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  1. While we've enjoyed the Explorers Lounge, what we like about Lincoln Center Stage is that the chatter of passing diners is somewhat muffled. Generally there are rows of chairs for the 'serious' listeners who arrive early, and comfy seating in an adjacent area so you can drop in inconspicuously if you are late.
  2. This thread makes me feel better as well. Lizzie's dad and I will be on the Veendam for a 17 day transatlantic next April. Last year we did a similar itinerary on the Royal Princess, but we are looking forward to being back on a real ship. For the last few years, our HAL cruises have been on larger ships which have the Lincoln Center Stage. Is there anything similar on the Veendam? It's difficult to find the on website. (Okay, everything is difficult to find on the website.)
  3. Jacqui lizzies_mom will be on Veendam--22-Apr-2020-- 17-Day Azores & Normandy Explorer
  4. Jacqui Please add lizzies_mom to Zuiderdam - 06-Feb-19 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer Thank you
  5. Agree with most of the above. Will add that DH and I each bought 3 pair of Ex Officio undies which wash easily and dry quickly. Also, because I had trouble locating inflatable hangers, we brought balloons to put inside clothes on regular plastic hangers. Fewer wrinkles and faster drying.
  6. My theory is that any stranger who doesn't want to see scary faces should probably not be on a transatlantic overnight flight.
  7. Are you doing this online or speaking with a HAL agent? If online, is this the actual HAL site or some third party? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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