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  1. We bundled with a couple layers and a few blankets on our last couple Pacific Coastal cruises and enjoyed MUTS most nights. Will be same story in Alaska.
  2. We never had much trouble with lines or with seating. Of course some days/times were busier than others. If we found seating a bit full we’d just head out to the aft deck. It’s just like parking at a grocery store, everyone seems to want the closest spot and if you are willing to walk a bit there is always a spot available.
  3. Yes. There is a swim up bar and a restaurant there as well. No problem to find food and drinks. Water slides included. Zip line was $20 unlimited rides when we were there, but didn’t try it.
  4. Basically drove around a good portion of the island, and the guide gave commentary as we went and pointed out important/scenic/historic points. I don’t think we saw as much as we may have because of ‘carnival parade’ detour, we doubled back over the same road for a portion.
  5. Check out Irie Tours. Look through some recent threads you’ll see them recommended a number of times. We recently did their beach hopping tour and it was great. We snorkelled at each stop, but some people just sat beachside or swam. It might be a little long for someone that young though.
  6. I can’t get down without fins. We also went with Irie Tours, beach hopping in early March when we were there, It was great!
  7. Fins will be helpful snorkelling with the turtles, then you can dive down for photos. Too hard to dive down with no fins.
  8. trophy_23


    Agree. Woodwind was great. The food at the end was really good too!
  9. Link to my post about Irie Tour we took in early March. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2619521-around-curacao-tours-or-santa-barbara-beach-resort/?do=findComment&comment=56978031
  10. I took this photo from our balcony while docked, so very close to the ship. If you look close you can see the wooden pier, just beside there is a small patch of sand. We came back from our snorkel excursion and I decided the water was too beautiful to not enjoy a little longer so I went snorkelling around there close to the beach. Some other people were swimming from that little beach. Snorkelling was ok. There were signs saying not to jump off the moorning dolphins but no signs saying not to swim there like there were in the other side of the ships pier.
  11. trophy_23


    On our trip we snorkelled at HMC, Grand Turk, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba. Some places better than others, all a bit different but all a great time.
  12. We were there with another ship end of Feb and it didn’t seem crowded at all. Lots of chairs to be had around the pool. No BBQ provided, but there is a restaurant and bar to purchase food and drink. Swim up bar was nice. Water slides were fun! And watched people having fun on the zip line but didn’t try it.
  13. I answered your other thread too. Do both.
  14. trophy_23


    Do them both! We snorkelled at every opportunity and it was wonderful.
  15. I checked prices in advance just for comparison going from hotel to cruise terminal and didn’t notice much (if any)surge the day we used it even with 8 ships in port.
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