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  1. A luxurious cool day today before the heat wave breaks over us next week. Prepping for DH’s son and DIL arriving Wednesday for a week. They’ll use our guest room for a base camp and have many people to visit in the region so lots of day- trips for them. And not much entertaining for us! Got a Costco run done yesterday, grocery run coming Monday. Tomorrow we’ll drive west about an hour to a poconos playhouse for My Fair Lady and maybe a special Father’s Day dinner at the Pompton Queen Diner if the timing is right. Otherwise it’ll be leftover pizza from the freezer! We’ll miss the community dinner in our dining room but it’s nice to do something different too. I haven’t been sleeping well so that has disrupted the days. Just a nuisance. Keeping up with the eye regime for DH. Pressures in that eye are still higher than desired. We’ll find out more July 1. Happy for Terri and Jim back home! And to read that Nancy’s brother is getting care… what a mess! He’s not the first person I’ve heard of going through this after dental work caused a deep infection in a knee replacement. I’m grateful I’m still able to walk even with my hip issue- better some days than others but managing. Roy, I’m sorry your tests left you needing to recover. I know you’ll be extra careful. Bon Voyage @Himself 🛳️🎉. Maybe you can fill us in on HAL’s new policy of priests on their cruises. Blessings to all especially thinking of our Care list and those in urgent need. Happy Father’s Day weekend to all. It’s a good time for reflecting. I had a difficult relationship with my father; then a very special relationship with my first father-in-law, both gone decades ago. Tomorrow I will celebrate DH’s fatherhood and the unexpected caring family it brought me! ✨ Stay safe in the heat wave! Smooth travels to all away! Maureen
  2. Blessings for Ann @Vict0riann and her care team. Also for Elizabeth @Haljo1935 on permissions and procedure. Also for Tana and Terry @smitty34877 Bryce and Pennie fir smooth dental visits; Jacqui for a smooth injection fid Ivan And Susan, great you have a handyman! And Roy’s appointment. And for all the Care list needs! Cheers for @Mr. Boston on the transition successes! And for all celebrating, Life is Good🌈. Today I’ll take a stab at the Social Security website. The recent phone call get me a phone appt in late July so if I can manage to apply for benefits successfully that phone appt will evaporate… otherwise it will stay as my fallback. 🤞 Have a day to enjoy living! Thank you all for being here. m—
  3. Malta is #1 on places we hope to see again! SO much history! Stunning too. @smitty34877Terry, glad the kiddos had a great time land home safe! @StLouisCruisersSandi, proud of you for breaking the ice! 👏 @Cruzin TerriTerri, nice to see things calmer! @ottahand7Nancy, you too! @ger_77Gerry, we’ve seen you be a miracle to many! Ollie, the Ukrainian family, DH, Wayne… just to name a few. Love you Gerry! @dfish Debbie, we have those nights! Take extra care of you today. Busy here today but that’s all good. Most of it is fun, or at least interesting. Had a nice dinner with grandkids last night. Today is their 7th anniversary and they’re excited, they booked a last minute cruise leaving NY this coming Sunday! Cheap! Very happy for them! Their first without family since the honeymoon cruise we gave them. They are so excited! Blessings to all in need near and far. Cheers to those celebrating especially @Denise T… you’re always with family here😉 Happy Birthday week 🎈 @aliaschief Bruce, making good progress! No place like home! I’m enjoying a quiet morning before the afternoon activities. Life is Good🌈. Maureen
  4. Perfect day here, for me, partly cloudy, breezy and not hot! Nancy, very glad your back is better! Terri, hoping you and Jim have a pleasant day! Jacqui, you’ll know if and when to make a change. I’m sad that pain is the motivator. It was a very, very tough change for me. Suddenly due to health limitations (most of which have resolved but the handwriting was showing…) DH said he was ready! We chose a new path. Different can also be good. It’s easier doing it with two, but harder making the timing work for two 🤨! Our future where we were was not going to look like the past any more than I was going to be 40 again! Yes, I miss it, I’m very grateful I had that phase of life with DH. Change is difficult…. I made two list: things I would not miss! Things to look forward to in a new environment. It was surprising to notice how much energy went into surviving that now is available for other parts of life. But the transition is not easy, I’m so glad we did it while we could! Both our senior environments (here in New Jersey and previously in Maryland) have ground floor homes with gardening in the yard! Lovin’ your beautiful flowers! Blessings all, and thanks for being here! m—
