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  1. This might have been answered But i need to cancel my cruise as my wife has come down with cancel. I have paid 10,000 points for a 2 cat. upgrade. Can i get those points back. If so what do i need to do? The cruise is January 6.
  2. finally heard from her. She said I was right on the cost of the cruise. Now I only have to pay for the cruise and I am done with that TA. I checked online and Carnival does have my Booking. I also printed my luggage tags.
  3. did not hear from my agent. at 4pm called the company. talked to another agent. She said I have to e-mail a signed cancelation notice, which I did and they received it. they had my agent call me back. She said she put my cabin on hold. But said the price would be almost $1,000 more. this month is past cruise discount. She did not even check if I was a past passenger. She said she would look into it and send me an e-mail. She said the easy saver is just for booking on computer., but I can send them a e-mail as how much I want taken out each month. I still feel its poor customer service.Still waiting on the e-mail.
  4. only reason I go to travel agent. I hear everyone say they will help you. like keeping ahead on price drops. funny mine only goes up. But now I am wondering.
  5. I called yesterday about cancelling my cruise on Encore in January and rebooking on Carnival Sunshine out of Charleston. My Sister who lives in NC has cancer and she is 83. We where to go next year 2021 cruise, But decided to visit her this coming January instead of waiting. I told my agent the room I wanted. only one left on the side I want. And I also wanted the easy pay. After the down payment they take out each month for three months. She did not know what it was. I told her its right on the web site. She said she would have to get back to me tomorrow. (after my room is booked by someone else!) She said she did not know much about Carnival. That scares me. I seem to know more then her.
  6. The problem is BF is only $200 more then what I'm paying. A BA is more then $400. So a BA would be worth the 30,000 points, But a BF would not as I can get OBC $300 for the 30,000 points.
  7. I called world points and they told me I cannot go from an OA to a BA with my 30,000 points. I would have to go to a BF. which it would not be cost wise to do. I'm on the Encore the 5 of Jan 2020. Booked in an OA GTY. Not sure why TA booked me in a GTY. It is same price as a numbered cabin. Now not sure what to do.
  8. I just switched my cruise to NCL Encore. (OA). the travel agent got me a GTY OA. can I use my 30,000 points for a Balcony cabin if I have a GTY or do I need a cabin number to do the upgrade.
  9. I did write the wrong year it's 2020. As far as the insurance last time I changed, I just told them my new dates and amount of the cruise since out of NY was more I just added the extra amount. they sent me an e-mail of the different contract. So I'm hoping it will be the same this time.
  10. no I'm way before final payment. Just never did this before.
  11. I already changed the Bliss cruise out of Miami this Jan. 2019 to Dec 2019 out of NYC. Now my wife wants us to drive to Miami, so I'm thinking of changing to the Encore out of Miami Jan 2021. Anyone think I would have any trouble with this.
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