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  1. I transferred one to someone during their booking all at once.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I did some googling and found the list of items included. They will both be under 2 and food like nuggets, mac n cheese, and hot dogs are perfect for them. This really is wonderful news. I thought we wouldn't be able to eat these meals together.
  3. My wife and I have 3 specialty meals and 2 platinum dinners for an upcoming cruise on the Escape. I noticed while creating a reservation for Los Lobos the question mark next to the "Per Person Price:" says "Pricing will be adjusted onboard for children ordering from the complimentary kids menu." We have 2 children under 2. On a previous cruise the matre d allowed our kids to join us without any cost but it was made clear that this was an "exception" and we missed the rest of our specialty dinners because of it. Is this complimentary kids menu new or is it a relic that they likely won't know about? This would be wonderful if true.
  4. My wife and I will be platinum for the first time on our next cruise. On an upcoming cruise my wife and I will each have 3 premium meals + 2 "dinner for two" certificates. Our 2 young children travel with us. Everything I read about these certificates say "dinner for two" with no mention of who the guests are. If possible, I would love to use the "dinner for two" certificates for our children while my wife and I each use 1 of our dinning package meals.
  5. We'll be dropped off by family with the car seats. The car seats can either remain in the car or come with us. I'm going to call NCL on Monday to get their opinion. On a previous call they stated the kids will sit on our lap for excursions though it was a rather off hand comment so I'll verify. We have a family mini-suite and the cruise line said they'll provide 2 pack 'n plays. I do worry about the lack of space but we'll make do somehow. Great response, thank you! We have thought about much of this and so much more. I've actually considered the oxygen masks as well. We're flying Southwest and are planning as if we will be required to both sit in aisle seats across from each other. They already have their lap tickets from Southwest. Luggage will be tough but we'll limit it as much as possible. We're not bringing a bulky stroller and if we don't bring car seats that helps too. (We have 2 cheap umbrella strollers for the ship) It'll take a couple trips to move it all regardless. Our carriers are 360 degrees and can be front or back. We usually set them up on the front side. They're the Ergobaby 360 carrier which are very comfortable. We use them on hikes often. This is the first time flying with kids but they usually call for families to board early. That should help. I think I ready families board after the "A" group with Southwest. And Southwest gives you 2 free checked bags so we'll check most of the luggage. For the ship, we're only Gold status, so no priority boarding there but our luggage will have already been checked so it'll be easy enough. I haven't heard of any NCL nursery options. We do have a 3rd person with us who may occasionally take the kids for an hour while we go to the dinning room. But for the most part we'll bring them with us everywhere. We'll make it the best we can. I believe we may go this route. It leaves me feeling uneasy but it is likely unnecessary to have them with us.
  6. It is a topic to take seriously. However, I also realize I may end up bringing car seats that I cannot possible use even once. I know some non NCL excursions use vans that have seat belts but from my experience NCL usually uses buses. But that is why I'm posting here for those that have children and have found other use cases I'm not considering. Even in the event of an emergency it seems unlikely that we would either have the car seats with us or that they would be necessary if we were on the ship. We are bringing 2 infant chest carriers but I've also read that these are dangerous in buses/planes/cars as you may end up using your baby as an airbag.
  7. My wife and I are bringing our 9 month old twins on an NCL Caribbean cruise. When will we actually be able to use the car seats? Drive from home to airport with car seat. They will sit on our laps for our flight. Cruise line coach from hotel to port (Pretty sure no seat belts and thus no car seats right?) Our excursions are all thought NCL for this trip. The kids were free for all of our excursions. Will we ever be able to use a car seat or does this mean they must be on laps? (Since they were free) No plans to take taxi cabs anywhere but I'm sure we would be looking at lap use as well if we did. Port to airport will be through the cruise line again after an excursion. I'm wondering if we will ever need the car seats other than from our home to the airport. Am I missing an obvious reason to bring them?
