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  1. What do you call Regent, Silversea and Seabourn cruise lines?
  2. Three people is not most of us. Search six star cruise lines for my standards
  3. With your hot air interpretation of food, bottom line the quality of food on all cruise ships are rated. Before you have something to say learn the difference between six star cruise lines and five star cruise lines.
  4. I started in 1973 cruising. I have been on 60+ cruises (variety cruise lines including Regent). Since you have limited amount experience on a different cruise lines maybe you should learn how cruisers rate cruise lines base on several categories including food. You truly have no idea what your talking about. (thank you).
  5. How do you think they rate cruise lines or restaurants? According to you it doesn't matter.
  6. Tell me your logic about food. What don't you understand about food? Either it's good or bad. What I think about food doesn't matter. The majority of cruisers and critics are the determining factor of good or bad food. Six star cruise lines must be a step above all other cruise lines. This is the reason I used the term gourmet.
  7. Since you are not cruiser FOOD is #1 priority. If the food stinks so does the cruise line. Learn about cruising before you make a comment about food on a ship.
  8. Completely agree with you. IMO, cruisers are the worst possible people to determine what is luxury and what is not. So much is based upon our experiences. This reminds me of a discussion of caviar. Some people get so excited when they see "paddlefish eggs" on the menu (the cruise lines call it caviar which it might be to some but it certainly isn't to others. What you said about service is true. Expectations are different depending upon the country you are from. Some passengers prefer to be treated and addressed formally while others would find it very "stuffy" and uncomfortable. Also, I have learned that suite size is also subjective. While we prefer larger suites with 1 1/2 bathrooms, others are happy in a small suite (again, speaking only about luxury cruise lines). The one area where we disagree somewhat is about being all-inclusive. Certainly, you cannot take a mainstream cruise line, make it all-inclusive and call it "luxury". However, when luxury cruise lines began going all-inclusive, the other luxury lines followed. In order to be AI and luxury, the food and service has to live up to the "luxury" rating. Since 2004, almost all of our cruises have been on luxury cruise lines. We have seen changes. Luxury cruise lines are more inclusive (some cruise lines including air -- even Business Class--, excursions, etc. Also, the dress code has gone from formal to elegant casual. What has not changed is the level of service and food quality. The bottom line for me is that, unless or until cruisers sail on all luxury, premium-plus and premium cruise lines, their input in terms of setting "standards" will be flawed. Actually, even if they met this criteria, who is to say that what one person considers luxury would be the same for someone else. Luxury (6 star) cruise lines always must have somewhat gourmet food #1. Passenger capacity under 1,000. All suite or higher. and always white glove service.
  9. I believe Scenic knew about the problems with Croatia shipyard and still continued to negotiate with Croatia shipyard for a great construction price. If this is true Scenic is low class cruise line and only cares about money not quality. Cruisers should think twice before spending large sums of money on a low quality ship. Remember their goal is to make money not a quality ship.
  10. Yes. Sorry for late response I was traveling.
  11. Today I received a check from Scenic for my airline ticket taxes and fees, I received three separate checks from Scenic. Cruise refund, airline ticket and airline tax and fees.
  12. Just received my airfare reimbursement from Scenic. My ticket was $490.09. Scenic did not pay for tax/fee or my seat upgrade. Total amount from Scenic $385.00
  13. Travel insurance doesn't cover you when your travel supplier cancels the cruise. They cover only sickness or death and if you paid for extra coverage for any reason you receive 75% of total expenses.
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