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  1. This is sometimes true but this one was a disaster. In addition to being unfunny and insensitive, she was actually insulting the older audience members when they didn't react the way she thought they should.
  2. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced the "comedy" of Frances Dilorinzo onboard HAL ships. We just sailed on the Nieuw Amsterdam and were very underwhelmed with her set. We loved comedians and were so happy to see two were scheduled to perform last week. Sorry that I can't remember the man's name, but his humor was topical and funny. We can't say the same for Frances. I was mortified to hear her make a joke about the carpets in the elevators having the days of the week on them. She wondered if maybe HAL thought ALL of their guests had dementia. At other times when the audience didn't respond with a belly laugh to her comments, she said she would "slow it down" …. as if the audience was too old or stupid to "get" her humor ------ we "got it", it just wasn't funny. Twice she mentioned being with us on the "Amsterdam" ….. she couldn't even be bothered to get the name of the ship right. Hope we don't encounter her again.
  3. For a unique dining experience in Aruba, you MUST go to Screaming Eagle. They have regular tables and chairs, inside and outside …… but they also offer lounge beds so that you can have dinner in bed! Check the reviews on TripAdvisor -- the food is exceptional and the experience is amazing! We can't wait to cruise to Aruba again, just to go to Screaming Eagle! (The name belies the gourmet aspect of the restaurant!)
  4. I can understand being displeased about using the nightgown from the drawer, but ……….. I would love it. First world problems.
  5. It sounds like you will be fine. Since you said the boys will "tough it out" and wear long pants and a collared shirt in the MDR, you are good to go!
  6. Great location … not worth paying extra for, however.
  7. Christine was the CD on our March 9th Tahiti cruise and many of us were not impressed by her. She talked about other guests in front of us and when someone complained about her, she loudly told guests "Well, the CAPTAIN is happy with what I'm doing". She did not have the demeanor we have experienced from other CD's in the last 20 cruises. She did go to the Prinsendam … which seemed to be quite a plum assignment for such a newbie. I have never taken much notice of the CD on our cruises, but I have to say I would not want to cruise with Christine again.
  8. Yep. That's what we thought too.
  9. There should be no answers here, due to the "sticky" regarding one thread for smoking questions. You will probably get answers where you posted your question on the Holland America Fans site on FB.
  10. We were on the Eurodam to French Polynesia in March with a new CD, Christine who did NOT take criticism well during her trivia events. She went around telling anyone who would listen "Well, the CAPTAIN thinks I'm doing a great job". Okay, whatever.
  11. Sorry, but I hope they don't start this!
  12. Maybe it's because I'm old (!) but I think it depends on what others in the class might or might not be able to afford. It might be waaaaay out of their range. Just my opinion.
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