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  1. Thanks for the review Reuben - great and relevant information for us. We a couple of similar age to you and cruise on Getaway in March (it will be my wife’s 60th birthday on the cruise). Have just received our plane tickets, and our flight out of NOLA has been brought forward from 11h45 to 10h36 - which heightened my (slight) concern about the time to a bit of a worry. We booked our flights as early as possible to get the best fare, and now American want $300 each to change to a later flight - even though they changed the time. So we are going to hope the ship docks on time, get in line for self assist disembarkation early, and hope everything goes ok. One question - you said that you chose to take the NCL bus to the airport rather than getting a taxi - did you see taxis, and do you think the bus was quicker? Advice from anyone else's experience would also be appreciated. Having read about the not too smooth boarding process in NOLA we are planning to have a leisurely morning and head down to the port around 12h00.
  2. Thank you - answered all my questions about departure morning.
  3. For me, Moderno is a “meat fest” - which is probably what churrascaria restaurants are. However, there is so much food on a cruise that I would rather have lesser portions of well prepared dishes - but again there is frequent criticism on the forum as to the quality of food on NCL. (My DW and I found the food quality generally very good across all the venues we ate at.) For my DW and I, Moderno was ok, but we won’t be visiting on our upcoming cruise. We didn’t find the salad bar particularly good - no better at all than the salad bar at our local family steakhouse. The meat was pretty good - certainly had a full tum - but with so many eating options it was probably our least special dinner of our cruise.
  4. Fair point. If the person using their own utensils or tongs can only do it on items where they can pick them up without any chance of touching other parts of the food concerned then it does seem a bit pointless. So best option may well be to use the utensils provided, and then re clean your hands before eating. And repeat every time you go back - if you can remember! Even if I remember, I fear the reply from my DW if I mentioned it after the first visit 😠
  5. Yes, an option. I think we will probably go to the Garden Cafe at 6 - hopefully not too busy then.
  6. There are a few interesting comments on this thread: The OPs original comment about the tongs, and the use of a patron’s own (unused) fork or spoon, should help in not picking up a contamination left on serving spoons or tongs by persons ahead in the queue - which could be many. And if the person has only used the tongs/utensils on the items they took - then I can’t see anything wrong with it? The right thing to do before eating is as the poster who advised to wash hands and sanitize before entering the buffet, and then sanitize before eating. Anything you have touched in the buffet area could be potential issue - the chair comes to mind. To the poster who unfortunately got sick - one would assume if it was due to the food then numerous people would be affected. If you had sickness for the rest of the cruise it was likely novo. My DW and I were both violently sick for a day after eating at one of our favorite restaurants. After a day we were recovered. We suspected it came from a pepper sauce - which I thought had tasted a little strange. Unfortunately life is not perfect even at mainstream businesses, and notwithstanding this one incident I still go to that restaurant and have never had a subsequent issue.
  7. Thank you all - particularly Reuben for the very up to date advice about disembarkation in NOLA. Looks like it will be fingers crossed for an on schedule arrival. Early breakfast and off as soon as possible. Previously we have always had late flights and been one of the last off - and still had long waits at the airport.
  8. The only thing using the tongs will do is prevent you from spreading contamination onto the food. If the food you are picking up is already contaminated then the tongs won’t help. With regard to the earlier post about food being prepared with bare hands - many, many restaurants do this - and there is no problem with it if proper hygiene is used and hands are washed regularly. A virus only gets transferred from hands if it is on the hands - so it is as easy to transmit from a gloved hand as a bare hand. A positive (if one can find a positive) of the current circumstances is that most people will exercise better hygiene practices, which will reduce cold, flu and novo infections. The usual suspects of elevator buttons, slot machine buttons, and door handles are much more likely to be contaminated than the buffet food - but it then comes down to personal discipline to clean your hands after touching common surfaces - which is not easy.
  9. Thanks www3 - but open what time? What time does Garden Cafe open for full breakfast, and does O’Sheehan’s remain open 24hrs on departure morning?
  10. Apologies if this has been asked recently - I did do a search before posting but nothing relevant came up. We are cruising on Getaway in March and have a flight out of New Orleans departure time 11h45. I have read a number of posts on the forum that recommend self assist departure in order to get to the airport with less hassle, and plan to do so. Can anyone advise if O’Sheehan’s remains open on departure morning for an early breakfast - and if Garden Cafe opens early. Thanks in advance for advice.
  11. Just adding to this topic. We are cruising in late March, and yesterday I tried to make restaurant reservations for all seven evenings on the NCL App. Only one was available. I phoned the call line, and the consultant was extremely pleasant and helpful. I only tried to make our speciality restaurant reservations with her and she was able to confirm one - but at a slightly earlier time. Other availabilities were early or late dining times. She did ask how I had tried to make the reservations, and said that I might find using the website better than the App, and said that only 40% of reservation times were initially released. Today I tried again to make reservations via the website and was able to book every evening at the times we wanted. So it may be that it is better to make reservations via the website rather than the App, or that reservations are made available on an ongoing basis and I just got lucky with the timing?
  12. We took the 2 for 1 future cruise offer on our cruise last year - paying $250. We used it for the $500 deposit on our cruise next March - which I booked when one of the special sales were on (think it was labour day) with all the perks. The sales agent we dealt with was really good - and wanted to understand our circumstances in order to find what was best for us - and cautioned that at that time NCL had only guaranteed that you could use 2 vouchers on one cruise until the end of that year - they were likely to extend it, but it wasn’t guaranteed - so don’t know the current circumstances. We did book a balcony.
  13. Yes, I did see that, which was why I specifically mentioned her because she was the last person to post to my original question. I will follow her review on the forum, but would be interested in some feedback specific to the moans currently posted in recent reviews.
  14. Just refreshing my original post - and interested to see that Deeliteful is currently on board. I again see the reviews are terrible for Getaway - but the strange thing is that they are mostly first time reviewers - it seems so strange that such a big proportion when there are so many frequent cruisers? The consistent themes seem to be very long waits to embark, slow service, and long waits for tenders (which we did experience on Epic). When we cruised on Epic last year it was a pretty full Med cruise - but apart from after the drill on the first evening I cannot recall ever having a long wait to get served at a bar. Recent feedback would be appreciated - including Deeliteful (by the way my parents met whilst both teachers at Harrogate Grammer School).
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