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  1. Silly prices....was hoping to book a cruise next year for my 50th. Oh well, watch out P&O here we come!!
  2. Hi I’m having a problem with the online check in feature. We are sailing on HOS in July and there are three of us (myself, wife and our 18 year old daughter) in a cabin. I have been able to check myself and my wife in fine but struggling with my daughter. I’ve entered all the data and submit it. Sometimes it just bombs out sometimes it seems to work and she appears alongside the two of us as checked in, but when you log out and login again she has disappeared from the ‘checked in’ section and reappeared in the ‘still needs checking in’ section?? Other question is why do they need to know my daughters marital status but not myself or my wife’s?? help, don’t want to fly all the way to the states only so find a issue with out booking. martin EDIT, just spoke to RCI and surprise surprise, they are totally useless. ‘We can’t do anything on the phone, you will have to queue to check her in at the pier’ was the reply! What if there is a problem with the booking and they won’t let her on? I ask. Sorry but we can’t help you.....have a nice day! Click!
  3. We are going to Cococay in July on Harmony and we have a beach Bungalow booked.
  4. We’re brits and on Harmony in July, which date are you sailing.
  5. Well we booked a 3night meal package for our upcoming Harmony cruise because we haven’t cruised with Royal for five years and never on a Oasis class ship so we booked it just because we want to experience afew of the other restaurants and the meal deal was a cheaper way than booking one at a time.
  6. Quick one this, can you get breakfast at Cococay, I like a lie in and just wondered if we can get breakfast once we have got off the ship?
  7. It’s your hand luggage you can hand over at the theatre so you don’t have to lug it around whilst waiting for your room to be available. You main luggage is still given to the porters,
  8. Hi we have just ordered the refreshment package for our upcoming cruise on Harmony as we are not big drinkers and wouldn’t get the value from the more expensive alcohol package. Wife likes non alcoholic cocktails, do all the bars do them or only a few. What would people recommend to try?
  9. Really sorry to say but I just don’t get it! Why would you want a water park, interior pool etc when you are on a beautiful Caribbean island with the Caribbean Sea at your feet?? The pier, the restaurants I get, but the rest?? We are going apparently in July on Harmony, we plan to walk past all the slides and stuff and go straight to the south beach to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. ‘It’s for the kids’ they will say, well when my daughter was a kid she was happy with the sea and a bucket and spade making castles in the sand. I know I’ll get flamed for this but that’s my thought on it. Oh well I guess I’m old fashioned.....or maybe just old.
  10. It was 2010, my 40th Birthday and our first ever cruise. It was a 12 night Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona on the gorgeous Brilliance of the Seas. We called in at Pisa, Rome, Kushadasi, Nice, Naples, santorini, Athens. We fell in love with cruising and haven’t looked back since. The picture is me and my then nine year old daughter showing off for the camera.
  11. Central London is a near 2 hour drive from Dover, but can be longer if the traffic is bad. The train is a much better option at just over an hour to St Pancreas. Then it’s a case of Tubes to the various places.
  12. Yeah, that’s why we are happy to use it, we are bothered about pools.
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