  5. Yaaayyy! 👏👏👏 That’ll help! Now rest, tomorrow is another day, the sun will come up! 💗
  6. We all do! We’re here for you, especially on the tough days! Blessings tomorrow feels better 🌅. Hope you both can get some sleep🌹. PS Raising teenaged boys, it was important to remember nobody’s in the hospital or jail! It was a low bar but a lesson! DH reminded me of just that when we found ourselves on the wrong train out of Zurich! We were supposed to be heading to Milano but we weren’t…. I started to panic, he got me back to reality. We got off (at the airport) went back to Zurich, got to Milano late… stuff happens. It was awhile before we could laugh! 😉
  7. @Cruzin Terri Terri, oh my! I’m sorry for you troubles, and sure that Jim feels terrible about it all too. But you need to get yourself stabilized, tough as that is right now. What works for me is to make myself aware of “What’s good right now!” It doesn’t make bad stuff go away but it calms me down enough to deal with getting the next thing done right. So… You’re both safe! And you’re well, Jim is not ill, banged up but not sick. You are getting care, some money yes but he has insurance so that will work out! Caring for those wounds so they don’t get infected is essential. You have access to food, water (unlike Brenda…) and air conditioned shelter! You’ll get through this, it may be awhile before you can laugh about it but you are stronger than you may think! We are lifting you up, and kind people there are helping you. Now breathe and let yourself relax a bit… nobody’s in the hospital, nobody’s in jail. Give yourself a big hug! And gentle hugs to Jim! Vanessa and Debbie, I appreciate your feedback on the CPA, I think we may need to rethink and shop around a bit. Ann, great that you’ve been moved up! Brenda, tough water restrictions! My sister was the queen of re-using water… she used clean water for cooking, captured everything, used what she could for washing, used what was left for that for flushing. Paper plates, simple meals. Capture what you can from canned vegetables. Do you have a hot water heater? Maybe you can drain that into buckets… if it’s clean you can drink it, or if it has residue that you can’t filter out, use it for flushing. If needed, could you drive to another city to buy bottled water? When we were temporarily living in Houston for cancer treatment they had a 16’ (5m) main break. Flooded parts of the city! Restrictions for several days! 🤞 m—
  8. A huge Thank You to Bruce and Sue @aliaschief and DW! 👏 Safe Home on smooth travels. Any cruise I’m sad to leave was a good one! 🛳️🥂 Bon Voyage and Welcome Home to our cruisers. Without best friends in my life, I’m very sure I would not have made it this far! My older brother took me to Yankees games when I was a kid in Brooklyn. I’ll never forget my first time - Mickey Mantle homered his first pitch. Such a thrill! But oh my yes he had problems…. Elizabeth, we’ll enjoy watching the Stanley Cup finals starting tonight. It should be great hockey! And today and tomorrow we’ll watch the French Open championship matches we’re recording. I’m so glad we gave the big TV so we can really see the puck and the tennis ball! @Seasick Sailor, thanks for the update. Hope all concerns can be resolved before your trip. One day at a time! Annie, I hope the W/D come ok🤞and you can be confident about that small part of your world again. Extra hugs! Terri, I hope Jim’s leg is healing well and the new room is all in order so you can enjoy the rest of your time there. Terry, it’s a big day for the teens! A day they’ll remember. I hope Tana has a good day too, then so will you. Our meeting with the CPA was easy but she’s a lot more expensive than we thought…. $700-800 to file our taxes next year… is that normal? Or maybe we should interview some others…. Any thoughts? Met yesterday with folks here to learn more about end of life processes in our community… part of working on our instructions for family. It was a morning meeting and I overslept so we were frazzled getting to it…. not a good start to the day. But I did get to the pool and to my weekly meditation group, then a nap. Maybe it was the nap that caused a bed night’s sleep last night but I will slog through today and prep for granddaughter and her DH coming tomorrow. Always uplifting! Blessings to all the Dailyites! Thank you Vanessa! And to all in need near and far, our country and your yours! All celebrating, Life is Good🌈 Smooth travels to all away! Stay safe and well to enjoy today! Thanks for being here! Maureen