  8. We booked a hotel through NCL for a surprisingly bargain rate at the Marriott Orlando Airport hotel. This included transfer vouchers for the 4 of us from the hotel to the port. I see the transfer vouchers in our edocs but there's no listed time. Is it assigned later? If there are multiple busses, how can we ensure we are on the first bus? Do we need to call ahead to schedule the time? Another random question, is there any way to add the hotel stay to my Marriott account? My guess is no as the voucher makes it seem like the hotel doesn't have our info yet. Thanks!
  9. Well gratuities that are only apparent on a paycheck are less appreciated at the time of serving. They begin to appear like regular wages. However, small tips in the states can be perceived mockinlgy in the states. To be clear, I am against the idea of tips in most circumstances in the states but I understand there are differences with cruises. I'm trying to maximize the level of service we receive.
  10. We usually try to book our cruises with a promotion that includes the drink package and thus gratuities as well. For the last couple cruises I usually tip $1 about every 2 drinks with the same bartender. We drink plenty. (We tip more for our favorites at the end) I'm curious if such a small amount would ever be considered "offensive" or even laughable? In the states it very well could be. Some seem to honestly appreciate the tip and I would say service has even better. What are your tip amounts? Do you drink close to 10+ on a sea day? Thank you.
  11. You are correct. For whatever reason, they will only apply points once per itinerary. If I partially used points as a deposit I would be forced to pay cash for the rest. This is the same reason I had to pay $56 cash for the upgrade instead of points. I can't say for sure how the points refund would work other than what occurred for me on a previous cruise. I booked the trip with points, paid in full, but forgot to apply a CruiseNext voucher. I called NCL directly and they applied it and refunded my credit card on file with them. I did not call the travel agency who handled the points usage. I agree that their pricing system is strange. You receive different pricing information all the way to the final checkout where it eventually lays it out correctly. When using credit card points, it makes the most sense for us to prepay gratuities and pick some of their promotions like beverage and dining. You have me wondering actually if I could have packed a few tours into the bill before paying with points. While the credit card travel agency cannot add the tours directly, I can book through NCL, add all the extras and tours I want, then transfer it as a whole to the travel agency. (Within 10 days I think it is) Maybe next time I'll experiment. For insurance, my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card provides adequate coverage as a benefit for no extra cost. Sure it's not as comprehensive as travel insurance but it has already covered us for several claims in the past. It's an expensive card, but the perks pay for the card in savings usually in just 1 trip.
  12. Here's an update to my question a few weeks ago. What happened was different than I explained above due to more changes. I called NCL and was told to speak with the travel agency. I made the call after another price and promotional change. I'm not sure how travel agency's usually work but with Chase they spoke with NCL on another line for 15 minutes to work it out. The price had now dropped for our cabin, $100 of onboard credit was added, and we gained all promotions with their "Take 5" promotion. (Yay to the dining package) We should also receive the "Past Guest Offer" though I didn't confirm it like I should have. Instead of keeping our cabin we upgraded from a Family Balcony to a Family Balcony Mini-Suite. The mini-suites are mid ship which is also great for less rocking. Like I said above, the cruise was paid in full from a few months ago with credit card points. We booked the cruise with Chase Bank Ultimate Rewards who uses a 3rd party travel agency for cruise bookings. When everything was all said and done we only paid an extra $56 but the upgrades and onboard credit far exceed the cost. To clarify, we paid the $56 in cash, as they only allow points redemptions once. Our old cabin would have resulted in about a $150 to $200 savings (not counting the onboard credit). Really pleased!
  13. Our next cruise increased slightly in price but now it offers a considerable amount of onboard credit that drops us below our original price point. More tempting is the "Past Guest Offer" that has now been added also. (Almost platinum) We paid in full using credit card points months ago and the final payment wasn't actually due until August. Does a payment in full prevent us from taking advantage of price changes? If not, do we need to call our credit card company or NCL to try and switch our rate? Thanks!
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