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  1. So we cancelled our 4 day cruise on March 13 which was 33 days before our cruise. Now they are saying we get all FCC but the invoice says 50% fee. They told my TA that they gave us all.it back in FCC instead and thatbennis their new policy but nowhere is that shown. My family has three more cruises next year and are ready to canel all.of them. We would have waited to see I'd the cruise was cancelled for April 13th if we knew that was the case.
  2. My TA emailed me that we should here in 72 hours what RCCL are doing about canada. My final deposit is due saturday. This is when I love only using a TA for cruises.
  3. What this time the price is now still much higher than my previous price. That is why I was waiting till th 31 day Mark. At that point I can easily use the FCC on my next cruise. That cruise is still very filled when I lose the room I need for 3
  4. We are going to Alaska for our 25th. Finalmlpayment due the 20th. It is pricey since its 10 days but we could use FCC next year for our liberty. My sons FCC would cover it but we will have extra for my husband and myself. But I feel by June 14th it may be cleared up. I am planning on putting money down amd decide my 31 days before so I can get some cash back and the rest in FCC
  5. Drink packages, and anything bought on the site such as coco cay, port taxes and gratuities will all be refunded to credit card not FCC
  6. Does the cocktail hours even open before the drill time like 430 or 5 if the drill isnt till 630 or do they not open it at all. Other cruises when the drill is 5 I know they dont open it till afterwards. That's what it was in Venice last year.
  7. Thanks I may just make 8pm then. Hopefully the diamond lounge is open until the drill so we can stop there before
  8. Thanks the my calendar says 6pm but my cruise itinerary from booking says 8pm
  9. We are going south bound trip and read in last years compass a mandatory drill at 730. I currently have a reservation for MTD at 7pm so I am planning on changing it. Wondering what time does the ship leave the dock. Is it before or after the drill. I have read at 6 and then one said at 8. I prefer not eating.during sail away
  10. It has been a while since I was on the ship. Does the room have the sofa by the door and the beds by the balcony. I am trying to make sure my mom can sleep on the sofa bed and be close to the bathroom when she has to get up vs passing the other bed. Pictures show it but I wasn't sure if it was different in different rooms of that category
  11. We did them all on our own. They were less expensive with our group of 8 and we had no issue with tenders. One thing I never saw before is the ship changed time when we were in Greece since they are an hour earlier than Italy.
  12. We were just in an aft balcony not suite but next to the corner balcony on 7. My brother was in the junior suite aft corner on 8. Jr. Suites dont have access to the concierge lounge. The aft did have some vibration but only two nights.We went to Dubrovnik did a GOT tour, awesome and plenty of time. Kotor we did a speed boat to the blue cave, Santirni did a private tour. My mom doesnt do alot of stairs so when we went to Oia she stayed with our driver at a coffe shop, olympia did the ruins. Small ship but cozy. It was nice for a smaller ship this time. Great itinerary, we do my time dining and had it later on dubrovnik day.
  13. Thanks for the review, leaving tonight to venice to board Saturday. I am looking forward to a not so busy Diamond lounge compared to Florida
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