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  1. We’ve done this several times getting off the ship as a way to kill a few hours before flight time. Can’t remember the exact price, but they fill up a bus, do a short tour & give you some time to do Old San Juan on your own. Just what we’re looking for & always works great! Char
  2. Looks like others think their drivers (who really were great guides) were the best, but we sure loved the ones we had!
  3. Just stayed at Hotel Gaudi - such a cute place with a great location! Since we had to be at the airport at 4am, they even packed a breakfast for us! Charlene
  4. We are just back from a TA on the Oasis with 2 weeks in the Mediterranean after. For our stops in Italy we booked private tours (4 of us) in a mini van with RomeInLimo. We had Marco in Rome twice - Hidden Rome & Rome highlights, in Florence we had Sabrina twice for Florence/pisa and Lucca & the the Tuscan countryside and from Naples we had Giovanni for Sorento, Positano & Pompeii. Every tour was great & the drivers could not have been better! For us it was worth it to have just our group (and most of the tours were cheaper than ship tours). Absolutely recommend this company! Charlene
  5. Just back from a TA on Oasis with 2 weeks in the Mediterranean. We used RomeInLimo 2 times in Civitavecchia, 2 times in La Spezia, and once in Naples. Each time we did a private tour (for 4 of us) in a van. Could not have been happier! We were picked up at the port, had great tours - Marco both times in Rome, Sabrina both times in Florence & Giovanni in Naples - all made our time in port memorable! I highly recommend. Charlene
  6. We are just off the Oasis TA and med. For the first time ever we ate in the MDR only once the last week. Ended up at the Windjammer for dinner & found more choices and hotter food! My husband (& some of our table mates) had escargot more than once that was served not even close to warm. As a fish eater, I was disappointed to have few choices - the salmon was good, but must it be almost every night! Char
  7. I see I can set up Uber from home for pickup at the end of the cruise & transport to a hotel in Las Ramblas - any issues with using Uber in Barcelona? thanks, Charlene
  8. We are also from Minnesota & my mom was “Grandma Dee” to all the grand kids & great grands, so fun to see your name!
  9. We love to cruise out of San Juan - weather always warm, seas almost always calm, a new port every day! We will be on Rhapsody next Jan/Feb - wouldn’t mind a little bigger ship, but with a port every day it’s fine. Char
  10. How about bringing snack size bags of popcorn (already popped)? I’ve done that - I like a salty snack at night! Char
  11. We are so enjoying this laugh out loud review! Thank you! Gerry & Char
  12. Found some YouTube tours of the aviary to get a feel for it.
  13. Has anyone been recently? Wondering if you can buy a pass to just the aviary at the port? The port website only lists a port pass for $43 that includes the aviary, chocolate tour & tequila tour. RCCL has the aviary pass on sale for $10.99 now, but the time is listed as 10:00-11:00 & was hoping to be more flexible about time. Also not sure I would go along with the rest of the family (hanging bridges? And I’m afraid of heights!) Thanks, Char
  14. We were 2nd ship in - got off late because of morning rain. We still found chairs with shade, but not in front & that was fine.
  15. Thanks for the info - I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a post office while cruising, so will keep this in mind! Charlene
  16. Haven’t been to Copa, but the other 2 are both on the same beautiful beach & both great! If you want to swim with the turtles go with the Boatyard, otherwise Harbour Lights will be a bit cheaper. Char
  17. There will be buses outside the pier looking to give tours &;then drop off at the airport. They usually give you a few hours to explore Old San Juan & hold your luggage. I think last Feb. we paid $70 for two of us (with tip) & had a choice of 2 times to be dropped at the airport. You may have to wait a bit for the bus to fill if you’re off the ship early. Charlene
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