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  1. So appreciate the responses here - love that this board is such a good resource to someone like me who doesn't have ALL the experience!
  2. And they are private too? It looks like floor 8 would be entirely covered and 7 might be slightly open. Thoughts?
  3. I don't anticipate using it a TON. I've never had issue with walking on a cruise. More Steps = Less Guilt!
  4. Have the option to get an SA or SB cabin on an upcoming Nieuw Statendam sailing in 2020. Debating between 7188/8186 or 7067/7075. DW loves a nice balcony but wants to be sure it's private. Not where balcony is able to be seen from others or from above decks. Any advice would be appreciated. Either would be our first Neptune class experience and any tips there would also be welcome.
  5. I can respect that. My hope is that we love this cruise and it’s the first of many adventures on HAL. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I believe you could rename this TROUBLE! That’s what I would be in after a couple! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Hope everyone gets to experience something amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. These are all great tips - thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We aren’t looking for the easy way out and want to respect the traditions of traveling...also balancing the packing etc...it scales quickly with six of us! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. DW and I with our four girls are going on the Eurodam July 7 - lots Int conflicting advice on what to wear. Understand that MDR will has dress code. For formal/gala nights would church type dresses be acceptable? On non gala nights I would imagine we would fall in the same neighborhood but might opt for nice jeans vs slacks or dress. Would that be acceptable? If we are in Lido are we okay with jeans/shorts and t-shirts? Appreciate the help - a bit overwhelmed with all the various threads! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. I am sure it differs from ship to ship but is a first night discount typical there? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. And I’ve read that gives you perks on board right? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Sailing on our first HAL cruise (Eurodam to Alaska in July) and wondering what your favorite HAL cruise tip is. From on-boarding to dining to cabin tips...what makes you puff out your chest and say “that was good” when you do it? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. And according to your profile it looks like you have the experience to speak to if! ;) I mean...does Princess just give you keys to the shop to take whenever you want? Friends were on princess a couple weeks ago and had an incredible viewing at Tracy Arm...got further than any ship this season. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Any Eurodam pax have any Tracy Arm luck lately? We sail July 7 out of Seattle Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Do you have any examples of activities that the kids might experience? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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