  9. Gray day, but not hot! 🫡 to all who made D-Day happen. It gives me chills. May it always do that! Ready to head out soon to visit new CPA, after we finish eye regime. Had one low reading yesterday… maybe maybe maybe it will trend down 🤞 Joy, keep at it! Nancy, Hope you find relief. Annie, glad to hear some encouragement. Terri, hoping today is calm. Ann, smooth travels for Pat. Roy, good tests! Vanessa, always our Wonder Woman! Blessings all! Gotta run… Later m—
  10. I’m a mid-baby boomer, my dad was in the wartime army, mom and dad married in June of ‘45, and I’m the youngest child; DH was born during the war, his dad was too old for service. We are 12 years apart which has its own challenges… I can’t keep up with him! 🤣 I had one extended family member land on the beaches of D-day, Gold beach I think. He survived that and the Battle of the Bulge. For 6 years something like 30,000 people per day were lost! Can’t get my head around that! Mystery Island looks so beautiful. Thanks for the pix Rich! In 2013 on our crossing to Sydney on Volendam we stopped in the main port of Vanuatu, not a paradise. m—
  11. 80s and cloudy, heading into some light showers this evening and then rain tomorrow morning. We tried to walk outside to the voting area yesterday (NJ Primary) but it was too muggy for us. It is so nice to be able to walk between all our buildings on campus using the indoor sky bridges. Both of us struggled a bit with our hips on the walk over so we took the campus bus back…. seems we’re never the same two days in a row! I drove over to the haircut place in the shopping center alone! First time driving alone here since we moved in! I need to gain confidence, and I am, slowly. @ottahand7 Nancy, I used to get relief from ice packs on my SI when I’d have a flare up. Ice and a steroid burst pack. I too learned to sleep “folded like a taco”. I hope today is better! Gentle hugs! @Cruzin Terri,Terri, you’ve had a rough start to your vacation! Take today as it comes, care for Jim with love and understanding-it’s hard for him and hard for you in different ways, and sometimes we just have to do hard things… you have and you will!! Breathe in the beauty around you and breathe out the angst. We’re here for you! Extra hugs to you 🤗. @marshhawk Annie, you are in a tough spot with Chuck’s compounding maladies. I’m glad you are taking some time off to walk alongside him through this, and able to give him some space too. It’s frustrating and scary, and sometimes we just have to keep going, doing it scared. I’m glad you keep posting. And I’m glad you have your kitties for a wee bit of comfort! @Heartgrove Jack, I’m sorry the harness isn’t helping. I’m sure your efforts get through to Sam. Debbie @dfish I hope you can get little bit of walking in. Half an hour for half a mile will just have to do for now! Or maybe half that twice? You are listening to your body, even when no two days are alike. Today is social security day. I’ll start with the phone call and see if I can get guidance on whether I can do it online (their website is really quite good) or if I’ll need to go in person (ugh!). 🤞 It’ll all happen! 🛳️ Cheers to all our cruisers! Blessings to all in need- big, scary needs, and little everyday needs that can mount up to what seem like major battles! Thanks all for being here! Sharing the joys and the sorrows! Take the extra time to stay safe! No hurries no worries! Maureen
