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  1. I loved reading this review. Thank you so much,, This is a retirement cruise we are looking at in 2 years time alongside another one ..to do B2B .maybe Hawaii to Sydney .. I love reading reviews and always use them to plan my next trip. Thanks for taking the time to do it..how do I find your other reviews ..
  2. We cruised from September 2019 from Vancouver to Hawaii and the weather was beautiful and the sea so calm. I would definately recommend it ..
  3. I fully agree with you on that one but unfortunately we are committed by work. My husband is a shift worker and we usually have to see what date tallies up with his shift pattern and only has 19 days clear too so when we saw this cruise at a great price we thought why not give us a taster ..we are retiring in a few years and this will be the retirement trip to go back and fully explore it it enabled us to have a better idea of where we want to go now
  4. Jeju island was delightful.we got off the ship and went to the taxi rank to see if we could hire someone for the day.we found a lovely guy who for $100 for the whole day .(there were 4 of us )did us a full island tour for 8 hours. He took all our photos as a family.. we saw places off the beaten track and felt so safe.he gave us the history of everywhere and so much information. It was amazing
  5. We had a great cruise starting in Australia and ending in New Zealand. it was amazing . We travelled with our two daughters. My daughters loves writing about our adventures ..trip report is here https://readyfortakeoffwithnatalie.com/blog/3/
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