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  1. We planned over a year for this cruise. It included my husband, sister and her husband. We had booked JS next to each other on the hump. Flew into San Juan on Friday, enjoyed a beautiful day touring San Juan. Boarded the ship on Sunday, had a nice first day on the ship, unpacked and got organized. Loved our rooms and had the balcony divider opened. We were so excited! Our mom has had many hospital stays the past few years, but in November she had an aorta valve replacement and she was doing great. So we felt good about her health when final payment was due. When we left for our trip, she had gone to doctor and had a sinus infection. However, we received word on Saturday that she had been hospitalized. Family felt she was in good place, so we continued on with our trip. On Monday morning around 7AM we received a call that she had taken a bad turn and would not survive. By the grace of God, we were able to FaceTime with our dad and other siblings my moms final moments. At at this time we were way out at sea on our way to Curacao to arrive the following Tuesday morning. Our husbands worked most of the day trying to get us home. RC personnel were very kind and helpful. They provided all that we needed to make arrangements. But we had to find our own flights. There was only one flight that we could even book, it was AA, going to Miami then connecting to Atlanta. Being spring break, it was totally booked except for 5 seats, we took 4 of them and they were business class. Which at that time, I appreciated very much. In Curacao we had to go to imagration, then straight to airport which does not open till 1:30 pm. It was a long sad travel day, arriving home at 3AM Wednesday morning. Everything considered, it all went smoothly. Once home, we began funeral arrangements I apologize for pouring all this out, once I started typing, it just kept coming. All this to say, I am so thankful we bought the insurance. We don’t know how this will all play out, my husband is submitting all our paperwork today, they said it would be several weeks for them to review and process. We booked the insurance thru RC. Can anyone provide me information on your experience? Thank you. CruiseBell (Vickie) in Georgia
  2. Thank you! We are all set and 19 days to go!
  3. Last cruise was in October, at that time I had to print a form that required a signature for credit card, and a set sail pass. I just did my checkin for upcoming cruise, and the only form to print is a much smaller set sail pass. Did I miss something? Thank you for helping me out. CruiseBell
  4. Great. That can cut a few items off my list. I know that the shower dispenser has always been provided, but I never cared for that, so I have always brought my own. Does anyone know the brand of products? Do you like their shampoo and conditioner? thanks again!
  5. Our cruise is just weeks away! It has been years since we have been in a JS on Freedom and very excited. I just read something about toiletries being provided in a JS. Can someone please confirm? And if so, what does that include and if so, do they get replenished daily? Thank you you for your replies! CruiseBell on a Rainey day in Georgia!
  6. Our cruise is fast approaching in mid March and I am starting to plan my packing strategy. We will be spending 3 nights in San Juan plus our 7 night cruise. I am wondering about the necessity of formal clothes. The last 3 cruises, which were 4 and 5 night, we noticed the decline of formal wear. For those of you who have cruised out of San Juan, what has been your experience with formal night. On this cruise will be my husband, sister and brother- in-law. This has been our discussion for some time. We are pretty much in agreement to at least downplay the clothes, but for men, it’s still extra weight and room in the luggage. Thanks so much, CruiseBell
  7. Cruising in March on Freedom out of San Juan. My husband and I, my sister and brother-in-law will be in Junior Suites next to each other. Flights are booked, but not our hotel. We will fly in on Friday and cruise on Sunday. So we will have a day and a half to tour. My questions: 1. anyone have any recommendations for best location/hotel in San Juan to stay. We will be there for two nights 2. Best way to get around. 3. Good recommendations for restaurants 4. Will we be able to have the partitions opened between our balconies. 5. At the end of our cruise, we will not fly out till next day, any recommendations on best way to spend the day. Thank you you for helping me to get a grip on finalizing our plans.
  8. We just returned from Brilliance October 6th. Booked 1 1/2 week prior to sailing on Oct 1st. Went into cruise planner and made a reservations for each night for 6:15 with no problem. We had a table for two. One night we choose dinner in the Windjammer and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.
  9. My husband and I booked 1 1/2 week before departure and was able to grab a balcony on deck 9 which was a pleasant surprise. We drove to Tampa day prior and stayed at the Hampton Inn. Not crazy about the area but the Hampton was great and convenient. We booked a park and cruise package. Shuttle service was great. We arrived at the port by 10:45 and on the ship within 30 minutes. Easy peazy! This is our second time on Brilliance this year, first time was in January. We love being able to see the ocean from so many areas. The crew was great, ship is beautiful and refreshed! We relaxed in the Solarium and enjoyed a roast beef sandwich from the Solarium Bistro and people watched. Rooms opened up around 1:00. Went and dropped off our carryons and walked around a bit. This cruise for us was all about relaxation due to some stressful months prior. So from this point on to most it would be a pretty boring cruise, but for us it was perfect. We did MTD at a table for two. Made 6:15 reservations prior to cruise. Service and food was exceptional. We did not do any specialty dining. On Cozumel day, we ate dinner in the Windjammer around 7:00 and enjoyed it. We went to the shows each night, they were good. There was entertainment in the Centrium which ranged from musical to games which were fun to watch. We were always able to find a couple chairs around the pool deck or in the Solarium. There seems to be a problem with the filtration system. There was strong cigarette smoke in certain areas of the shops and the Centrium. I assume it is coming from the casino. For us it was very noticeable. One note to mention regarding saving chairs. I consider myself to be a rule follower to the point that my family always makes fun of me! On our last day which was a sea day, we went to the pool deck around 9:30 am and found a couple chairs, not prime chairs, just chairs off to the side. Then we went to grab some breakfast. Came back to find our chairs had been tagged! Time on the sticker was 10:00, we returned at 10:08. That’s ok, I’m fine with them tagging, I don’t feel we were breaking the rules, but I was glad to see them actually watching for chairhogs. My husband saved the note to share with our kids so they can laugh at me. That’s ok too! Morning of departure was easy, we were on our way back to the Hampton and in our car by 10:00. Long ride home. I love cruising! Our next cruise is on Freedom out of San Juan. Can’t wait. CruiseBell
  10. We are sailing this Monday. My husband and I are both platinum members. If we purchase a drink using my Seapass and receive a free drink, then can we use his the next time and receive a free drink?
  11. My husband and I were on Pearl Island last October. We loved it. Very beautiful, water was clear, food was great. My husband snorkeled and enjoyed it. Not crowded at all. There were kayaks, paddle boards, water floats, and plenty of chairs. We would go back again
  12. Yes I know, that is the risk of waiting. I have to be prepared to be disappointed. Thank you for your quick reply.
  13. Due to a family illness, my husband and I find we would love to have a short get away to disengage. What is the latest day I could book a cruise? We would be driving to the port, so not concerned about air travel. Thank you!
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