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  1. Although HAL does not use HMC during the summer, Carnival does. I did a quick check of July 2020 Carnival cruises and there are many that are scheduled for a stop at HMC. If the pier is under construction at that time, either Carnival will cancel the stop and antagonize tens of thousands of passengers or will have some type of temporary tender pier arrangement to get passengers on the island and that is assuming that pier construction will interfere with normal tender operations. HMC is very popular with Carnival cruisers and many passengers book itineraries specifically for that port so I'd guess cancelling would not be in Carnival's best interest.
  2. Carnival Magic is scheduled to be at HMC on 2/11 and 2/25. A quick Google search took 2 minutes to get this info. Unfortunately the schedulers in Seattle neglected to check for port conflicts before publishing Veendam's revised schedule. That's inexcusable, and to then tell passengers it is for "operational reasons" without further explanation shows the utter lack of customer care that HAL is becoming noted for.
  3. We sailed on the CARNIVAL Horizon last year. It had the largest salad bar that I've ever seen on any cruise ship/cruise line, but it wasn't located in the buffet. It was located in Serenity, the adult only area. It had so many choices of greens, proteins, veggies and other add ins. The salad bowls that diners used were the size of mixing bowls - a salad lover's dream. I do agree that the Equinox buffet is much better than anything Carnival offers, but we managed to eat at Guys Burgers and the Blue Iguana ( for excellent made to order tacos and burritos) so the buffet was a non issue for us. We also took advantage of the free lunch offerings in 2 of the specialty restaurants. There are no free specialty restaurant lunches on X.
  4. Actually we had #15 in 2008 when we sailed on the Noordam. It's been around for as long as we've being going to HMC - 2004.
  5. I'm using an old Kindle Fire tablet. I have signatures turned on and I'm not seeing any signatures at all. I assume the new web site is a work in progress.
  6. I was 100% certain that I did not have signatures turned off, and when I checked my settings it indeed shows that I have signatures turned on. I see no signatures on my Fire tablet. Apparently this new website is a work in progress.
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