist that he/she saw a passenger with a broken neck on a stretcher.... as an EMT my guess is that the passenger had on a precautionary neck brace applied by medical staff; this is known as a C-Collar, used to protect the cervical spine from possible further injury, including whiplash, if the patient has endured a forceful trauma, such as being thrown into a wall; this is especially advised if the patient is elderly or has known osteoporosis history. The medical staff would have provided this as a precaution and protection. Apparently the crew member made inappropriate assumptions and could not have diagnosed a broken neck from observation. We (rural Emergency Medical Services as I serve with) regularly use C-Collars for patients in motor vehicle accidents, but also for victims of falls, brawls or other violence who may have been tossed about. Medical staff on ships have a busy time caring for patients under ordinary circumstances; I have assisted at least 5 fellow passengers as I have happened to come upon them in hallways, the theater, the buffet and once upon the elevator doors opening at my cabin floor foyer: 2 were injured from falls, 2 were too ill to navigate and had collapsed, one was in cardiac arrest but was resuscitated. The medical staff on board is always a contracted staff and all those I have dealt with have been excellent. I would expect excellence of a bridge team too, and not assume that because they are contracted they might be of lesser ability.
  10. I have bookmarked the above, and thank you for the time-frames of reports to be expected. BTW - I have been on cruise ships that had full black-outs, no power, totally quiet... restarting engines always took some time but we were in "normal" seas, not storm conditions. Stuff happens. Overjoyed that all souls who were aboard V. Sky are safe, injured being treated, and hoping for the best for the Master and his crew who saved the ship, and arranged for and facilitated rescue and aid from shore, well done Norway! Loved my Hurtigruten cruise Bergen to Kirkenes and back, great mariners in that part of the world, decedents of the Vikings! Impressive. m--
  11. How might we obtain further information of the investigation? Timing to be expected for more information.. days, weeks, months or years? Will we ever hear what repercussions might befall the captain, if any? I have not heard the captain's name, tried looking for it but maybe they are not giving that out yet to public, although I would think passengers would all have it, it has not been mentioned in the news briefs I have read. I am concerned that there might be repercussions due to cruiseline image rather than for any formal findings of negligence. Many thanks to all the mariners for their thoughtful discussion points here! I must commend the rescue workers, as an emergency responder myself, I find their mission quite extraordinary! No doubt to me that hovering helicopter hoist approach is so much safer than trying to land on a pitching, rolling ship (absolute horrors!), but painfully slow, as it was many years ago in the Gulf of Alaska when the old Prinsendam of Holland America Line eventually burned and sank after all souls were extracted by helicopter (read the account in the book Burning Cold; a 1986 event if I am correct. m--
  12. Is the main reason you are considering this plan the money savings? I'd want to weigh the money savings ($200 or maybe $250) against the possible inconvenience of missing your ship and having to catch up with it. And starting the cruise, at best, with jet lag even if you arrive on time. What time does your flight arrive? I think I'd like to fly in the day before, stay in Civitavecchia, have a relaxed day, all ofr $125pp...., but that's just me and I can't answer your question, only you can. Ciao! m--
  13. Bon Voyage! We did the Coastal 11 day voyage in November on MIdnatsol a few years ago; had a lot of rain but also clearing at night to see the Lights! That part was Excellent! As was the food, the people... the towns we visits.... lots of excellent memories. Glad to hear that many of the Hurtigruten ships waited in safe places and facilitated connections during difficult weather. m--
  14. Been following.... wondering if there was triage of the mustered passengers determining who was air-evacuated by helicopter, and in what order? Thank you. Overjoyed all are safe, injured being cared for; blessings to all! Kudos to the decision-makers, crew, passengers and especially the rescuers! All working together for a Job Well Done! m--
  15. First: The birth certificate must be a government issued version, not a hospital version. Second: Carry an original of your marriage certificate to bridge the name change. If you have had more than one name change you must have the papers for each name change, so that the birth certificate maiden name to the name on your divers license is a full set (as in the case of a marriage and a divorce, then remarriage).
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