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  1. Good Morning [/url] Our puppy in training!!! [/url] Tom:cool:
  2. Been almost a year, any updates or recommendations to add to our collection of camera gear. Tom :cool:
  3. Appreciate the update. Have to pay tax with Amazon so will buy from B&H. They all charge you when the order is placed, even thought will not ship till March 30. Based on your experience, worth to pay now or wait till the end of the month. Probably better to be safe than sorry lol. Supply and demand, this lens might be in high demand, the price and the gap it fills with low light and range performance. Tom :cool:
  4. Decided to get the Sony FE 85mm F1.8 end of this month. Any recommendations on best chance to buy without waiting, there could be a large demand for tis lens on release. Thanks Tom:cool:
  5. My son is using my 50mm 1.8, can get it back. Two other options are Sigma 60mm 2.8 or Sony FE 50mm 1.8 both highly rated. Tom :cool:
  6. You both are the main reason I review this web site weekly, great to learn from both of you. Ideally 100mm or longer is ideal for photographing agility shows from what I have read on this topic. The FE 85mm sounds like a great idea, shooting this kind of action indoors, would a fix lens be more useful. The F2.8 big lens to me to heavy and expensive for my needs. Another thought, I have (2) A6300 cameras so I could have two fix lens F2.8 ready to go at my need. Now which 2, think the FE85mm long range and what for short range Thanks Tom :cool:
  7. Thank you both so much for your expert advice. Tried both suggestions but as you said a lot of noise. Being this adventure is going to be ongoing and fun for the wife and her training, what would you suggest would be the best lens to buy or use? I currently have the 18-105mm, 24-240mm and 70-210mm, maybe need a faster zoom or fixed F 2.8 lens. A fixed lens can always crop the picture. Thanks Tom :cool:
  8. What would be the best A6300 camera settings and mode. Lens: Sony 18-105mm Our puppy is taking an agility training course that requires a lot of fast motion. Indoor with good lighting, want to freeze the action and show her off lol. much appreciated Tom :cool:
  9. A walk in the park Oasis of the Seas (Jan 2017) Tom :cool:
  10. Pictures taken between Monday, January 9 and Sunday, January 15.
  11. Have moved up from the FZ200 to the FZ300. If you have done the same, found a great youtube collection that will help with changing. Happy shooting Tom :cool:
  12. Our Christmas present to each other Blue merle Mini Australian Shepard: Tom
  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom
  14. I believe the middle picture is a male, he just checking is looks, lol. They say the male is always showing off and trying to impress the female. Was lucky to get this picture, used my Sony HX400v super zoom. Located across the tree. Tom :cool:
  15. Turkeys on our street here in Florida. Tom :cool:
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