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  1. Greetings hippoherd Bill and DW, my Arizona neighbors! Odd luck that I just happened to see your post to my very old and probably outdated review! I am quite flattered by your kind comments, and very happy that you found them helpful. We would love to be able to do a cruise like that again but we are into a different stage of travel now, so long cruises are not in our planning. I wish you a happy, memorable time in the South Pacific absorbing its stunning beauty and the varied deep histories of the many island nations. Maureen --
  2. You were likely the first here into the new year! Happy New Decade to the two of you! And to all of us for the blessing of good health to enjoy the time. Maureen
  3. Glad you have your room assignment. I have at least twice had to get our room assignments at the pier from the porter with the manifest. Would you tell us what category you booked that you got "upgraded" from to be assigned a VA? happy cruising. m--
  4. We had one of the forward extra large balcony rooms with the steel-walled railing. I loved the big balcony and it had very nice shade. The steel-walled railing is what it is, but for me the size and shade of the balcony was a good trade-off over the opaque rail. We were in Caribbean, but for Alaska the "shade" might mean better protection from the rain. The price was excellent! When we got it this was same as for an OV not far down the hallway. There was some reverberation of the show lounge rehearsals and evening shows - predictable and not too lengthy or late. 4012. You might try for one a bit further back to reduce the show lounge effect, not sure it would. I'd do this room again in a heartbeat, but not everyone would agree. m--
  5. If some people are happy to pay extra for what they deem is worth it to them, I'm fine with that, and fine with HAL making an extra buck! That'll help keep my cruise price down, better value for me! I believe the base price for CO - before discounts - is $50pd/p, and at that rate we can almost buy another cruise, at least sometimes. I will say that the MDR on Koningsdam was so noisy at peak times that we were happy to eat at later times. The wait stations are very large, very busy and with so many people, plates, tableware rattling around it could be rather unpleasant, IMO. I can certainly understand some people being willing to pay for a calmer venue. m--
  6. This is copied from Crew News, just off the NS and offered some comparisons. Hope this helps. m-- The ships are basiclly the same so here are some of the differences: NS your knees don't contact the shower doors as they do on Koningsdam NS does not have nightlight for the bathroom NS Lido Markt chairs are a bit easier to push back after finishing a meal NS laundry return is a lot quicker NS bathroom air vent is above the towel rack instead of on the wall Koningsdam bed is next to the balcony door while NS desk is by the balcony door NS toilet seat cover had to be pushed down rather the free drop on the Koningsdam NS Shops had a dedicated area just for Club Orange merchandise I don't remember seeing the row of computer terminals on the NS starboard Crow's Nest that were present on the Koningsdam New bar menus on the NS NS new Calanetto and Tamarind menus NS Ocean bar now has snacks that can be ordered: salmon, calamari, etc. The Koningsdam went through drydock Dec 2018 and received a number of upgrades that were not included on the NS. The NS will probably get some of the items noted above. When I get the chance, I will compare my photos of each ship to see other differences.
  7. We were in 4012, on port side; 4017 is on starboard side. I really enjoyed the large balcony and didn't find the steel balcony rail an issue. The size of the balcony overruled the steel. And that there was good shade. There was noise from the show lounge, not horrible but noticeable in the afternoons during rehearsal time (usually 3-4pm) and for the evening performances. During the evenings we were usually out and about but if you want a quiet afternoon to nap or watch a movie it might be annoying. I would take the room again if we could get the same good deal on it - same price as an OV just down the hall. I think I made comments on HAL facts dot com with some photos. Enjoy, m--
  8. Measles has been reported in Denver showing up in travelers. Exposures were also possible in LAX. Most people here have immunity but not all. Apparently in Samoa (different place than American Samoa) there was a decrease in immunity due to an improperly mixed vaccine. Tragic. Maybe Fiji panicked with the declaration of the State of Emergency in mid-November? And it seems HAL got informed at the last hour, not at the boarding pier. Good they were allowed to visit Suva! m-- https://www.vox.com/2019/12/18/21025920/measles-outbreak-2019-samoa
  9. SUPER! So happy for those waiting to hear if their Christmas holiday cruise was on! Thank you for posting, we were pulling for a good outcome! May it all go smoothly. m--
  10. Oh Roz, I'm sorry that happened to you! If I had to wait 30 minutes for an omelet I'd find a different breakfast option also. I feel like service in the Lido has improved in recent years, especially with the individual stations, and with them serving food to us instead of the long, slow line of passengers helping themselves as in year gone by. We usually don't have to wait more than a couple of minutes for a made-to-order omelet, and anything more than that would be unusual. They have 2 omelet stations, one on each side, with multiple omelets being made simultaneously at each station... but I can't speak for every ship so that is not a comprehensive view. I thought it was a very good system. m--
  11. Thank you Jacqui, all I can say is oiy! I do hope those waiting for word will hear soon and all will be good for them to go on their long-awaited holiday! Maureen
  12. Did the HAL letter really say "...noon PDT/3pm EDT..."? DAYLIGHT time? Maybe they copied something from a previous letter... ugh. Don't they realize we're (almost all - can't think of who isn't but my guess is that somewhere they keep Daylight time all year) on STANDARD time this time of year... or don't they proof-read such an important letter, and such an important point to those so anxious to get that information? ugh. Fingers crossed for all of you waiting! m--
  13. On Koningsdam I found the mezzanine above the pool with grouped loungers - separated by curtains that can be pulled for a bit of privacy - to be oppressively hot later in the day, with not a breathe of air moving. Is it any better on Nieuw Statendam? They were very comfortable in the mornings and on the shady side. And that was with the roof open. Smooth travels Roger and thanks so much! m--
  14. Agreed! We find the structure in the MDR too limiting, service is slow and the MDR hours don't suit us. We like to choose our quantities (DH eats a quarter cantaloupe with his omelet and the meager slices served in the MDR don't amount to much) and I like to choose my toppings for my oatmeal - which fruits, how much cinnamon, nuts etc. I like the small plated dishes and glasses of fruits and granola or muesli; the servings in the MDR can be way too much for me. And we like to see what we're getting - is the bacon half raw or burnt? Is the ham they are slicing fatty? How do the berries look today? We like to take a table just outside the Lido doors in the pool area where is it is quiet; servers come around with beverages. We read the morning papers and find the Lido much more to our tastes, our hours and our style. m--
  15. Greatly appreciate your detailed explanations, you make it simple to follow. Thanks for your posts! Maureen
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