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  1. I was on the Jewel for this cruise. The fire was actually an electrical fault that was quickly fixed, no problems. Tendering is always a problem in Bali as it is a half hour trip from the ship to the shore as the area is very shallow and the tenders have to go through specific channels, plus the ship has to drop anchor a fair way off shore. I had a wonderful cruise with no problems. The ship also informed us that tendering would be slow. I just went upstairs and waited until the tender for Platinum Plus was called as instructed to do so by the CD. I was on a private tour and was able to meet at the required time as the operator suggested not to start too early. It was an overnight so we didn’t have to rush to get back. This is the third time I have visited Bali on a cruise and it’s always the same situation. Yorkeys Knob Cairns also has issues as 2,000 people all returning at a similar time logistically all can’t get on the same tender. I just went and sat in the yacht club with many other cruisers and waited until the line decreased. The shore ex guy came in and informed us what tender to get on. No waiting in line for me. There were a few medical problems onboard, plus one of the gymnasts sustained an injury in training and was also evacuated in Semerang. Longer cruises generally attract an older crowd so the probability of medical issues increases. One TA I did had 5 fatalities. I had a great time on the 19 day cruise, however some people do like to whinge and overdramatize situations. This seems to be common on many cruises. The crew onboard were excellent, we had lots of variety with the entertainment onboard and most passengers I met and spent time with had a great time and enjoyed the many ports and experiences we had.
  2. Thanks-yes I've visited before-so clean! Last time though when i disembarked I took the ship tour that gave you a tour of various sites and then dropped you at the airport. This time I'm disembarking and wanting to go straight to the airport.
  3. Thanks for your video. I will be arriving by cruise ship and need to get to Singapore Changi Airport. The posts here and the video have confirmed that I want to catch the train. My problem is I'm arriving into Singapore from Australia/Indonesia. I won't have any Singapore Dollars. *Is there an ATM in the terminal? I don't want to pay the exorbitant exchange fees. *Can you pay for the train ticket using a CC or do the ticket machines only accept cash? Thank You
  4. Langkawi there are taxis when you arrive that are cheap and will take you on island tours. Generally they're 4 hours, but you can negotiate longer. The first taxis you see are the most expensive so the advice is to keep walking. Penang we're looking at DIY as everything is just there when you get off. Also HOHO bus is available. Phuket-no idea.
  5. Yes-we've decided to do Putrajaya through the ship Day 1 and Batu Caves and City Experience through Cruising Excursions. That's as far as we've really got. I have tentative plans for the other ports, but at this stage haven't locked anything in.
  6. I've done both types of cruises mainly through NCL, but not on the Joy that was targeted for the Mainland China market. I've been on Norwegian Star and the Jewel to these areas. Yes the demographic is probably different to the Caribbean Cruises, but it is very varied, but I would have to say English speaking passengers were in the majority. A lot from the US, UK and Aus as well as Asian and European cultures. Just an observation too-on my last cruise many of the passengers who were of Asian appearance actually resided in the US, Canada, Aus, NZ etc. The big difference to me though is in many of the Caribbean ports you just walk off the ship and the town is there with tour guides offering tours etc. Many ports in the Asian region are a fair distance often from the town/tourist attractions. Often the ports are small, so tender service is required or they are industrial which means you need a shuttle out of the port. Sometimes the transfers are organised through the ship, sometimes the port insists on doing the tenders/shuttles etc. You will need to apply for a travel visa if visiting Mainland China or India prior to embarkation and it needs to be a multi entry one if visiting at least two ports in that country. All other visas can be processed onboard by the ship. Going in and out of countries you are dealing with their border control so often you will arrive at a port on time, but that particular country might take a while to clear the ship etc. Your passport sometimes has to be collected as the officials will often come onboard and process your entry/exit into their country. The ship has it all organised and you get a lot of notices etc informing you of the processes, forms to fill out that you are required to put in the drop box by a specified time. They also include instructions on how to fill the form out. Sometimes the border officials change their mind -they're in control. The cruises to me are worth it though as I've seen many cities/countries that I would probably not have visited otherwise.
  7. What tour did you decide to do Day 1?
  8. Thanks for that!
  9. Ha! Ha! Definitely not in my hood. Definitely not a fashion statement in Melbourne Aus. I sometimes see a few, very small children wear them at the local swimming pool or beach, but that's about it.
  10. Was 1.5 hours long enough to spend at the caves? I'm just wondering how much time we should to allow to visit them.
  11. Thank You for your info and loved reading your blog. Unfortunately our ship isn't offering any tours that include the Batu Caves so we will have to do it privately. At this stage we're now considering just doing Batu Caves Day 1, then Day 2 just doing Kuala Lumpur city highlights etc. You can hire taxis from the port - we're just not sure how cost effective this would be or how long we would need. Day 1 we don't want to have a long day as we don't port until 11am. So by the time the ship is cleared etc, we get off the ship, organise a cab, we 're probably looking at 12pm. A 5-6 hour tour would be perfect for this day, then we'd be happy to schedule an 8 hour city tour for the next day.
  12. karoo

    Wine prices in Singapore

    Wine is very expensive in Singapore. By the time you buy the wine and pay corkage it would work out more expensive than buying onboard.
  13. We are in Port Kelang for two days arriving at 11am and leaving the next day at 6pm. We're thinking of hiring a cab (for 2) to take us to the Batu Caves from Port Kelang, then see some of the city highlights and return us to the port for approximately 8 hours. Does anyone know the approximate cost? Or alternatively a separate trip to see just the Batu Caves? What would be the approximate cost? How long does it take to get there and how long would be needed to see them, climb the stairs etc? I've heard the taxi prices are set and I'm just wondering what the current set prices are? Thank You
  14. No I didn't. I did 5 cruises earlier this year and I never seem to find the time to do a trip report. What ports are you visiting? If you list them I can tell you what I did in each port.
  15. These days we send them back where they came from!
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