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  1. All the dining looks phenomenal imo. Love the varied decor.
  2. Looks really similar to AIDA layout wise. If you look hard enough there's even colors in the shape of lips haha.
  3. Still here! Not an active poster much anymore, but I still read daily.
  4. I wouldn't put too much thought into it. Looks like someone just edited it into the Wiki page quickly. They didn't even format it into the table properly, and they don't have a source or footnote.
  5. Definitely a visually striking ship. Nice to see Celebrity having their ship shows some artistry in it's architecture.
  6. I really do like how many pools the Seaside has.
  7. According to this article, the models above are/were on display in their Southampton offices back in January. They do look almost 1:1 to the Costa renderings so there's no doubt in my mind that the images above is probably what we'll end up with.
  8. I'm assuming Waterworks will be moved aft like Sunshine?
  9. Congratulations, you made a better ad than the actual company itself could. That was seriously impressive.
  10. Now is this for Carnival Cruise Lines? Or Carnival Corporation, because if the latter I get the feeling it would go to a line other than CCL. EDIT: Nevermind, missed the very opening lines in the article lol. Exciting!
  11. Amazing video. Couldn't help but notice that there really is not a lot of deck chairs on the Escape. Beautiful ship nonetheless.
  12. Looks like the bow but upside down.
  13. Great news! Looking forward to my first Guy's!
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