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  1. Would love a locals advice for some must EATS in Singapore and places! I've heard Chili Crab is one, but where? Any other must eats in Singapore you recommend? What's the best way to get around Singapore?
  2. My husband & I will be on a Costa Cruise this February. A couple of stops are in Thailand & Malaysia. After reading and reading on this forum, I've located an independent group for Kuala Lumpur called Kuala Lumpur Travel Tours. They also have a tour in Penang I'm interested in. Has anyone used them on a cruise and how reliable are they getting you back to the ship on time. Also, how interesting was the tour(s) itself? Secondly, I am interested in an independent tour in Phuket to the Phi Phi island & Phang Nga Bay. Currently have no independent leads on these tours. Any leads for tours of this area would be appreciated. We will also be stopping in Laem Chabang (port for Bangkok), & Ko Samui. Would love to hang out at the beach on Ko Samui. But we have an overnight in Laem Chabang, and really have no idea on what to see and do in Bangkok. Such a large city it's a bit overwhelming to narrow it down. Ideas, independent tour references here as well would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you for the suggestions! We're going to see Alcatraz for sure. Depending on how the parents are feeling, hopefully we can do a hop on hop off bus and see more of the city. Looking forward to eating in SF too!!! Going to the fortune cookie factory sounds interesting! Great suggestions from everyone!
  4. I've been reading that Costa can be "chartered" by another company during certain sailings. Could someone explain what this means, I've never heard of this before. What differences would you notice as a guest, and how do I figure out if my sailing is "chartered" by a different company? TY
  5. The cruise we're taking is Feb 4th B2B, 14-days. Are we on the same ship?
  6. Thank you all for the input. The prices are fair. I think we'll try out the Armory. It's really hard to pick from Google Maps, so I appreciate the help from those who've parked here before! Happy Sailing!!
  7. I've searched this forum for this information and just can't seem to find the answer in recent posts. I'm looking for secure parking for our 7-day cruise out of Seattle, Pier 91. Does anyone know what parking area is close and if it has security, and also what the current fee is? Or is there other options that are good for parking farther out and possibly we can Uber into the pier from there? Or are there any hotels with free parking options if you stay with them prior to the cruise? Thank you for any help.
  8. Our family is taking a Pacific Coast cruise early October 2019 for my hubby's 50th birthday. We will be in San Fransisco on his actual birthday and in port from 7am-10pm. We've visited SF before so have seen many of the sights, but have not been in years. He wants to see Alcatraz again, which we'll do on our own, not via the ship. Was wondering about a HOHO bus, but not sure which one and how accessible those are from the pier if we don't go through the ship. But was wondering if anyone has any other must do's/ must see/ must eat, that would be special for such a milestone birthday? Suggestions appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  9. Astoria is a sleepy but lovely town. We are also on a ship that stops here, however we live so close that we visit Astoria about once a year anyway, this stop is just a bonus for us. The column is great for a cloudy or sunny day, but a sunny day is the best treat. If you can't climb the stairs in the column, then the viewpoint is worth seeing nonetheless. The Maritime Museum is wonderful. Across the street from this museum is the BowPicker fish and chips. Fantastic daily fresh fish & chips, however it's literally a dry docked boat in a gravel parking lot that only takes cash ($10pp??? 2019) and only has one maybe two outdoor picnic tables, so that's something to consider if you want to brave the loooong, slow line. But worth it! The Flavel Museum (old mansion) is cool to see. If the trolley is running, that's fun, but it's SLOW and takes a long time for it to get down and back, & fingers crossed it's not full if you do finally get it to stop. There's a few GREAT breweries in town as well as some great coffee shops and waterfront restaurants (Buoy Beer, & many others). LOTS of Lewis & Clark history areas close by, but you'd need to use a taxi, & if you do, go over the bridge just for the sake of it. This town is SO cute. You can miss it if you don't look for things to do, but there's actually tons to do. Search TripAdvisor to see more. Enjoy! This is a sweet little town!
  10. My husband and I are booked for a Southeast Asia cruise in February 2020, due to it's itinerary. We're booked on the Fortuna. I'm reading as much about Costa as I can so I'm not completely blindsided by the differences from "mainstream American" cruise lines such as Princess, Celebrity, etc. I want to enjoy this cruise vs. be frustrated at the differences, so preparing myself mentally ahead of time, hopefully. I've read that Costa up charges for many things that are included in most other cruise lines, such as water. Does this mean bottled water only, or during dinner if a glass of water is served, there's a charge? Even though we do have the Brindiamo drink package, I'm used to the buffets offering some juice, tea, or coffee options that are included. Is this also the case on Costa? And with this package, will I be limited to 2 drinks at meals, or do I get more if I choose? I've read that there's no turn-down cabin service, so am wondering what I can expect from our cabin steward on a day to day basis. I've read that multiple languages are announced. Are all loungers for fee or just certain areas of the ship? Are pool towels provided, or do I need to bring some from home? If my OBC is in US, will that be changed to euros onboard? Might there be a currency exchange onboard for the places we visit? Are there any other differences that you can think of, off the top of your head that I might need to be aware of before boarding that might allow me to prepare myself for this difference? We've cruised with MSC before and at first the differences frustrated me, but once I figured out their way of doing things, it was a lovely cruise. Just trying to avoid this on Costa, so we can enjoy it from the start. Thanks for filling me in. All information is appreciated.
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