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  1. I got married on the Dream last year. The bride does give a list of names to the coordinator. Everyone is instructed to be at the port no later than 1030a. You go to the FTTF/priority area at the port and tell them you are part of the wedding party. If they havent started to let people into the building yet, they will tell you to step aside and wait as a group. When they are ready to start, they let your group in. This is where you go in and get checked in for your cruise. After security is where you meet the coordinator. She will then tell you where the wedding party should sit until boarding. And as others have stated, you will be first to board. Your boarding pass will not state priority. If anyone gives you a hard time, just keep stating you are with the wedding party. Have fun!
  2. Wayyyyyyyyy late but reporting for duty! Enjoy your cruise Sid!
  3. The Saints win!! But just barely.. sheessshhh.. with the penalties.. they better knock it off!!!!
  4. I've been having the same frustrating issue. It also said that it was a denied payment for a Princess cruise, even though I was on the Carnival site. What in tarnation?!?!
  5. Happy Birthday Wilson!!!!!! Have fun in Aruba today!!!
  6. I'm sorry you had a horrible excursion but I am dying laughing at all the different war mentions... that was hilarious. Im also glad you took that excursion because I had been pondering taking it myself.. not now. Hope dinner was great!
  7. Its about time you landed! Now lets get this party started!
  8. YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! The time is finally here for another of Sid's adventures! Can't wait!
  9. Thank you! Capt Vittorio just posted a time lapse video of it. Its fascinating!
  10. @chengkp75 Chief, are you there in person or watching a live webcam somewhere?
  11. Who I really feel bad for is the lady who was getting married on the July 6th cruise on the Vista. She was posting on JH's page. That would be a disaster to replan. I hope she gets it all worked out, poor thing.
  12. We paid for one hour.. but Im certain it lasted a bit longer... All non sailing guests were asked to leave around 245/3p.
  13. My advice would be to wait to board until around 130p. There should be hardly any lines at that time and your cabin should be ready. Also, maybe call the special needs phone number for Carnival and see if they can provide an answer specific to the port and who/where to ask at the port for wheel chair assistance.
  14. Welcome back and congrats on the retirement!!
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