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  1. We called at Pireaus on recent P&O Ventura cruise and there was no shuttle bus, we had to walk about 10 mins. to the dock gates.
  2. As my closing sentence suggested I was interested in other cruise experiences as well as Ventura hence the thread on this board.
  3. Recently sailed the Ventura and didn't see a dart board, The Exchange is the sports bar and don't think there is enough space to make darts safe.
  4. Much is written about onboard sickness on cruises but not so much about after cruise illness. My wife and I have just got back from P&O Ventura's cruise to Greece and Greek Islands and both started the trip with no health problems. Now we have the mother of all chest infections and judging by the coughing, sneezing and spluttering that went on all over the ship we are not the only ones. I know that it is inevitable that illness will spread in the confines of a ship but it does make me wonder if the pain is worth the gain. Would be interested to hear from fellow suffers aboard Ventura or others.
  5. Called FO today about availability on a Boudicca cruise and the rep said only a few quiet cabins left. When I asked what a quiet cabin was I was told where there was no engine noise or vibration which has put me off. Is noise/vibration a problem on this ship?
  6. Don't know the Crown Princess but we sailed recently on Oceana and having sailed on Azura and Aurora we will not choose Oceana again. Downside. The ship seemed overcrowded compared with Aurora which is about same size but has noticeably fewer passengers. Deck space is pushed to and beyond the limit in good weather. The balconies are tiny, a bit like sitting in a telephone kiosk. Upside. We enjoyed Freedom Dining, the food, the service, the entertainment particularly the Headliners production company. Also no jacket is required except for formal nights. Having said that we did meet people who always sailed Oceana.
  7. Good points, if scenery is your bag go Hurtigruten as there's little else to do on the ship. A downside for me was the limited amount of time at each stop leaving little time to explore. That is why we chose P&O Aurora to Spitzbergen which had a good mix of stops long enough to explore and seadays.
  8. They'll be no shortage of tour guides on St. Maarten. On a recent cruise we enjoyed Wilbur Noel's tour and would recommend. See the Ports of Call section.
  9. Thanks to you and others for your replies, now I think I get it. For us check-in was so slow, in view of the number of passengers waiting, that it regulated embarkation so that a seating area after check-in wasn't necessary. We didn't see a seating area. Another hold up in our security channel was that only one of two scanners was manned. As another poster has suggested we arrived at a busy time. Maybe true, but neither I nor others had been given preferred arrival times which works well at Ocean.
  10. You don't say when this was but it may be in the meantime Mayflower has undergone a transformation. There was, what could have been a large seating area, but it had no seats. The space was occupied by the snake like procession of queuing passengers. Maybe Princess are more customer friendly than Cunard which in my experience is not difficult.
  11. Recently embarked the Queen Victoria this time by Mayflower terminal for the first time. What a dump. It took 1 1/2 hours from joining the check-in queue to boarding. Unlike Ocean terminal there is no seating. Is this shambles reserved for Cunard passengers or is it normal?
  12. Posted on another thread that we had a great lunch cruise with CR on 1 November and would strongly recommend. I sent my CC details in two emails, if in doubt phone 'em.
  13. Agree. We had a great lunch cruise with Cool Runnings on 1 November and would strongly recommend. If there is a better cat./crew I would like to try it.
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