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  1. Thank you all for your replies! I'm thinking that Waterside might be the best fit for us..Can't wait!!
  2. First time on Crystal, will be embarking in Rome on May 11.. can anyone kindly advise re lunch on embarkation day.. Are the specialty dining restaurants only open in the evenings.? is room service available for lunch on this day or should we eat in the main dining room? many thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply! you disembarked today? Was Milo helpful? I always rely on the Sommelier to help me chose something suitable, I always find them super helpful and they seem to know exactly what to serve me by Day 2!
  4. Phxazz, hope you're enjoying your cruise! I board on Wednesday, also Sky Suite. can you please tell me who the M'D and Sommelier are in Luminae? Also do you know who the Michael's Club concierge is? Any info much appreciated!
  5. I've never seen anyone with a baseball cap. My husband leaves his in the cabin before we head to Luminae for lunch. For dinner he wears long pants and a long sleeve shirt, will often roll up the sleeves. I'm sorry you had to see someone's feet at dinner, shoes are mandatory, everyone knows this.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I aim to self disembark in Rome. It's on the Serenity: Rome to Rome with stops in France. My understanding is that there will be no need for customs clearance on disembarkation. I am unfamiliar with this port, however I am relatively young and agile but I do appreciate your point that some ports are more difficult to access on foot. I will be arranging a private transfer from ship to airport, hopefully this car will be waiting close to ship.
  7. Hello I am new to Crystal. I always self disembark wheeling my own luggage off the ship on other cruise lines. Does Crystal also allow this? thanks
  8. On my August 12 sailing the M'd in Luminae was Yasin and the sommelier was Fabiean
  9. Ours too was a tub/shower combo. We are nimble and relatively young but I agree with your comments above.
  10. the shows were ok, the lead female singer was great though.. The main reason we book a suite is for Luminae
  11. our butler offered us in- room canapes delivered late afternoon. We only took them once and found them disappointing. They seem to divert guests to Michael's Club for afternoon tea (sandwhiches) but we never went. We were on Deck 6 mid aft starboard.
  12. apparently Summit will go to dry dock this feb for a complete makeover. Our Sky Suite and the ship were clean but showing signs of age. We look forward to seeing the refurb next summer
  13. The ship's captain was Harris (an abbreviation of a longer Greek name) . I didn't take note of the other senior staff
  14. Luminae was great, we love it there! Yasin was the Maitre d' and Fabien was the Sommelier. The only specialty we went ate at was Sushi on 5 and for that we just had appetizers before our dinner at Luminae
  15. Just to clairfy..we chose to be late off the ship this year, we had a late afternoon flight so waited in Michael's Club and left there at 9:30 and in our uber lift at 9:40
  16. 10 mins from exiting ship door to curb side taxi stand
  17. last year very first passengers off and escorted. This time, off at 9:30 and almost last to leave and no escort. Both times super efficient, bearing in mind that we were at opposite ends of the debarkation time period
  18. Great. As Suite guests you have a designated lane to access immigration/customs. Also the suite luggage is put in an area for you to pick up closer to the immigration agents..the whole process from leaving ship to clearing immigration took about 10 mins tops. this year we left ship at 9:30am. Last year we were the very first off, we carried our own luggage then, so 5 mins to get off
  19. Used Choice Air for the first time this week, just returned from the Summit. We flew economy to EWR from Montreal. Choice Air was cheaper so that's why we booked and we liked the idea of the guarantee to get you to the ship as we flew in the day of the cruise. Bad weather in the New York city area resulted in a cancelled flight :o. United sent us this info via text and email around 8pm the night before the cruise. We tried to reach celebrity emergency number to rebook but were on hold forever. We just used the United re booking tool and thankfully found an early morning alternative. Not sure what would have happened had we not been offered this viable alternative thru United...so I can't tell you how Choice Air would have come thru for us in the event of not finding the alternate route ourselves. next year we're driving..less drama
  20. happy to answer some questions if I can.
  21. Just got off Summit yesterday. It was docked Port side this time and during my 2017 cruise.
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