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  1. Check our Irie Tours. We really enjoyed the tour. You meet the tour right outside the port, very easy and close. Minimal walking if you choose, but you can explore at each stop. We snorkelled at each place, some people relaxed on the beach, to each their own. There is some info and comments on the link below. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2548747-irie-tours-in-curaçaocarnival-horizon-next-april/
  2. Only thing we had was a Pina Colada at the swim up bar, iirc it was about $6.
  3. They had rash guard tops available and I think shorty wet suits as well. I had my own rash guard top and found the water to be quite comfortable. A couple people said they found it cold, but overall didn’t see anyone having issues with the temperature.
  4. Same as the poster above. We were on the longer tour it was great!
  5. Nice review! We had very similar experience in early March when we were there. We found them to be fantastic. Great crew, great weather, great variety of fish to see and a fantastic meal on the way back. Would go with them again next time we are down there.
  6. Riverside was great. We stayed there a few nights back in Feb before our cruise. Nice location, tons of great restaurants, or easily hop the bus to the beach. Pool area was good too.
  7. Agree with a poster way up above. Best bet for seeing an orca in the wild will be on a tour out of Victoria or Vancouver/Steveston. Being a local, I have been on both numerous times and have been 100% on sightings. On our Alaska cruises we have seen orca from the ship many times, but whale watching tours have only seen them once (way off in the distance) . Humpbacks are likely what you will see on an Alaska whale watch tour. Good luck in your quest to see an orca, they are amazing to view in the wild!
  8. Another vote for woodwind! We had a wonderful time with them in Feb. The great organization of skill/experience levels into groups made it nice for everyone. The food provided was excellent as well.
  9. I wonder if they are talking about the little part that goes under the bridges between the larger sections of the pool?
  10. We booked through the ship to use some OBC, but ended up with Chukka. Was a good snorkel tour, ending with the rays.
  11. We bundled with a couple layers and a few blankets on our last couple Pacific Coastal cruises and enjoyed MUTS most nights. Will be same story in Alaska.
  12. We never had much trouble with lines or with seating. Of course some days/times were busier than others. If we found seating a bit full we’d just head out to the aft deck. It’s just like parking at a grocery store, everyone seems to want the closest spot and if you are willing to walk a bit there is always a spot available.
  13. Yes. There is a swim up bar and a restaurant there as well. No problem to find food and drinks. Water slides included. Zip line was $20 unlimited rides when we were there, but didn’t try it.
  14. Basically drove around a good portion of the island, and the guide gave commentary as we went and pointed out important/scenic/historic points. I don’t think we saw as much as we may have because of ‘carnival parade’ detour, we doubled back over the same road for a portion.
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