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  1. Do you think they will honor the reservations that were made in reliance on the website description and the same information being given to me by our travel agent ?
  2. It looks like things may have changed since the catalog was printed. Here’s a link to the Crystal website showing amenities on PS and SP. It shows “complimentary pressing, laundry, dry cleaning and shoeshine” for CP and PS but not for SP on our upcoming North Cape Panorama Cruise. I hope it’s accurate https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/Reykjavik-to-Copenhagen-ocy190621-16
  3. Keith, penthouse suite with verandah includes one day pressing only? We were told, and the website showed free laundry,pressing and dry cleaning, which was one of the reasons we chose that. Has it changed?
  4. I’m rarely cold indoors but I sometimes find in land based restaurants that the temperature is uncomfortably cool no matter how warm it is outside. Is that often the case on Serenity such that a sleeveless dress would usually require a shawl or a wrap? In case the itinerary might make a difference, I’ll be on the North Cape Panorama June 21- July 7. Thanks for your advice.
  5. Jun 21 (OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen – queenofdirt (Mike/Marcia)
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