  12. Cloudy and low 80s today. Yesterday it felt hotter than I like in high 80s but not too bad. It’s June so I need to get used to this. The eye doctor said he’s happy with how the eye is healing BUT thinks the pressure is a tad high still and might need the pressure lowering drops again. Not sure why he’s happy about that, the whole reason to do the surgery is to get off the meds DH is allergic to. But for now just stay on the tapering regime for the steroids- 3x/day for 2 weeks, then 2x/day for 2 weeks with massages frequency to match. Return in 4 weeks. Do a visual field test then too. Other eye has been very itchy, maybe it started with grass pollen reaction. So DH began antihistamine drops but it got worse after a few days so maybe it’s the preservative in them 🤷🏼‍♀️. So back to Benadryl. We’re not giving up even if there are some steps going sideways. Still hoping the left eye will stabilize lower. Thank you Vanessa, Sandi, Nancy, all here who help keep me positive! Means so much! Sandi, extra hugs to you and your family! Nancy, I’m glad you have the knowledge and meds to deal with your SI pain. Been there, it changes everything! Saying goodbye to neighbors is always hard. I miss my NM community but I’m right where I belong and they are happy for us. Terri, extra blessings for smooth travels today! We stopped in Molde on our Hurtigruten cruise. It’s picturesque. Our weather was poor but I’m glad we did that cruise, 11 days for round trip Bergen to Kirkenes and back. I’d do it again! Blessings to all in need of healing, comfort or hope. Hoping Jane @Lazy1 can recover quickly without any longterm effects. Sometimes I think COVID reduced my sense of taste. We are still hearing of much worse from COVID including deaths, sigh. @1ANGELCAT I’m sorry Shirl is lashing out at people trying to help her. My mom was like that. It was tough on everyone. But she did come around and eventually admitted that her new environment was “a good place of old ladies!” She became the life of the party there! It took her maybe 6 months but she started out pretty ill after a heart attack. We didn’t expect her to live but maybe a few weeks. She healed up and enjoyed herself for another 4 years! Busy day… primary voting, hair cut, then I need to wrangle with social security. I thought I could do it all online but I might need to start by phone, which will mean setting aside a long time for being on hold. Trying to start benefits; website says I need documentation of first marriage, divorce, ex’s ss number…. That was a long, long time ago and about 7 moves! Don’t know why they need all that, I’m not claiming any benefits against his record, I have my own. But I have all my papers, just need to have the wherewithal to tackle it. Cheers to all celebrating, Life is Good! 🌈 Enjoy something special of this gift of a day! Maureen
  13. More lovely weather, partly cloudy and cool! Thank you Rich for gathering us! Thanks all for being here. Have several appts this week starting with eye check up today. Will report back🤞. Joy, I hope you can recover quickly, both foot and shoulder! Pennie, great report! Keep it going! Terry, hope it’s a quiet day for your household. Roy, you have a lot going on, stay with it! Hoping it all works well together. And Paul continues to improve. Thanks for the video. You’re blessed with a warm and caring community. Annie, you can do anything for 2weeks, right? One hour at a time…. Nancy, I hope you can get the pump primer to hold. Are you heading into Iron Mountain? I get it confused with the Iron-town in the far western UP. Hope they can help you. Jacqui… Lillies of the Valley? I haven’t smelled them for decades! But their fragrance came right to me from your picture! Graham, glad you both are feeling better, out and about. I enjoy your visits to the beach! Bruce, glad you are taking it cautiously. So sorry your cruise is winding down. Many many thanks for sharing it with us! Blessings to all in need of healing, comfort or hope…. for our country, your country and the too many places of conflict in the world. Smooth travels to all away…. Terri, hoping your drive to Jacksonville is the beginning of a restful, healing break for you and Jim! I’m sure it’s upsetting to him too to be confused. Sigh. 🎉 to all celebrating! Life is Good🌈. Enjoy something of this gift of a day! Maureen
  14. 🏒My condolences to Elizabeth and her Dallas Stars, as well as my NY Rangers. We’ll be watching Edmonton Oilers play the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup finals. m—
  15. Terri, Sending good vibes your way! Have a grand respite! Maybe just what you need for deep healing. Terry, Relieved to know you are home ok, as your household is too I’m sure. Hope you can get some sleep, and some more help! m—
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