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  1. I think excursion costs and being able to score by going to an outside vendor varies by port. Very easy to do in the Caribbean where there are lots of ships, so vendors our available at the port. We were shocked in Alaska where the prices were all controlled. However, Alaska has a short window of opportunity for tourists.
  2. My DH always wants a complete price breakdown. On NCL, since we don't drink and are fine with the regular dining room, we forego some of the freebie offered. This brings our gratuities back to the basic cabin rate. We accepted the WI Fi and excursion because there is no additional charge. Not a big user of them (easier to use wi fi when you are in port, or we disconnect).
  3. In May 2022 we took RCI Anthem OTS from New Jersey to Southhampton. We spent about 4 months in the British Isles, and then flew to Portugal where we spent a month, and then a final month in Spain. We headed back on another TA from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale (Explorer OTS). Just make sure you plan your trip to be cognizant of the Schengan Rule. We had a blast and plan to do it again one day. There are backpacker's (or Nomads) who use the TA for such a trip, both ways. Safe travels.
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